Do Cats Recognize People? Everything You Need To Know

Do cats recognize people? Cats have earned a bad reputation for being cold and independent animals that do not usually bond with humans. However, if you have decided to have a feline as a roommate, you will have realized that they are very social and affectionate animals, capable of reacting to responses of affection and creating emotional relationships with the different people in the house.

Do cats recognize people?

Despite this, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether cats recognize people. In this OneHOWTO article we will tell you if cats recognize their owners, if they differentiate the people who live with them, if they have feelings, if they can love us and many more curiosities about their behavior.


Do Cats Recognize People?

One of the great doubts that lovers of these animals have is to know if cats love their owners and if they are capable of differentiating them from other people. Felines may not be as explicit as dogs due to the different domestication that both species have had over time. However, there is no doubt that cats have feelings towards their caregivers. In fact, they are capable of creating different types of bonds, which is why it is often said that cats love one person more than the rest.

Kittens have played a very important role in the history of the human being, but, unlike the dog, we have been the ones who have adapted more to their way of being and their nature, that is, cats conserve much of his instinct. For this reason, we tend to think that they are more surly or more wild than the typical image of loyalty that we have of dogs.

Many people tend to think that cats can live alone and with little care or that they never react or bond with their caregivers. However, if our cat has chosen us as a member of his nucleus and we notice that he enjoys our company, it is very clear that recognize us. Their behavior patterns may not be as obvious as those of dogs and we must interpret them, but there is no doubt that if you are a good caregiver, you will be a very special person for your feline.

What cats perceive in people?

As we told you in the article on How Cats See, these animals have very sharp vision for night situations. During the day, his field of vision and sharpness is somewhat limited compared to his vision at night, so it is sometimes difficult for him to recognize you just by looking at you. However, this does not mean that your cat does not recognize you. On the contrary, to know who you are, he uses other senses that are much more developed:

  • Hearing: Cats have a more sensitive ear than humans and are able to differentiate your tone of voice from other voices. That’s why, if you come home and start talking, he’ll know it’s you.
  • Odor: For centuries, cats have been carried away by the instinct of their sense of smell. Although they are able to recognize their environment through other senses, this is the one they have the most developed. Cats can recognize you just by smelling your skin, so it is important that before you pounce on them, give them time to smell you and locate you.

Do cats miss people?

The short-term memory of a feline is no more than 16 minutes. However, cats have long-term memory: all kinds of life experiences, such as puppy teaching, their childhood or their daily well-being, remain in their memory and can be remembered for a lifetime. That is why, if your kitten is used to your company and your care, it is clear that will miss you if you have to be away for a few days.

The relationship between cats and humans may not be as old as the one we have with dogs, but, without a doubt, great bonds have been created. That is why, if you have decided to put a kitten in your life, you must have the responsibility to give it a good life and to organize your absences well so that they do not become a source of stress or anxiety for the cat.

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