How Do I Know If My Cat Is Happy?

How do I know if my cat is happy? If you have a pet kitten, you already know that they are, in general, sociable and affectionate animals. Although there are also times when they seek solitude and it may seem that they clearly reject the company of their owners and you come to consider that perhaps your cat is sad.

How do I know if my cat is happy

Although cats do not speak, they express themselves in a thousand ways that you just need to know how to interpret correctly. if you’re wondering how to know if my cat is happy read this OneHOWTO article because we collect and decipher cat actions and behaviors that are unequivocal signs that your cat is very comfortable in its environment and, of course, with you.


How Do I Know If My Cat Is Happy?

If you want to know whether your cat is happy or sad. Then there are a few of the signs of your cat that let you know whether your cat is happy or sad. Make sure to check them out.

Head Raised

The head, the tail, the ears, the eyes… part of the fascination that cats arouse in many people is that each of their movements or gestures means something.

A happy cat, as a general rule, walks with its head raised, slightly forward (due to its innate curiosity) and carries its tail also raised, slightly curving the tip. This posture indicates that the pussycat is calm and does not feel threatened, something very similar to happiness.

Belly Up

Cats are quite distrustful and suspicious by nature. If yours falls belly up, moving their legswithout a doubt you are facing a happy cat, who trusts you and looks for games and caresses.


They love to take care of their fur and lick themselves, over and over, to make it clean and shiny. As well carefully clean their feet and clawsbut they do it when they feel good and are comfortable.

If a cat neglects its grooming routines, something bad happens and you have to be vigilant because it may simply be sad or suffering from some type of undiagnosed illness.

Run and Jump

It is one of the most obvious signs that your cat is not only happy but also brimming with health and vitality. It is normal, especially in the youngest, for these little cats to start running and jumping like crazy for no apparent reason, for example when they have been home alone for a while and their owner arrives or when you take them out into the garden.

Those jumps and races are an expression of total happiness. If in addition, between jump and jump, he takes the opportunity to rub and get tangled up in your legs, it is that he wants you to participate in his joy.

How to know if my cat is happy - Run and jump


Purring in cats is one of their usual forms of expression. It does not always indicate that your cat is happy because they can also make this particular sound when something bothers them or they are nervous.

In general, if your cat purrs a lot, especially when you caress him or he settles into your lap there is no doubt that it feels good.


It is a curious gesture, typical of cats, which consists of move its front legs gently and rhythmically, as if you were ‘kneading’.

They can do it to get comfortable on their bed or cushion and also when they jump, when you are sitting and they settle between your abdomen and your thighs. If they start to ‘knead’ your belly, to find the perfect hole to attach to and also purrs, your cat is in glory.

Answer the Game

Their hunting instinct makes cats especially enjoy playing basic games like chase a ballclimb a scratching post or hide while you chase them.

If they are happy, they respond quickly to this type of stimuli, but if they are dull and sad, nothing will make them go after that toy that you offer them.

How to know if my cat is happy - Answer the game


As with other animals and also with humans, loss of appetite can be a symptom of sadness depression or illness.

Long, high-pitched meows

The meow of cats has a thousand nuances that are not always easy to interpret. They can meow when they are nervous or sad and also when they are in heat.

When a cat is happy, its meow is usually long and also slightly high-pitched. Yes, he does it when he receives you when you arrive home is that he is very happy to see you again.

Lower your Eyelids slowly

Feline eyes are particularly expressive. His pupil, more or less dilated, can indicate a state of alertness or a state of relaxation.

Sometimes, they remain calm, lying down while their eyelids seem to be closing, little by little, due to the effect of sleep. It is, without a doubt, a symptom of being at ease but, although there is no scientific evidence, it is said that if the cat looking at you blinks very slowly that he is sending you a kiss, is it true?

Responds to Caresses

How to make a cat happy? Caress him gently, especially under his chin and, if he happily accepts your pampering, surely at that moment he is the happiest of felines.

Does not run away or try to escape

Although, as we have said, cats highly value their moments of intimacy and it is also true that when they are in heat they may try to leave the home, in general, they are animals that like to get to know and stay in their environment.

If a cat is constantly trying to run away from a house at the slightest opportunity, common sense indicates that something causes you to not feel comfortable and therefore he is not being too happy where he is.

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