How Long Do Cats Live? Cat Lifespan Guide

Many of the cat lovers really want to know how long do cats live. This is the most common question which every one have. The cat lifespan depends on the types of the cat. In this article we are going to share about how long do house cats live and how long do indoor cats live.

The life expectancy of a domestic cat is on average 15 years, which is equivalent to 76 human years. Thanks to current veterinary advances. However, today’s felines cat lifespan can hope to reach the age of 20.

How Long Do Cats Live

The lifespan of a cat depends on various factors, such as its breed, its sex or the nature of its diet. It is estimated, for example how long do cats live, that an indoor cat will live longer than a wild cat.


How Long Do Cats Live

We often hear it said that it suffices to multiply by 7 the age of a cat to obtain its “human age”. In practice, the calculation is a little more complex t say how long do cats live. The ratio between the real age of a cat and its equivalent in human years does not change proportionally.

how long do house cats live

We can thus say that a young cat, only 2 years old, is in reality 24 years old in human years, while at 15 years old, he would be 76 human years old. A cat over 20 years old would be a “centenary” in our reference system.

What Factors Influence A Cat’s Lifespan?

If you want to know how long do cats live and what factors will increase your cat’s lifespan, must be known for every cat owner.


Food plays a key role in the life expectancy of a domestic cat. If it is too big or even obese, your cat will indeed be more at risk of developing joint, digestive or urinary disorders. Likewise, an overweight cat is generally lazier. However, just like in humans, exercising helps you stay in shape and increase your life expectancy.

how long do indoor cats live

In order for your cat to live for a long time, you must make sure to provide it with quality food, which allows it to maintain its ideal weight. If your feline suffers from kidney failure as it ages, do not hesitate to provide it with an adapted diet, specially designed to alleviate its pain and to help it regain its appetite.

The Race

Cats that live in the wild have a shorter life expectancy than domestic cats. They can reach the age of 12, but most of them do not exceed the 10-year threshold.

However, there are differences in longevity even in domestic cats. Since purebred cats appear to be less resistant than crossbred cats. A purebred cat thus has a lifespan generally between 12 and 13 years.


It seems that a cat lives on average 2 years longer than a male. A phenomenon is due in large part to the more “brawling” character of the males. When it comes to seducing a female, they do not hesitate to stick out their claws.

The females, therefore, take fewer risks than the males, who are more willing to go on a mop when the mating season comes.


It is mainly because of this behavior of males that it is advisable to neuter your cat. A neutered male is less aggressive and is unlikely to be injured by another cat. He is also less prone to running away, which lowers his chances of contracting a fatal disease, for how long do cats live, It is estimated that a neutered male can live 2 years longer.

Cat Lifespan

The observation is the same in sterilized females, although it is less obvious on how long do cats live, the longevity of a sterilized cat is approximately 6 months longer than that of an unsterilized female.

How Old Can My Cat Live?

The cat is said to have 7 or 9 lives and that it always lands on its feet. Unfortunately, by the time your cat is over 15 years old, your cat is already old and in general becomes much less lively and vigorous, and is slowly approaching the end of its life.

But it is not uncommon to see cats easily exceed 20 years. It is also the Creme Puff cat that holds the record for longevity in cats since she lived until the very honourable age of 38 years. Who knows, maybe your own cat can break records too?

Some Examples of Cats Having Had The Longest Life

Among the cats who managed to break longevity records, the prize for the moment goes to the American cat Creme Puff, who died in 2005, who lived to the age of 38. His life companion, Granpa, has also reached the remarkable age of 34.

The feline longevity records, attested or not by the Guinness Book, are however disputed across the world and Creme Puff could soon be beaten … Thus Kataleena, a Burmese cat born in 1977, had reached the age of 35 in 2012 and Sarah, who lived to be 33 years old in New Zealand, closely follows his competitors.

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Carthusian Moun, another dean, died at the age of 34, as did Grandpa. At the end of his life, he had to be placed on a cushion so that his bones did not break. Spike and Whiskey, respectively dead at the age of 31 and 33, are also part of the prize list.


The other records on how long do cats live, although less impressive, remain quite honourable. Corduroy, a cat living in Oregon, lived a happy 26-year existence and Pinky, born in 1989, would be 29 today. The cat Poppy, who died in 2014, was also certified by the Guinness Book at the age of 24. Finally, Scooter, a Siamese breed cat who blew out his 30th birthday in 2016, is probably still in this world. For more information on cats simply visit our Catsbuz website.

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