How Long Are Cats Pregnant? Stages Of Cats

How long are cats pregnant? Whether you ask yourself out of curiosity or necessity, here is the answer to one of the questions about cats that you have probably always asked yourself. The gestation of cats is a period that can cause more concern for us owners than for animals. In fact, nature has given animals the independence and safety necessary to face birth in peace, without the need for human intervention.

But how long does a cat’s pregnancy last? And how to follow it? It will be enough to rely on mother nature to ensure that the mother cat gives birth to her litter in peace. Although it may happen in some cases to know How long are cats pregnant in that we have to intervene to help our feline friend.

How Long Are Cats Pregnant

Today, we offer you an indivisible guide on How long are cats pregnant lasts, and the symptoms that indicate that the time has come and some simple, but precious information on how to take care of newborn kittens.


How Long are Cats Pregnant Symptoms

The symptoms of cat pregnancy become evident a few weeks after mating. The cat begins to progressively increase the volume of the abdomen, despite lethargy and lack of appetite. In addition, you begin to notice redness and an increase in the volume of the nipples that are prepared at the time of breastfeeding, as well as a swelling of the vaginal area.

The mother cat, however, after the first moment of nausea, will be hungrier than usual, she has other mouths to feed inside her round belly!

How Long Does the Gestation of Cats Last?

pregnant cat stages

If the symptoms are those listed above, how long does a cat’s pregnancy last? Once upon a time, there was an ancient saying that said ” Dogs and cats four months “, but nothing could be more wrong! The gestation time of domestic cats is in fact about a couple of months (between 59 and 67 days of gestation).

Gestation Period of Cats: Phase of Nausea

We have seen How long are cats pregnant and howmuch time they lasts, now let’s see what are the different stages of a cat gestation.

Let’s start by talking about sexual maturity. or rather the onset of heat. Between the sixth and eighth month of life, the cat becomes sexually mature. This means that our furry friend will be able to procreate.

How long are cats pregnant, the most obvious manifestation of this possibility will be it’s periodic going into heat in the months ranging from spring to summer. If the cat mates during one of its heats, fertilization can occur. At this point, the pregnancy will begin with an initial period of a couple of weeks in which the cat should (although this is not always the case) show regurgitation and a certain lack of appetite.

Cat Gestation Period: Fattening

pregnant cat behavior

While regurgitation and loss of appetite may go unnoticed, the second gestation period of cats is when pregnancy begins to be evident. During pregnancy, in fact, the belly of a mother cat begins to rise slowly and it is possible, by feeling her belly gently, to begin to fantasize about the number of kittens she will give birth.

Gestation of Cats: the pre-partum phase

One week before the actual birth you will notice the nipples of increased volume, redder and small losses of milk. The cat begins to feel more sleepy and tired. At this point, we can help our furry roommate by building a real nest, in a quiet and calm place, where she can give birth away from the chaos at home. Just create a kennel with cushions, rags and sleepers, perhaps behind a piece of furniture or in a place where the cat will feel safe.

The day before giving birth, the cat may begin to moan, lick the genital area and appear more affectionate than usual.

The Delivery of the Cat

The cat’s gestation is now running out. At the moment of delivery of the cat, her breathing becomes more laboured, the cervix dilates, the muscles of the uterus contract and the waters break. Once the contractions begin, they become more and more frequent and in about an hour the first kitten (head or hind) will be born. At this point, the mother cat will break the amniotic sac and umbilical cord, in order to allow the cat to breathe, and will eat the placenta. After the first kitten, the mother cat will give birth to the others within a few minutes to an hour of each other with this you knowHow long are cats pregnant.

How Many Kittens Do Cats Give Birth to?

how many months are cats pregnant

Cats can give birth to litters ranging from one to a maximum of six kittens. It is possible that a cat becomes pregnant, and therefore gives birth several times a year, this is how long are cats pregnant. If you want to avoid further pregnancies because you cannot take care of the kittens, it is possible to intervene with a cat sterilization operation.

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What to Do After the Cat is Born?

And once the puppies are born? Since the mother cat has everything it takes to take care of newborn kittens usually the owners can only stay and enjoy this wonderful spectacle of nature. Cats are completely autonomous animals and any intrusion could annoy the cat or even compromise her relationship with the kittens.

It is advisable to intervene only and exclusively if the mother cat does not clean one of the cats: with the help of a warm and damp towel, gently clean the cat and, after removing the placenta and cutting the cord, massage it slowly holding it with the head down.

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