Why Do Cats Cover Their Eyes With Paws When Sleeping?

Why Do Cats Cover Their Eyes With Paws When Sleeping?? The main reasons for this behavior are here. Cats are really funny sometimes. This one, probably bothered by the light, covers the vaults with his paw.

cats just like any other pet, sometimes exhibit behaviors that are difficult for us humans to understand. One of them is their paw covering their eyes while they are sleeping. A sweet attitude but that gives us a bit of curiosity. Let’s see together why cats cover their eyes when they sleep.

Why Do Cats Cover Their Eyes With Paws When Sleeping

Very often it happens that while they are resting they begin to have strange positions. In fact, it can easily happen to observe your cat covering its eyes with its paws while it is sleeping. Why does he do it?


 Reasons Why Cats Exhibit This Behavior

Cats cover their eyes with their paws when they sleep It is common knowledge that cats spend most of their time sleeping.

It Covers Itself from the Sun’s Rays

The cats love to be in the sun and even when they decide to seek a warm place to rest. Although the area under the sun can help them sleep, the sun’s rays can annoy their sensitive eyes. For this reason, the cat decides to cover his eyes with his paws while he sleeps peacefully. Let’s say that the paws work a bit like “sunglasses”.

To Keep the Nose Warm

In addition to protecting their eyes from sunlight, cats can cover their face with their paws when they sleep simply to keep their sweet noses warm. Usually, when you cover your face, for this reason, our cat positions himself in a very specific way: curled up.

He Feels Safe

Common Cat Sleeping Positions

Very often we can notice our cat with his head under the covers, this is because the cat feels safe in this way. However, the cat who does not want to give up his favorite resting place can cover his face with his paws when he sleeps simply to feel safe.

Comfort Factor

The cats sleep in various positions weirdly, one of these is just to cover your face with their paws. The reason for this could be simple. Micio is comfortable sleeping in this position.

On the other hand, we human beings also have different sleeping positions and each of us sleeps chooses the most comfortable position he believes. Why shouldn’t it be the same for our beloved cats?

Micio is Too Tired to Move

One of a cat’s main priorities is cleanliness. In fact, in addition to resting, most of the time the cat spends cleaning. However, spending a lot of time grooming can be tiring for the cat, especially when the cat is so eager to rest. Because of this, the cat may suddenly fall asleep with its paw on its face and remain in this position until it awakens.

Behaviors of the Cat

Each cat has its own personality, different from that of another of its kind. This means that it behaves differently from another of its kind.

Why Do Cats Hide

  • Sometimes it happens that he puts his front paws on his master’s face: this may be due to the fact that at that moment he does not like cuddling.
  • Other times it approaches the owner while he sleeps, pressing with his front paws on his mouth and face: in this case, he might instead want cuddles and a little affection.
  • Another form of “pawing” occurs when the owner takes the cat to cuddle him, but the animal lifts one or both paws, pressing them to his cheeks.
  • If, on the other hand, the cat applies gentle but firm pressure against the cheek and turns its head away, it means that at that moment it is not eager for affection or special attention.
  • Another “typical” behavior of the cat is kneading: it is an instinctive ritual, learned as a puppy, which consists of soliciting the mother’s nipples with the paws to let out the milk. It is a display of affection, but the cat’s claws could be a little painful for the human being.

Learning to read your cat’s body language will help you respect his feelings and provide him with what he wants. If he purrs, rubs against you, or plays with his paws on your face, he is likely asking for affection.

However, if the cat is sleepy or does not want you to pick him up, putting his paws in your face, he is simply trying to tell you: “leave me alone”.

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