Cat Colors: Fascinating Facts Behind Cat Coats and Patterns

The cat colors are different and they all have a special meaning and tell a lot about people who prefer one color over another. Furthermore, the cat colors and character of the cat are in symbiosis, did you know? Cats are distinguished by nature, breed, somatic traits and fur: the fur, in fact, presents – even within the same breed – always new and particular textures and plays of color.

The hair of the cat is what distinguishes one specimen from another defining, broadly, its breed.

Cat Colours

In fact, if in the macro families of cats we can distinguish behavioural characteristics and generalized peculiarities of the hair, specifically each cat carries its uniqueness with it. At the origin of its domestication, the cat was characterized by a brindle coat, called tabby, which allowed it to blend well into the natural environment in which it lived.


Cat Colors That is Colors of Cats

Let’s see the variants of the cat colors with the different cat’s fur colors. You can have a look at below and know more about the Cat Colors.

  • black with reddish hues: The black cat seems more resistant than others to diseases
  • blue: in this case, the color of the cat’s fur ranges from very light grey to slate grey.
  • Chocolate or brown: the hair is milk chocolate brown
  • lavender: or lilac or Lavander or frost, dilution of chocolate, a coat

cat colour chart

  • light grey: with pinkish shades.
  • cinnamon: or cinnamon is a mutation of black, in the Abyssinian and Somali it is defined as sorrel
  • faw: dilution of cinnamon, defined as deer color
  • red: they are usually male. Perfect self red (solid color) is difficult to obtain because the standard wants it without Tabby (stripes) or light spots
  • cream: the hair is a dilution of red in pastel shades

Colors of the Tabby

In the case of brindle, the cat colors are divided as follows:

  • Ticked tabby or Abyssinian coat: the streak appears all over the body uniform
  • Mackerel tabby: coat with a continuous black line along the back and uniform and wide lateral stripes

cat colours and gender

  • Spotted tabby: the brindle is replaced by many small round or oval spots, distributed throughout the body
  • Blotched tabby: on the back, there are three large black stripes

Two-tone and tricolor cloaks

  • Harlequin: large white base with large black spots
  • Van: the whole body is white, while the color shows up only on the head and tail
  • Mitted: the little white present is confined to the four legs and to a small speck on the muzzle and to a stripe on the lower part of the body. The typical color of the Ragdoll

Silver Cloaks

  • Smoke or turtle scale: the classic smoked, narrow silver base and the rest of the hair is colored in black, blue, red or turtle scale
  • Shaded: the tan is only on the upper part of the hair, everything else is silver
  • Chinchilla: very small upper part of the colored hair, the silver is hinted at, the undercoat is pure white
  • Cameo: coat with silver base, the tip of the hair and colored band in the middle of the hair In silver tabby, for example, there is a strong contrast between the silver and the black of the branding
  • Golden: apricot undercoat and black tip

Meaning of the Color of Cats and Their Character

Let’s see what relationship there is between hair color and character:

  • The brindle cat is very smart and crafty, they bring luck and happiness
  • The tricolor cat is playful, reliable and brings joy to the family

The tricolour cat

  • The two-colored cat is calm, faithful, gives wisdom
  • The white cat is very sweet, reserved, calm, gets very attached to his humans. Apparently, it helps keep stress and illness away.
  • The blacks cats are very loyal, reserved but become friends with their human very quickly on them if they are spoken much, it is not it unlucky and is instead true that protect the house
  • The red cats are fearless and often have special characteristics of liveliness and spontaneity, combined with so much courage. They give energy and attract success and wealth.
  • The grey cats are particularly quiet and wise, bring love and harmony
  • The Siamese cats are reserved and quiet seems to bring success, good health and long life


Each cat has its own personal character. You can meet quiet red cats or possessed black cats that never standstill. The character of a cat depends on the environment in which it grows, those rescued from the street have a tendency to be more suspicious and less sociable, by the humans in their company, if they give more or less confidence. Usually, a Cat Colors recognizes a human of the family as its point of reference. For more information on Cats simply visit our CatsBuz website.

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