Diet For A Cat With Diabetes – Provide The Right Nutrition

Diet for a cat with diabetes? You cat can get to suffer diabetes And if this is the case, you will have to start taking certain precautions. Poor diet and obesity are responsible for this disease spreading among cats. Do you want to know how to feed your cat with diabetes? Well, the first key is to combat overweight, have a diet rich in fiber and control carbohydrates. Keep reading this OneHowTo article, we’ll show you what a diet for a cat with diabetes

Diet for a cat with diabetes

Diet for a cat with diabetes: Steps to follow

1. The feline diabetes It is an increasingly common disease and a large part of the problem lies in problems of being overweight. If your pet is also sterilized and is male, the risk of suffering from this ailment is greater. If your cat has been diagnosed with this disease, he will have to follow a veterinary control to measure your blood glucose level and give you insulin.

One of the fundamental guidelines that you must take into account is feeding And with the help of your veterinarian, you will see how this process is easier than you think.

Diet for a cat with diabetes - Step 1

2. The first thing to keep in mind is that you will have to control your overweight to get you back to your optimal weight. Many times with weight loss, there are cats that begin to improve and even regulate their insulin levels. You have to do everything possible for your cat to recover its ideal size, submit it to a weight loss plan with low-calorie meals, control of food portions and physical activity. Both food and exercise should be aimed at your cat losing weight.

3. The diet of your diabetic feline must contain a high fiber content. With this ingredient, your pet will lose weight and, in addition, will control the level of glucose in the blood after meals. A good way to feed your pet is by using high-end diabetic food, which is designed to meet their needs. Follow the advice of your veterinarian to advise you with the ideal feed.

Another aspect that is essential is to be very careful with carbohydrates. With a diet low in them, you can help your cat to improve. Although on these issues it is not possible to generalize, since there are cats that do not react the same to the reduction of carbohydrates, in fact some improve when the percentage of these increases. The key is to test and see how your pet evolves with veterinary help and control.

Diet for a cat with diabetes - Step 3

4. A very common recommendation among veterinarians is offer wet food to cats with diabetes. High-end food brands often have a line of cans suitable for diabetic cats. In any case, when starting a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet, you should always read the food labels because a large number of feeds have in their composition: tapioca, potatoes or peas, which contain a high percentage of non-carbohydrates. suitable for your pet. Although we must emphasize that this is not a fixed rule, you will have to test and evaluate how the food is sitting.

5. Another tip for feeding your cat with diabetes is to establish a different meal routine. Although cats normally feed themselves without incident and have unlimited access to their food, if your pet has diabetes you will have to control their eating routine. You should feed him half his daily ration, after the insulin injection. If there is any food left in her container, do not take it away, she can eat it throughout the day.

Diet for a cat with diabetes - Step 5

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