How Do I Know If My Cat Has Cataracts – 4 Steps

How do I know if my cat has cataracts? Do you want to know if your cat has cataracts? The first thing you should know is that the falls They are opacities that affect the lens of the eye. The lens or lens is a transparent eye tissue located between two capsules and when light passes through the lens, it hits the retina and creates a photographic film. From the latter, nerve impulses depart to certain parts of the brain that give rise to the perception of images. In this article we explain how to know if your cat has cataracts

How do I know if my cat has cataracts

How do I know if my cat has cataracts: Steps to follow


The waterfalls they can appear in your cat’s eye taking on various forms, that is, they can appear in the form of stripes, dots, with the appearance of broken glass, with total or partial opacity; and are usually white. If you live with cats and especially if they are older, you will be able to appreciate how over time their pupil acquires a whitish color, and when this is appreciated, one usually thinks of cataracts. It is a much less common ailment than in dogs, but your feline could suffer from it.

How to know if my cat has cataracts - Step 1


Cataracts are a process by which the components of the lens are altered, modifying its structure and creating a loss of transparency that makes it difficult for light and vision to enter. In felines, they can be hereditary or congenital, although it is very rare, or acquired by some eye trauma caused by a fight, diabetes, metabolism disorders, lack of nutrients, electric shocks, toxins, ulcers or persistent pupillary membranes among other reasons.

The iris is in front of the lens and when it contracts or dilates according to the light, it will expose a greater or lesser surface of the lens; Cataracts, for example, are better detected with less light, because in dim light they appear larger.

How to know if my cat has cataracts - Step 2


You have to know how to differentiate cataracts from another problem that affects cats as they get older. There is a very common process in felines that is called senile degeneration of the lens. When this happens, the lens undergoes a process of desiccation and sclerosis that makes it take on an opaque hue that will prevent you from seeing clearly, just like cataracts. Also in the case of young cats, certain eye imperfections can be confused with cataracts. It will be your trusted veterinarian who will estimate if in the case of your pet it is cataracts, imperfections or senile degeneration.

How to know if my cat has cataracts - Step 3


If in doubt, it is best to Go to the vet for a correct diagnosis. He will carry out an examination of the whole and not only of the eyes, since the problem may be systemic as a result of diabetes or simply localized in his eyes. With the help of a direct and indirect ophthalmoscope, you will be able to observe the different structures to assess if the problem is a cataract. If your lens is transparent, the retina can be seen if it is also altered, so it is very important to do an immediate examination if you suspect cataracts. If the lens is totally opaque, the retina will be seen through direct and crossed pupillary reflexes. With an ultrasound, it will be possible to know if there are retinal detachments, tumors or hemorrhages.

How to know if my cat has cataracts - Step 4

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