Can I Bathe My Cat With Normal Shampoo?

Can I bathe my cat with Normal shampoo? Cats normally hate bath time because they don’t like water, getting wet, the smell of soaps or that we take them as we want to rub them, they don’t understand the need. In addition, in the case of domestic cats, a constant hygiene routine is not necessary, since they clean themselves a lot. In any case, it is true that from time to time or if they get very dirty, it is necessary to wash them. For this, it is necessary to use the appropriate material but, both on this aspect and on the correct way to bathe them, there are many questions among those who live with cats.

Can I bathe my cat with normal shampoo?

For this reason, in this OneHOWTO article we want to clear up one of the most common doubts: Can I bathe my cat with normal shampoo? Pay attention and discover the answer and many more interesting details.


Can I Bathe My Cat With Normal Shampoo?

As in other animals, including us, in the skin there is a thin outer layer of fatthat is to say oily, which serves as dermis protection. This layer isolates the skin from harmful external agents such as the sun and cold, not completely, but enough to prevent damage. Therefore, it is not good to wash the body very often as this thin and protective layer is removed, especially when using soaps. Also, in our case, after many years of doing it, our body is more accustomed in a certain way, but in the case of animals, like cats, it is not like that. If we exceed the frequency of bathing our cat and if we use strong products we will be damaging its skin without realizing it, which can lead to problems in this part of the body such as dermatitis and allergies.

When in doubt: “Can I bathe my cat with my shampoo?“The answer is that You can NOT bathe your cat with normal shampoo because this is not adapted to the type of skin of the animal. Humans and cats have different skin pH, so our soaps are too strong for the dermis of a feline and therefore will damage it. If you wash your cat with your soap, after washing it you will notice that its skin is irritated, it itches a lot and it feels uncomfortable and, with regular use of this product, your cat’s hair will fall out more.

In addition to this doubt, among those who live with domestic cats there are others related to the bathroom material:

Can I bathe my cat with neutral, white soap or baby shampoo?

Some people believe that since these types of soaps or shampoos are milder, less aggressive for our skin and hair, then they can be good for animals. The truth is that this is not the case, because although for us it is neutral and soft for cats, and other animals, it is not. We must think that our neutral pH is not the same as that of cats and that ours is acidic or strong for them, damaging their skin. So it is not a good idea to use these soaps to wash our feline companion.

Can I bathe my cat with dog shampoo or soap?

The question about whether or not you can use dog shampoo on cats is very common since many people think that being animals is considered pets and with various similarities, they can use the same products without a problem. Again, this is not correct and if we wash our cat with dog soap we can cause damage to the skin and hair. In addition, it is important to know that flea or antiparasitic shampoos for dogs are even more dangerous for cats than normal soaps for dogs. This is because the antiparasitic product contained in the shampoo is not suitable, especially in the concentrated amount, for cats, so even if we only use a small drop, there may be intoxication.

Can I bathe my cat with normal shampoo? - Can I bathe my cat with my shampoo?

How to bathe my cat

If then you wonder how to bathe my cat at home then you have to keep in mind that the main thing is to use shampoo for cats, which can be purchased at any animal supply store or veterinary center. In addition, you can choose between normal shampoo for them, according to their hair type and age, or use the dry shampoo for catsperfect for those who can’t stand bathing in water at all.

It is vital that we do not force the animal, but that we gradually get it used to this situation and above all that we try to do it since it is small. It is advisable to use a basin to reduce the space and amount of water, the shampoo indicated for cats and that the water is lukewarm and that it never exceeds 25ºC. To dry it, towels will be necessary and, if the hair is long, using a hair dryer at a certain distance and with warm air will be the most indicated, as long as the animal does not get scared.

You have to think that cats are very clean animals and that they constantly clean themselves, so it is not necessary to bathe them often. At most they can bathe once a month if it is really necessary, for example if they have gotten very dirty when leaving the house or when eating or playing.

Can I bathe my cat with normal shampoo? - How to bathe my cat

Prevent the cat from getting dirty

Instead of thinking about bathing them frequently, the best thing is that we add to their habit of keeping themselves clean a series of tips for prevent the cat from getting dirty:

  • Keep your litter box clean and use cat-specific litter.
  • Don’t let him out of the house too much.
  • Keep your home clean, both on the floor and on other surfaces.
  • Make sure your bed and blankets are clean.
  • Make sure your drinker and feeder have enough food but do not overflow.
  • Don’t pet it if you have dirty hands.
  • Brush it every day a little.
  • Keep garbage and food scraps out of their reach.

Homemade cat shampoo

It is best to make a homemade oatmeal shampoo for cats, because this cereal is perfect for caring for the skin and hair and is very mild, ideal for allergic skin and with a tendency to become irritated and suffer from dermatitis. Thus, it is a hypoallergenic shampoo It’s perfect for small kittens, so it’s a great idea to use it on any other cat of any age, except those that need to use vet-prescribed medicated shampoos. To do so, follow these instructions:


  • 2 cups rolled oats or oatmeal
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1 liter of mineral water or distilled water


  1. Grind the oatmeal into a powder or use the flour from it.
  2. Boil the mineral or distilled water and when it is still somewhat hot, add it to a container to mix it well with the oatmeal.
  3. Add the baking soda and keep mixing until you see it very uniform, you can use the mixer to go faster.
  4. Add water if you see it thick or oatmeal if you notice it too liquid.
  5. Let it cool and when it is at room temperature you can store the mixture in the shampoo container of your choice.
  6. Always shake it well before using it.
Can I bathe my cat with normal shampoo? - Homemade shampoo for cats

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