How Cat Grass Is Used And What It Is For?

How cat grass is used? DoYou have a cat And have you noticed that many times he looks for the grass that you have at home or on the street? It does not intend to damage your decoration, what happens is that grass for cats is very important and above all for their organism. In this OneHowTo article we want to dispel your doubts about this behavior of small felines and explain what this herb is for and how to use cat grass. If you have a cat or are thinking of having one, our tips can help you, but especially your pet!

How cat grass is used


Why do cats eat grass?

Surely it is the first thing you ask yourself. The truth is that there are several reasons, but they are all related to the health of your cat, so they are very important:

  • It is a complement to your diet. grass juice contains folic acid which is a beneficial vitamin for the development of the cat and increases oxygen in the blood. Of course, check if your cat eats too much grass because then that may mean that his diet is somewhat deficient and that is why he seeks that extra supply of nutrients.
  • Have laxative properties, so that it can greatly help our cat to have regular bowel movements, something especially important if there is something obstructing its intestines, such as food debris or even hairballs. This is very annoying for them and sometimes it even changes their character, making them more aggressive, so it is important and healthy that they consume this herb. We humans tend to notice these ailments, such as constipation, when it is already serious, because we do not pay attention and because the cat cannot communicate it to us. Thus, with the herb always available to him, he will be able to solve the problem as soon as he begins to notice the first discomforts.
  • Clean your stomach, that is, helps them purge. What many cats do is consume this herb and then vomit. Why? Well, because with the herb in the stomach it becomes easier to vomit and get rid of what was causing an upset stomach. With this process, the cat can remove food debris, hair, feathers, parasites or even bones that could cause more severe damage in the future.
How Cat Grass Is Used - Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

What grass can my cat consume?

The most important thing is that our cat do not eat grass that carries pesticides or other chemicals. If the animal has access to the outside, to the street, it will already know which grass to eat and which is better than not. If we have it in our garden with grass, we must take care of the issue of pesticides and if it is a cat that is always indoors, we can prepare a special tray or pots with grass just for it.3

The cat grass It is not a plant itself, but rather seeds, which is what we must buy to plant it and make it grow. It is easy to find and you can buy trays directly with your own seeds and substrate and will start growing in just 3-4 days.

If you do not find this preparation, you can buy yourself only the seeds and prepare it. You need the following:

  • Container (can be a tray or a pot)
  • Substrate (earth, as natural as possible and above all without chemical products)
  • Seeds (can be wheat, oats or canary seed)
  • Water

The steps to follow plant cat grass They are very simple: first you have to put the substrate in the tray or pot, add the seeds and put another layer of soil on top to cover them. We add the water and cover it with plastic (a kitchen film paper will work well).

How to use cat grass - What grass can my cat consume?

Difference Between Catnip and Catnip

Catnip and catnip can be easily confused because they both end up as plants and are used to cure or prevent ailments in cats. As we have already seen, the cat grass It is used so that cats can purge their stomachs or for constipation. However, mint for cats (Nepeta Cataria) has other properties:

  • It stimulates sweating so it can be used in cases of high fever.
  • It is useful against cough, chronic bronchitis, colds and flu.
  • Regularizes altered menstruation.
  • It is used for gastrointestinal (such as diarrhea), nervous (such as insomnia), and respiratory conditions, as well as anemia, weakness, headache, fever, or cancer.
  • If it is in ointment, it is used for hemorrhoids.
  • If it is in enema, for convulsions or hysteria.

In addition, catnip is attributed aphrodisiac, aromatic, carminative, sedative, cooling or tonic properties, among many others. Once we have seen what each plant is for your cat, all you have to do is choose one of the two according to your cat’s ailment.

How Catnip Is Used - Difference Between Catnip And Catnip

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