5 Reasons Why Does My Cat Have CRYING EYES?

Why Does My Cat Have CRYING EYES? Have you seen your cat’s eyes water? Many times we can see that our pet’s eyes have some tears which may simply be due to the lubrication of the eye. But when it comes to your eyes tearing a lot, something can happen that we must observe and treat if necessary to avoid complications in your eye health. In addition, if these tears are thick and yellowish, greenish or brown in color, then it is rheum with some type of affectation such as an infection or an obstruction in the tear ducts.Why does my cat have CRYING EYES?

If the tears are few and are not due to anything worrying, it is usually solved by cleaning the eyes well. But if the problem persists, there is discoloration, or a wound is observed, you must go to the veterinarian immediately. But if you have ever wondered Why are my cat’s eyes watering? then keep reading this OneHOWTO article in which we tell you all the possible causes and what to do in each case so that you can take care of your pet in the best possible way.


Why Does My Cat Have CRYING EYES?

There 5 reasons why your cat has crying eyes. So, we will go through the reason behind this the problem:


One of the main reasons why a cat’s eyes may water too often suffers from allergies. So if you have ever seen your pet and thought: my cat cries one eye and sneezes, although it can also happen in both eyes at the same time, it is most likely that something has given him an allergy, either punctually or temporary or has been suffering from it for some time or has become chronic.

Some of the most common allergens are the pollen of the plants we have at home or of the trees and plants in the street or areas where our pet walks, the accumulation of dust, the dust of the litter box, the use of cleaning products, the use of strong colonies both in ourselves and in our pet, etc. Thus, if your cat has an allergy, you will notice that it sneezes, coughs, has eye discharge, and an itchy face, among other things.

In this case, you should take your partner to the vet to have tests done and thus detect what is causing the allergy in order to establish an appropriate treatment. Also, you will have to remove from your environment what is causing this discomfort.

Why my cat's eyes water - Allergies

Foreign Object In The Eye

In the event that the tears are punctual, transparent or very light in color and are liquid and not thick at all, then it is possible that the problem that your furry has is that something got into his eye has some small object or particle stuck, has made a small wound that may be imperceptible to the naked eye.

It may be an eyelash that has fallen out and is stuck, it may be that some hair has entered the eye or it may be a speck of dust. But it may also be the case that part of a toy, a feather, or a thread got in while playing, or that while running around outside the house a blade of grass got in and caused irritation or a small wound, causing punctual tearing of the affected eye.

You should let the eye itself is wiped clean with tears, since this way you will be able to expel the object that causes discomfort. But if you see that it takes time to stop bothering him, you can clean his eye with a little physiological saline and make sure he doesn’t have a wound. If you see that after a few hours it continues to bother him, he rubs a lot or that after a few days the tearing continues, you will have to take him to a specialist to have him check it out.

Why my cat's eyes water - Foreign object in the eye

Tear Duct Obstruction

The lacrimal obstruction or epiphora occurs when the tear duct, responsible for draining tears and the normal lubrication of the eyeball, becomes clogged or blocked either by an infection, eyelashes that have fallen out and stuck or grow inward, an injury or occlusion due to a allergy or a genetic problem. In addition, the cats with flat facesthat is, brachycephalic felines, such as Persians or some Himalayans, are prone to epiphora.

It can occur in only one eye, in which case we will observe that only one eye secretes many tears, staining the feline’s fur with a rusty color and even accumulates very brown rheum, or it can happen in both eyes at the same time. In addition, due to the constant humidity and the easy accumulation of bacteria, infection and irritation of the eyelid skin.

If you detect or suspect this problem in your hairy you should take him to the vet to confirm it by applying a contrast liquid in the eyes and waiting to see if it flows to the nose and mouth or if it gets stuck and, in the latter case, the epiphora would be confirmed.

If the specialist considers any treatment necessary apart from the normal cleaning of the eye area such as a treatment antibiotic if an infection has occurred or other medications such as anti-inflammatories, then it will be necessary to follow it in detail to achieve an improvement in the health of our pet. It is also possible that in the case of an obstruction caused by an eyelash, the specialist will perform a small intervention to remove it and that after the eye has recovered, the epiphora will disappear and will not happen again.

Eye Infection

In the event that the tearing is not only abundant but also has a yellowish or even greenish color or if it is somewhat thick, it is most likely that your furry companion suffers from a eyes infection.

In this case, you should clean your cat’s eyes with physiological serum and a sterile gauze or compress, using one for each eye. Remove from his environment anything that you think may have caused the problem, keep his bed, his toys, sandbox, feeder and drinker clean. Obviously, you will have to take him to the vet to check him out and give him the most appropriate antibiotic treatment for his case.

Why my cat's eyes water - Eye infection

Other Causes Of Tears In The Eyes Of Cats

In addition to the cases mentioned above, which are the most common in these cases, there are more reasons why your cat may cry eyes:

  • The eye cleaner you usually use is very aggressive
  • Dust accumulation at home
  • The sand in your sandbox releases a lot of dust
  • A wound from playing or with your fingernails
  • Hit in this area when playing
  • Use of cologne for the cat which can irritate the eyes
  • Use of air fresheners that irritate your pet’s eyes
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Entropion or eyelid turned inward

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