Can Cats Bath Or Not? Advice On Bathing Cats

Can Cats Bath Or Not? Sometimes it is difficult to maintain good hygiene at home with the presence of animals, since they can easily get dirty playing in every corner and going outside. In addition, if they relieve themselves in places that are not enabled in the home, the difficulty of keeping the rooms clean is even greater.

Can Cats Bath or not

In this sense, it is essential to bathe them so that they are comfortable, feel good and contribute to keeping the home in good condition. If you have cats, you will be aware of the complications of this task, since, generally, they do not have a special taste for water. Thus, it is common to find the doubt: Can cats bathe or not? To find out if cats can be bathed, or rather in what situations, as well as which soap is ideal for them and how to do it correctly, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.


Can Cats Bath Or Not?

Unlike other animals, cats are very self-sufficient when it comes to maintaining good hygiene. On a daily basis, you will be able to observe how they lick all over their bodies and they are in charge of keeping their fur clean, thus eliminating the remains of dirt that they accumulate and the hairs that they shed, hence the famous hairballs.

You should also keep in mind that you can help clean the felines with cat-specific brushes and combs, especially in those who have long hair or are in the moulting stage. So that, you should only bathe him in cases of great need or when you notice that it is not able to clean itself completely on its own. If your cat gets into a puddle, mud, or somewhere very dirty, then you will have to bathe it. To do this, you have several options:

  • A cat can be dry cleaned to try to remove all the dirt from the body. With the help of a cloth and a little water or with dry shampoo for cats you can achieve this. Here we show you more information on How to keep a cat clean without bathing it.
  • If the dry bath has not been enough for the pussycat to be clean again, you should bathe it with soap and water, just as if it has parasites on its fur. In this case, here we tell you how to bathe a cat with fleas.
Can cats take a bath? - Should a cat be bathed?

Can newborn cats take a bath?

Starting from the premise that cats are very careful with their hygiene, we must be clear about when is the best time to bathe them. In adulthood you can do it without problems, but whenever it is strictly necessary because cats are usually quite reluctant to do so and it is not advisable to wash them very often so as not to damage the natural protective layer of their skin.

don’t you know At what age can a cat be bathed?? The ideal moment is between the first 2 and 3 months of life. Thus, in the middle of the socialization period, you will achieve get used to the baths and be less difficult in the future. You will also learn to enjoy this moment.

If you want the bath not to be an unpleasant time or to generate trauma to your cat, as well as possible health problems, do not bathe him being a newborn cat. He will not need it and you will be forcing him to live this experience before his time. In the first weeks of life, the feline will learn to ensure its hygiene and keep its hair clean, so it is interesting and very positive that you respect this process, as long as it lives with its mother or other adult cats that take care of it.

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Can cats take a bath? - Can newborn cats be bathed?

What soap is good for cats?

If it has crossed your mind to bathe your cat with the shampoo you use at home, forget it quickly. Cats have a very different skin pH, so soaps suitable for people are very harmful for them: they can develop allergies, irritations, hair loss, infections and dermatitis.

exist cat soaps or shampoos which are ideal for bathing them because they are specific, they take into account their pH, and, at the same time, they also serve to take care of their hair. We clarify more details on the subject in this other article about the question of Can I bathe my cat with normal shampoo?

How to bathe a cat?

Once the doubt about whether cats can be bathed has been clarified, it is important to highlight the frequency: under normal conditions, every 5 months will be enough for it to be as clean as possible, since they take care of their own hygiene. However, to determine with a little more accuracy how often to bathe a cat, you should take a good look at its appearance, its usual activities (it leaves the house or not, it gets very dirty or not, etc.) and its state of health. of your skin. Just as or more important is knowing how to do it, since to turn this moment into a pleasant time for both the cat and you, you must discover the best way.

You do not know how to bathe a cat correctly and quietly? At OneHOWTO we help you discover it and put it into practice, although of course their reaction will depend a lot not only on the situation and environment that you create, but also on their socialization and their own character. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a relaxed environment.
  2. Cats are usually averse to water, so you’ll want to set it to the most comfortable temperature possible for them. Around 27 ºC will be the best option.
  3. Wet the cat very little by little with your hands or a soft sponge, caressing it.
  4. Lather it up with a massage and wait about 5 minutes for the shampoo to have its effect on the body.
  5. It rinses the cat perfectly so that it does not feel discomfort or itching after the bath due to having left residues. Try not to get water and shampoo in his ears or eyes.
  6. Pat the cat dry with a towel. If you have managed to get used to it since you were a child, you can also use a dryer, but only if it does not scare you and always with cold or warm air, never hot.

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