Top 75+ Funniest Cat Names: Weird And Hilarious Options For Your Cat

Funniest cat names: A new cat in your family and you don’t know what to call him? There are different very fun and appropriate options for naming your new pet, so if you want some inspiration, we recommend you read this OneHowTo article in which we discover you funniest cat names that will help you decide. But it is clear that having a kitten is not the same as having a kitten, so we are going to give you very different ideas for both genders and that you will surely love.

funniest cat names


Sailor names

Knowing how terrified cats are of water, a very amusing way to call your new friend is ironically with this amusing relationship they have, for this reason, you can opt for sailor names such as Captain, Cabin Boy, Sailor or other options also linked to the world of the sea.

If you have a cat, a good option would be Drop, Water or Jellyfish which would be perfect names for cats. But if you want something more marine, you can also opt for names directly linked to the world of the boat, such as, for example, Bow, Stern, Anchor, and so on.

At OneHowTo we discover other things that cats hate in case it inspires you to call your new friend.

The funniest cat names - Sailor names

Names that highlight their characteristics

Other funny names of cats that you can find are those that designate some qualities of the animal so if, for example, it has very long fur, if it has spots or if any element that differentiates it can be used to baptize it with an original name.

So, in the case of male cats you can opt for Greñas or Furryif he has a lot of hair, or names that refer to the color of his skin, for example, Orange or Carrot (if they are more orange in color), you can also call them Cloud or Sugar (if they are white) or, in case it is dark, you can call him Flea or Flea.

In the event that you have a female cat, you can choose to call her with names similar to those indicated above, as they are unisex, although you can also better specify her gender by calling her Fog (if it is grey), Pearl (if it’s white), etc.

The funniest cat names - Names that highlight their characteristics

Very original cat names

But there is nothing funnier and different than calling your cat in a totally original way and that has nothing to do with him or his characteristics. In this sense, something very funny is to call him with the name of another animal for example, Dog, Mouse, Gorilla, Monkey, Lion, Rat, and so on. It’s a hilarious way to call your new friend.

Another idea is to baptize him with the name of a character that you like or that is important to you, as is the case with Groucho Marx, Homer Simpson, Charles Chaplin, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, and so on. You can choose real characters that have been part of our history or characters from cartoons or movies, whatever you want!

The funniest cat names - Very original cat names

Basic cat care

In addition to deciding what to call your new friend, it’s important to know some of the basic care that the animal will need to be able to live with you perfectly. Next we are going to give you some tips that will help you introduce the animal into your family.

Take him to the vet

Whether you have just adopted it or if it has just been born, it is important to give the animal a medical check-up so that the veterinarian knows its health status and specifies the vaccination schedule. Keep in mind that, if it is a puppy, the first few months are the most delicate, so you must increase its care and vigilance to prevent it from contracting any disease.

A hole in your house

Cats are very independent animals but they require love and attention, so it is vital that you create a space in your house that is designed for him and that contains a bed, his scratching post and other toys. The food must be away from the area where they rest because they are very hygienic and clean animals, as well as the litter box that will have to be in a totally isolated area.

Clean the sand

It is important that you clean the litter tray every day of the faeces that the animal deposits and that once a week you completely change the sand for a clean one. Cats need clean and fresh spaces to relieve themselves, otherwise, it will be normal for them to choose to do so outside.

Fresh and clean water

You will have to change the water daily so that it is cold and, above all, clean. It is also recommended that the water is separated at least half a meter from the food so that the animal is calm and sure that there are no pieces of food in the water. As we have already said, they are very neat and clean.

The funniest cat names - Basic cat care

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