5 Best Home Remedies For Cat Scratches

Home remedies for cat scratches: Cats are one of the animals preferred by humans when it comes to pets. They are very unpredictable, funny and funny, affectionate in their most tender and playful moments. In any of these games, we can get a soft bite or an unexpected scratch. Although the claws are used to defend themselves, it is inevitable that in some game you will be accidentally scratched. It is also possible that you find yourself in a situation in which a cat that feels threatened by you (although the threat is not real) scratches you to defend itself.

Home remedies for cat scratches

In each situation you have to act in a certain way, but it is very useful to know some home remedies for cat scratches. In this OneHOWTO article we tell you the best remedies, keep reading!


Causes why a cat can scratch

There are different reasons why a cat can scratch you and it is interesting to know them. In addition to knowing the remedies in case it scratches us, it is very useful to know why can a cat scratch us in order to avoid it. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it can happen:

  • He is a playful cat: in this case, it may be because he is still very small and does not know how to control his strength during the game. It can also happen with adult cats that did not spend enough time with their mother and siblings as children since it is in this context that the little cat learns where the limits are.
  • Stress and anxiety: it is about a cat that is stressed or has anxiety. When the cat is in this state it is more likely that he will scratch someone.
  • The cat he is sick: in this case, the cat will feel defensive all the time, and its way of being defensive will be to run away, but if it cannot, it will be to attack with scratches or even bite.
  • He is not used to people: if it is a cat that has not had contact with human beings and feels threatened by our presence and/or attitude.

If this behavior is due to the fact that it is a playful cat and especially if it is still small, then you may be interested in learning how to teach a cat not to scratch and bite.

Home remedies for cat scratches - Causes why a cat can scratch

What do I do if my cat scratches me?

If the cat that has scratched you is yours and does it regularly, you can try to control this behavior. To do this, you must take into account some tips such as the following on what to do and how to stop your cat from scratching you again:

  • set limits between the cat and you: In addition to teaching him that you are not his prey, offer him suitable toys so that he can let off steam and play.
  • You also respect the limits: that is, do not bother him when he is resting or eating, do not force him to interact if he does not feel like it, etc.
  • Do not react inappropriately: when i scratch you do not yell or chase him, far from it you attack him. He reacts calmly and logically, that is, just as you should not punish or attack him, you should not give him affection or a prize when he scratches you. This way, you will not reinforce this behavior.
  • Go to the vet: he is the one who knows best what may be causing this attitude. The specialist can help you correct aspects of your cat’s behavior and yours towards him. Also, he will decide if it is convenient to cut the cat’s nails a little or not.

Home remedies for cat scratches

Depending on the situation, you may be able to heal yourself at home or you may need to go to the doctor. This will depend, above all, on whether you have been scratched by a clean, vaccinated cat or an unvaccinated or unknown cat, about whom we know nothing, in which case you should go to your doctor or the emergency room, in the same way as if It’s a deep scratch.

For cases of superficial scratches of healthy and vaccinated cats in which we can cure ourselves at home, there are the following tips and home remedies:

  • Wash the wound: The first remedy to apply in these cases is to wash the scratch well with water and antibacterial soap (with previously washed hands).
  • Disinfect the wound: After washing the wound well, even if we use antibacterial soap, we can disinfect the wound with hydrogen peroxide. In this way we ensure good disinfection and avoid the possible risks of a cat scratch.
  • Do not cover the scratch: if we can, we should leave the wound in the open air so that it heals better; otherwise, we will apply a gauze.
  • Aloe vera or aloe vera: we can apply aloe vera gel, which is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and also regenerating the skin. If we do not have a plant at home to extract it from one of its leaves, we can buy pure gel at the pharmacy.
Home remedies for cat scratches - Home remedies for cat scratches

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