How Much Do Cats Sleep? How Many Hours Do They Really Sleep?

How much do cats sleep? A lot or a few? Why in particular places? Let’s dispel some myths and give some answers. Come and find out all about cats sleep.

It seems our cat is always sleeping. But are we sure it is a deep and restorative sleep every time? When do cats really rest and when do they doze off on the who goes there?

how much do cats sleep

Our cats can spend 16/18 hours a day resting, as well as more than half of their life. But why do cats sleep so much? Let’s find out How much do cats sleep and how many hours of sleep we need and how a cat sleeps.


How Much Do Cats Sleep Per Day?

A cat sleeps 16 hours a day on average. This habit of idleness, however, changes according to the stages of life and is not totally restful. A cat that sleeps, in reality, most of the time, has a very light sleep and at the slightest movement, it snaps back alert.

In fact, it does not fail to observe that while a cat sleeps, it moves parts of its body. Such as the whiskers the legs and the eyes, which opens and closes, showing an inexpressive gaze fixed in space. And that often, while sleeping, the cat emits light meows, as if, dreaming, he was remembering some past experience of his.

How Long Do Kittens Sleep?

A newborn kitten, up to three months old, sleeps almost 20 hours a day. And this does so how much do cats sleep or a kitten sleeps is because, during sleep, more growth hormone is produced which allows the kitten to develop parts of its body and become strong and healthy.

how much do cats sleep in their life

Between a feed and the other or while the mother cat licks and cleans them, the kittens will not fail to stretch their paws and try their claws, movements. These are very important for their development and to start making contact with the world.

How Long Does an Elderly Cat Sleep?

After having passed adulthood, between playing, hunting and mating, the average hours of sleep of a cat stabilize at about 16 hours and this is characterized. As already mentioned earlier how much do cats sleep depends from light and always the alert type of sleep.

While, very few, in proportion, are the hours of deep sleep in which the cat actually sleeps.

On the contrary, depending on the lifestyle, its breed and its health, an elderly cat goes back to sleep as much as it slept during its first months of life, with an average of 18 and 20 hours a day.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

The love of cats during the day for idleness and relaxation is motivated by their predatory nature, which tends to keep them alert and awake during the early hours of dawn and dusk. Rather than in the central hours of the day.

how much do cats sleep in the day

It is not uncommon for the cat to wake up its owner at dawn, looking for food or because he wants to play, and that after hours of sleep and inactivity, resurrected from a long hibernation late in the evening, prey to a sort of excitement and frenetic playful activity.

This behaviour can be explained, in nature, by the fact that the cat synchronized its hunting activities. with the preferred times of the prey to come out of their burrows, usually in the cool light of dawn and of the sunset.

And since the fatigue of hunting tires him so much, he has to sleep many hours to be able to recover and start over. This cyclical habit of cat sleep changes with the seasons and it is true that in winter, cats sleep more than in summer.

Nothing strange, therefore, it is a normal behaviour of the cat that must be respected in order to avoid that in waking the cat while it sleeps, it gets frightened and wakes up with a start.

And it is necessary to check how long a cat sleeps since when a cat eats little and sleeps a lot it is likely that it is sick or has a fever.

The Stages of The Cat’s Sleep

If you wonder how long cats sleep, you need to know that their sleep is regulated by brain waves that vary according to the different sleep stages. During the half-sleep phase, the cat produces irregular and long brain waves that last about 15-30 minutes.

how much do cats sleep in winter

Before the actual sleep phase, the cat changes position, lying on one side and completely relaxing the muscles. In this position, the brain waves produced by his brain become faster and more repeated and the cat falls into a deep sleep for about 5 minutes.

Then on how much do cats sleep there are phases of return to slow semi-sleep waves, which rest the cat, until its complete awakening, after about half an hour.

Where Do Cats Sleep?

How much do cats sleep, the cat is able to sleep anywhere even in really bizarre places, such as the bidet, on freshly cleaned and ironed clothes in the wardrobe, in the cribs of babies. If there is a child in the house, between the bed covers, in the furniture and places up.

Wherever you decide to feel protected and warm, there is the perfect place to sleep. And the owner, although proud of his latest fashion purchase of the cat bed, no longer knows what to do with it and is disappointed and surprised if, often, the cat prefers to sleep on him, on his belly, or on his head.

Why Do Cats Sleep Near Us?

It all depends on the relationship established between the cat and the human and on the cat’s propensity to choose warm and comfortable places to relax. Usually, the cat chooses to sleep on the owner, and especially on the chest, to show him affection and to seek protection.

do cats sleep more in summer

Through the synchronization of the vibrations of the human heart with hers, the cat remembers the mother cat and feels pampered and protected, in peace.

How much do cats sleep is in this habit, however, the cat, in respect of its owner, often decides to move from chest to feet, to always find a cosy bed and safe from the movements that the owner could make while sleeping.

This behavior explains how and why cats sleep at the foot of the bed, especially at night. If we believe that as long as cats sleep, they only sleep, we have shown that this is not really true. With this you will know How much do cats sleep.

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