How Many Cats Can A Cat Give Birth To?

How many cats can a cat give birth to? One of the aspects that most concerns us when having a pet at home is its procreation, because for our cat to have her kittens we must have the space and resources needed that allow the puppies to be kept at home with their mother for at least 2 months.

How many cats can a cat give birth to

Is your cat pregnant and you don’t know how many kittens she will have? Or on the contrary, your pet is not pregnant yet but you are wondering about this possibility. Well, in this OneHowTo article we clarify your doubts and reveal How many cats can a cat give birth to?.


Cats are very fertile

One of the most characteristic aspects of cats is their rapid sexual maturity. Factors such as the breed of the animal, the climate of the place where they live, the hours of light and the environmental temperature, influence the fact that the heat occurs with greater or lesser anticipation, however, most of the cats will reach the sexual maturity between 5 and 10 months of life.

This makes the first heat appear very soon and with it the possibility of getting pregnant and having the first litter of cats. Felines can have several heats a year and if they live in an open environment where males can come into contact with them, or even if there is a male and a female at home, they can occur up to 3 pregnancies a year which means lots of kittens!

This is why responsible owners must make a very important decision: sterilize your cats in case they don’t want or can’t keep that many puppies at home and then take responsibility for finding a good home.

How many cats can a cat give birth - Cats are very fertile

But how many cats can my cat have?

The number of cats that a cat can have varies greatly depending on the breed of the animal and the number of heats she has had, however, in general They can give birth from 3 to 9 kittens.. Commonly, the average in each birth is between 4 and 6 felines, however, first-time cats usually have smaller litters of usually 4 pups.

The pregnancy of cats usually lasts between 57 and 63 days, therefore each cat can have up to 3 pregnancies a year if it is fertilized whenever it is in heat, its reproductive capacity does not decrease, so it will be able to give birth throughout its life. This results in many offspring at home that you will surely not be able to attend and maintain, to avoid the abandonment of felines, the most responsible decision you can make is to sterilize your pet, in this way you demonstrate your commitment to establish a responsible adoption and avoid the animal abandonment.

How many cats can a cat give birth to - But how many cats can my cat have?

The importance of spaying your cat

Although many people are excited to see their cat give birth and have kittens at home, it is important to be responsible with the issue of the reproduction of our felines because when a cat is free or there is the possibility that a male approaches it, it is impossible to prevent it from being mounted and therefore reproduced.

Having babies at home involves time, space and money, and if you don’t have any of this, the most responsible thing to do is opt for sterilization. This will also avoid jealousy, which for many owners can be annoying, as well as other problems typical of this condition, such as territory marking.

If you want to know more about this intervention and the benefits it brings both to the feline and to you, be sure to consult our article how and why to sterilize my cat.

How many cats can a cat give birth to - The importance of sterilizing your feline

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