6 Things Cats Hate – Here’s The Complete List

6 things cats hate: Surely you know very well that your cat loves to be scratched under the chin, that you play with him, that you prepare his food at the moment but do you know what he hates? There are some things that are totally hated by felines and that, however, we may not have a clue and we are subjecting the cat to a terrible annoyance that puts his nerves on edge.

6 things cats hate

To improve your coexistence in this OneHowTo article we are going to discover you 6 things cats hate that will help you get to know your best friend better and make your life together perfect for both of you. Attentive!



One of The things that cats hate the most is water. It is an open truth that most people already know because you only need to try to put a feline under water to realize how scared it is. But why does this happen? According to different investigations, it has been determined that the origin of this hatred lies in the evolution of this animal. The origins of cats must be sought in the wild cats of Africa, China and Europe that, above all, lived in desert areas and, therefore, the existence of water was not abundant.

In addition, the issue of hygiene is covered with these felines since they are very neat and, daily, they wash themselves two or three times to clean off traces of dirt that can impregnate their body; in fact, they have a scratchy tongue to be able to remove any traces that have remained and, thus, groom themselves to the fullest.

6 things cats hate - Water

Noises or loud sounds

The cats they have highly developed hearing, for this reason, another of the things they hate the most are loud noises or knocks that may be around the house and that really upset them and make them alert. Think that these animals are always very aware of any movement, noise or anyone who approaches them, they have a highly activated sense to be able to escape from a predator, in the event that it is necessary.

Thus, if you live with a cat you should avoid playing music too loud, yelling, or playing an instrument at home because you can cause them stress, anxiety or depression. It is true that, in the long run, they can get used to certain sounds such as the noise of cars or the noise emitted by some appliances, such as the washing machine or dryer, but the truth is that you should avoid reducing the noise impact at home to ensure that you live in the best possible way.

6 things cats hate - Noises or loud sounds

Go in the car

Unlike dogs who love to take car rides, look at the scenery or stick their heads out the window, cats hate this practice and, in fact, can be very upsetting by raising their nervous state. Think that, in general, they are creatures of habit those who like to have their territory controlled and their routine more or less established, so any change they may undergo can lead to anxiety and nervousness.

Also, do not forget that car rides can make them dizzy due to the movement of the vehicle, in fact, many cats they end up vomiting because of the swing so avoid taking him by car and, if you have to go to the vet, try to walk, he will thank you!

6 things cats hate - Going in the car

Some smells

Cats and dogs are animals whose sense of smell is highly developed although, in the case of felines, they do not have it as enhanced as dogs but, equally, they have it better than ours. It is for this reason that smells that seem very pleasant to us can be hateful and really annoying to them.

Some of the odors that cats hate the most are cleaning products, some home air fresheners, the smell of coffee, tobacco, citrus, etc. If you see that your cat sneezes whenever he passes by somewhere in your house, it is possibly because he is rejecting some of the aromas that are in that area.

6 things cats hate - Some smells

Have your nails cut

Another of the things cats hate is when they cut their nails. Although it is a practice that is highly necessary, the truth is that they get very nervous and they do not find it pleasant at all. Stray cats do not need to be trimmed because their life forces them to walk through some lands that are already in charge of filing their nails but, however, domestic cats do require that they be trimmed, otherwise, they can get stuck in any space.

To avoid cutting them you can install a scratcher in your house that he will use to file his nails and, therefore, it will not be necessary for you to intervene. But if you see that they are still too long, then it is recommended that you either go to the vet or cut them yourself at home. If you want to know how, at OneHowTo we tell you how to cut a cat’s nails.

6 things cats hate - Having their nails trimmed

Caresses too strong

Cats are very affectionate animals and at different times of the day they may require your attention and affection. But you have to be consistent that its size is much smaller and, therefore, its bones and strength are also smaller, so avoid as much as possible stroking it too hard or playing with it in the same way you play with a dog. You will have to vary the intensity and be more delicate.

Keep in mind that they are animals very sensitive to touch so they will love to be caressed gently but as soon as you are a little rougher you will detect how they become aggressive and will try to defend themselves. The reason is that he is not taking it as a caress but as an attack so do not make him nervous and caress him carefully and lovingly.

6 things cats hate - Petting too hard

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