Can I Give My Cat Paracetamol?

Can I give my cat paracetamol? You can NOT give your cat paracetamol. Self-medication is a very common habit in our society, but this does not make it recommendable. Consuming medications without a doctor’s recommendation can be harmful to health and even more so when this habit is transferred to giving human medications to our pets.

Can I give my cat paracetamol

According to studies, one of the most frequently asked questions pet health experts are asked is: Can I give my cat paracetamol? In response to this question, in the following article we will provide you with the information you need to know to treat your cat when it gets sick.


What is paracetamol and what is its effect?

Let’s start by understanding what paracetamol is and what its effect is on our body. This drug is a drug of the type nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic It acts by cutting the chain of reactions that cause inflation. Paracetamol also has an antipyretic effect, which helps to lower the temperature in case of fever.

In people, consuming paracetamol in doses higher than those recommended can be toxic, and can cause serious damage to the liver, which in the worst cases can be fatal.

Can I give my cat paracetamol? - here the answer - What is paracetamol and what is its effect

Why not give paracetamol to a cat?

When we give paracetamol to our pets, what we are actually doing is intoxicating them. This drug is currently prohibited for dogs, because its sensitivity is much higher than in humans, however, giving paracetamol to a cat is even more dangeroussince felines are even more sensitive than dogs.

When a cat consumes paracetamol, it begins to show symptoms between 3 to 10 hours after ingestion. The cats they cannot metabolize correctly this drug, so the cells of your liver begin to die, occurring, in the most serious cases, the death of the pet between the following 24 to 72 hours after ingesting the drug.

Thus, recovering the initial doubt that arose in the article by “Can I give my cat paracetamol?” the answer is NO overwhelming. The animal’s life is in danger if you give it to it, so don’t risk it!

What to do if my cat has consumed paracetamol?

Now you know that when you ask yourself “can i give my cat acetaminophen or other brands of acetaminophen?” The answer is no and if you think there is something wrong with him, then you better take him to the vet. But what if he accidentally eats one of these pills?

In the event that paracetamol has been accidentally consumed by your cat, it is necessary go immediately to a veterinarian. The specialist will attend to your cat and evaluate his situation; If it has been taken at the time of consumption, a treatment will be administered that seeks to reduce the drug and facilitate its elimination, trying, at the same time, to keep the animal’s vital signs constant.

In case of more than 3 hours have passed of the ingestion of paracetamol, the treatment for which your cat will undergo requires life support due to the current severity of the intoxication. You will be given an antidote, oxygen therapy, and in the most serious cases, a blood transfusion is usually required.

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  • Always keep any type of medicine well stored and away from the reach of children and pets.
  • Remember that the drugs that we humans consume are usually created specifically to affect processes in our body, so that in a body other than the human, the consequences can be terrible.
  • Before any strange behavior of your pet, go to the veterinarian. A qualified professional will be able to make an accurate diagnosis of what is happening to him and offer the most appropriate treatments to guarantee his recovery.

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