Top 7 Ways To Show My Cat That I Love Him

7 ways to show my cat that I love him: Cats are much more independent animals than dogs and, sometimes, it may even seem to you that they are completely on their own, but they are not. Although they do not need as much attention or sociability as dogs, the truth is that cats also require attention, pampering and special care that will make them understand that you love them and that they are part of your family.

7 ways to show my cat that I love him

In OneHowTo we will discover you 7 ways to show a cat that you love him so you can feel loved and improve your relationship. Remember that he is not a dog and, therefore, you must respect his space, his moments of solitude and his rest, this is the best way to be able to respect him as he is and, thus, improve your relationship.


Play with him

Although they are not as playful as dogs, cats still need a dose of games and fun every day, especially when they are puppies. You will see that at some moments he can start running from end to end of the house or he can meow asking for your attention and that will be when you’ll have to pay attention and get ready to play with him.

Although they are very independent, they still need have a good time with you so don’t let him always play alone with his toys or the scratching post and dedicate a moment of the day to give him the attention he is demanding from you. They need interaction with you so don’t deny them!

7 ways to show my cat that I love him - Play with him

Let him relax

But just because they like to play for a while doesn’t mean they want to spend all day playing. Remember that they are very calm animals those who love to lie in the sun, groom themselves, sleep and lie down doing nothing but relaxing. So do not overwhelm him with games or with too many movements throughout the day, also, if you want to encourage him to play, never do it with shouts or sudden blows as, perhaps, you would with a dog.

Failing that, choose to put your hand in front of his snout and watch his reaction: if he starts playing it’s because he wants to have some fun, but if he doesn’t pay any attention to you it’s because he wants to rest, he’s not blind! .

7 ways to show my cat that I love him - Let him relax

Watch your diet

These animals do not eat 2 or 3 times a day, like dogs, but it is normal for them to take between 10 to 12 shots throughout the day; they eat small amounts to satiate their appetite but never get completely full. So it is imperative that if you want show your cat that you love him Keep in mind that they need to always have water and food at their disposal, so if you are going to leave home, beforehand, check that they have their bowl filled with something to eat and drink so that they can satisfy their needs.

It is also recommended that you look at those foods you like the most or if there is any cat treat that is your devotion; If so, we recommend that, from time to time, you reward him with these delicious flavors that he will love. Of course: you must take into account everything that is harmful to the animal because there are certain foods that are toxic. At OneHowTo we discover toxic foods for cats.

7 ways to show my cat that I love him - Watch his diet

Provide a safe environment

Surely more than once you have noticed that cats are very alert to any noise or movement that takes place around them. They are very agile animals but also very nervous, so if you want them to live in a quiet environment and be comfortable with you, you should try to give you a safe place to live. Therefore, you have to place his bed in a quiet place where he feels protected (under the table, for example, is a good idea); you also have to place your litter box in a secluded area of the step where you can be relaxed to relieve yourself, and so on.

Another trick that will make your cat feel comfortable with you is that, every time you want to pick it up, get down to his height and, from there, you grab him. Think that if he doesn’t see you it’s much easier for him to get scared every time you want to grab him, plus, with your figure so tall you’ll impose much more on him than if you’re at his level.

7 ways to show my cat that I love him - Give him a safe environment

Check the cleanliness

Other way to show a cat you love him is by keeping the environment clean and tidy. Keep in mind that they are very hygienic animals and that they spend most of the day cleaning and grooming themselves, so try to respect this natural instinct and keep spaces such as your pet in perfect condition. litter box or scratcher.

It is not necessary that you change the soil of its box every day but with 1 time a week there will be enough but it will be necessary that, daily, clean up feces that the animal has deposited with a scraper that will help you recycle the sand and that it is in perfect condition. Your cat will thank you.

At OneHowTo we tell you how to clean a cat’s litter box.

7 ways to show my cat that I love him - Keep an eye on cleanliness

My bad

Cats also need a lot of pampering and caresses, but not always. You will feel when he wants your attention because he will come looking for you, lay down in front of you with his belly, rub against you, and so on. It is important that when you see these attitudes in the feline you begin to caress him and give him loveis crying out to you!

Also, keep in mind that when a cat grooms you (licks you) it is one of the signs of more affection that they can give you because they are treating you as if you were a member of their family and they have to take care of you too. It is one of the best signs of love What can the animal give you?

At OneHowTo we discover the meaning of cat postures so that you can understand what the animal is trying to communicate to you.

7 ways to show my cat that I love him - Pamper him

Don’t punish him, give him positive rewards

Cats can be trained They can learn different concepts, such as not getting on the sofa, not scratching the furniture, not urinating outside the sandbox, etc. It is important to start training them when they are puppies so that they grow up with knowledge, but the method to teach them should never be with shouting, pushing or aggressiveness, on the contrary.

If the animal does something wrong, you should say a resounding and firm “No” and pay no attention to it for a while. When you see that he corrects the attitude is when you should approach him, reward him with a treat and give him affection, in this way, he will understand what you want to say and you will not scare him. At OneHowTo we give you more tips so you know how to train a cat.

7 ways to show my cat that I love him - Don't punish him, give him positive rewards

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