how much is a cat 336


How much is a brand new 336 CAT?

The median price for the CAT 336EL was $95,000.

How much does a CAT 336 weight?

81,900 pounds The next-generation 336 Caterpillar excavator has an operating weight of 81,900 pounds and maximum dig depth of 26 feet 9 inches with a 12-foot-10-inch stick.

How deep can a cat 336 dig?

Working Ranges & Forces Maximum Digging Depth 27 ft 8230 mm Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8 ft) Level Bottom 26.6 ft 8100 mm Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 21.4 ft 6520 mm Bucket Digging Force – ISO 44090 lbf 196 kN Stick Digging Force – ISO 28780 lbf 128 kN 7 more rows

How many tonne is a 336 CAT excavator?

36-ton Caterpillar’s new 36-ton next generation excavators are designed to offer more choices to complete the task at hand. The 336 and 336 GC offer unique combinations of features designed to match contractors’ productivity and cost targets. “The 336 has been the Number 1 selling machine in North America.

How much fuel does a Cat 336 burn per hour?

about 25L Based on the tfuel guarantee programme, the 336GC is expected to use about 25L of fuel per hour. You can click here to find out how you can enjoy these benefits when you purchase a 336GC.

How much can a Cat 336 lift?

“I can not only lift a structure that’s 20,000 pounds but also put it on the other side of the road,” he says. “And it’s fast. The 336 is Cat’s bread-and-butter in my opinion.”

What engine is in a Cat 336?

Cat C7.1 diesel engine Updated 336 Caterpillar excavator has an operating weight of 81,200 pounds and is powered by a 302-horsepower Cat C7. 1 diesel engine.

What’s the largest cat excavator?

1. Caterpillar 6090 FS. The world’s largest excavator is currently Caterpillar 6090 FS. The model is based on Bucyrus RH400, because Bucyrus was purchased by Caterpillar in 2011, expanding its mining division.

What is the best mid size excavator?

Best Excavators Between 10 Tons and 20 Tons John Deere Excavator. … KOBELCO Excavator. … Komatsu Excavator. … Liebherr Excavator. … Link-Belt Excavator. … Takeuchi Excavator. … Volvo Excavator. … Wacker Neuson Excavator. More items.

What is the biggest mini excavator?

Tier 4 Final CX60C The Tier 4 Final CX60C is the largest mini excavator CASE has ever produced. Weighing in at six metric tons and with industry leading horsepower, it features a short radius tailswing design and adjustable boom that allow it to work in close quarters while providing digging forces of nearly 9,200 lb.

How much can a cat 302.7 lift?

302.7D CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator Engine Net Power 20.7 HP Long Stick and Optional Counterweight: Blade Down – Side 322 kg (711 lb) Lift Capacity at Ground Level with Cab – Lift Point Radius: Maximum Standard Stick: Blade Down – Side 252 kg (556 lb) 68 more rows

How much can a cat 300.9 lift?

CAT 300.9D Specs ENGINE Engine Model Yanmar 31NV70 Maximum dozer lift height 8.0 in Maximum reach 10.09 ft Maximum reach at ground level 9.92 ft 63 more rows.

How big is a Cat 336?

Dimensions Boom Reach 6.5 m (21’4″”) Reach 6.5 m (21’4″”) Track Length 16.6 ft 5030 mm Track Length to Center of Rollers 13.3 ft 4040 mm Track Gauge 9 ft 2740 mm Transport Width 10.5 ft 3190 mm 9 more rows

How much can a cat 374 lift?

The 374 can load up to 33 trucks per hour with 36 tonne (40 ton) capacity.

How big is a Cat 305 excavator?

12 Overall Shipping Height 2550 mm (100.4 in) 2550 mm (100.4 in) 13 Swing Bearing Height 619 mm (24.4 in) 619 mm (24.4 in) 14 Overall Undercarriage Length 2580 mm (101.6 in) 2580 mm (101.6 in) 15 Overall Shipping Length† 5305 mm (208.9 in) 5340 mm (210.2 in) 16 Boom Swing Right 865 mm (34.1 in) 865 mm (34.1 in) 17 Boom.

What is a good mile per tank?

Generally, a good rule of thumb for gas mileage nowadays is to make sure you are getting at least 23 MPG combined city and highway. However, there are all kinds of factors that will affect the mileage you get and how efficient your vehicle will be.

How much fuel does a d11 use in a day?

According to data presented previously in Fig. 2, −1 the fuel consumption of D11R ranges from 61 L h to −1 87 l h at low engine load conditions (LF = 35-50%), −1 from 87-113 L h at medium engine load conditions −1 (LF = 50-65%) and from 113-139.5 L h at a high engine load conditions (LF = 65-80%).

What mph do Semis burn the least fuel?

For trucks, the speed limit is usually at 65 mph. If you travel at even 70 mph, you’ll decrease the fuel economy of your vehicle. And if you travel faster than that, your fuel economy will lower exponentially. Keeping a constant speed is just as important as driving at the appropriate speed.

How deep can a cat 305 dig?

Related To: Caterpillar Inc. Models 304 and 305 CR Caterpillar mini excavators have operating weights of 9,867 pounds and 12,688 pounds, respectively. Maximum dig depth for the two Cat excavators is 10 feet 6 inches and 11 feet 3 inches, respectively.

How deep will a Cat 308 dig?

182.8 in 4643 mm Dimensions – Long Stick Dig Depth 182.8 in 4643 mm Maximum Dump Clearance 199.7 in 5072 mm Boom Swing – Right 36.8 in 935 mm Maximum Blade Depth 16 in 407 mm Ground Clearance 13.8 in 350 mm 22 more rows

How much is a Cat excavator worth?

CAT excavators range in price from about $100,000 to more than $850,000. The price depends on the size of the excavator, its weight, horsepower, and other features. Small CAT excavators range in price from $100,000 to about $230,000.

Why did cat stop making engines?

They stopped manufacturing on-highway engines in 2010, making the SDP engine the last C15 and the last class-eight truck engine they built. So, instead, they decided to focus on their successful off-highway applications where they saw more money.

What is the strongest Caterpillar engine?

The C32 is the most power-dense high-speed diesel engine of Caterpillar. The engine can produce up to 2000 horsepower at 2300 rpm. … Caterpillar C32 Configuration Four-stroke V12 Displacement 32,100 cubic centimetres (1,959 in3) Cylinder bore 145 millimetres (5.709 in) Piston stroke 162 millimetres (6.378 in) 27 more rows

What is the best Caterpillar engine ever made?

1693 Cat – This is one of the best Cat truck engines. A bit lud, but reliable and lots of power. 380 Cat – This Cat diesel engine was strong, reliable, powerful and got decent fuel mileage. 3408 Cat – This Class 8 truck engine was strong, was about 450 HP but truly put out around 550 HP.

What is the most expensive excavator?

Measuring 310 feet tall and 15,500 tons in weight, the Bagger 288 is currently being used at the Hambach mine in Germany to extract coal. It took ThyssenKrupp 4 years to build the earth destroyer and cost the buyer around $100 million to buy.

What is the strongest excavator in the world?

1 – LIEBHERR R9800 At the top of the list is the Liebherr R9800, the world’s largest excavator. It is manufactured in Germany and is designed to perform large-scale mining work. Its measurements are: Length 23.9m – Width 10.5m – Height 11.7m.

What is the most popular excavator in the world?

We have compiled a list and ranked the top ten brands of excavators. Caterpillar. Volvo. Komatsu. Sany. John Deere. Hitachi. KOBELCO. Doosan. More items.

Are Chinese excavators worth it?

People mostly worry when buying their mini excavators from China. It is because the Chinese have very affordable prices. People think that manufacturers in China might give them low-quality excavators. However, the quality is very high since manufacturers in China properly follow quality standards.

Who makes the best excavators in the world?

The Top 5 Excavator Brands for Reliability and Safety Kobelco. Kobelco has been around since 1930 when the company was first founded in Japan. … Caterpillar. It’s hard to think of excavators without thinking of Caterpillar. … Sumitomo. Sumitomo, like Kobelco has its roots in Japan. … Hyundai. … Yanmar.

What is the number 1 mini excavator?

1. Kubota. If you’re working on a small farm, the Kubota mini excavator has been labeled as the “Best Buy” by Farm Show. Even though the Kubota KX161-3 is only 2,200 pounds, it can pick up 4,000 pounds of rocks and dig holes as deep as 12 feet.

What is the best selling mini excavator?

Comparing the Best Mini Excavators on the Market Best Overall: Yanmar ViO35-6A. … Best Budget Option: Bobcat E26. … Best Mini Household Excavator: Kubota K0008-3. … Best Electric Mini Excavator: Volvo ECR25. … Best Mini Excavator for Small Projects: Komatsu PCO1-1. … Best Customizable Option: John Deere 35G.

What is the fastest excavator?

JCB GT Guinness World Records has confirmed that the JCB digger is the fastest backhoe loader in the world with a speed of 72.58 mph (116.82km/h). The JCB GT has been crowned as the fastest digger on earth after reaching speeds of more than 70 miles an hour / 112kph in Australia.

How many hours is a lot for a mini excavator?

about 10,000 hours A high quality, well-maintained mini excavator (aka, compact excavator) has a maximum lifespan of about 10,000 hours. Heavy use and poor maintenance can quickly reduce that to about 8,000 hours.

What’s the highest drop a cat can survive?

While cats have been known to fall from over 30 stories and survive, it’s not very common or thoroughly researched. That being said, studies suggest cats can fall as far as 20 stories, over 200 feet, and survive with little to no injuries.

How much is too heavy for a cat?

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How heavy is a cat 6090?

2204600 lbs Operating Specifications Operating Weight 2204600 lbs (1,000,000 kg) Swing Speed 3.9 r/min

What is the smallest excavator cat makes?

300.9D The 300.9D is the smallest Cat Mini Excavator. It’s compact, easy to use, and versatile. With an overall width of only 2 ft 5 in, a retractable undercarriage, and foldable FOPS, this machine can easily fit through narrow passages and doors, even elevators.

What should a 300.9 cat weigh?

Weights Operating Weight 2061 lb 935 kg Operating Weight – Without Safety Frame 2061 lb 935 kg Operating Weight – With Safety Frame 2170 lb 985 kg

How big is a Cat 390?

Bore 210 mm 8.3 in Operating Weight 86 275 kg 190,204 lb Stroke 1967 mm 77 in • Long Undercarriage, 8.4 m (27’7″) GP Boom, R4. 4 (14’5″) Stick, Stick Cylinder 4.6 m3 (6.0 yd3) GD Bucket and 650 mm (26 in) Shoes. or doors/windows open) for extended periods or in a noisy Long Undercarriage environment.

How much weight can a cat 306 lift?

8,000 pounds There’s nothing mini about the Cat® 306 CR Mini Excavator. People are buzzing about its lift capacity — maxing out over 8,000 pounds without a grunt.

How much does a CAT 330c weight?

77400 lbs Operating Specifications Fuel Capacity 163 gal (617 l) Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 148 gal/min (560 l/min) Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 46 gal (174 l) Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure 4974 psi Operating Weight 77400 lbs (35,108 kg)

How deep can a cat 303 dig?

116.1 in 2950 mm Dimensions – Long Stick Dig Depth 116.1 in 2950 mm Maximum Dump Clearance 130.3 in 3310 mm Ground Clearance 12.2 in 310 mm O/A Undercarriage Length 81.5 in 2070 mm O/A Shipping Height 97.6 in 2480 mm 19 more rows

How much can a cat 325 lift?

27,000 pounds Versatile Size. With an 8 percent increase in max lifting capacity over the 321D, the 325F L can lift 27,000 pounds at 15 feet over the front at ground level. Coming in at a weight of 57,115 pounds this machine features a 45,591-pound drawbar pull and swing speed of 11.2 rpm.

How many tons is a 315 CAT excavator?

15-ton The powerful hydraulic system increases productivity, making the 315F excavator a top performer in the 15-ton size class.

How deep can a cat 330 dig?

23.9 ft 7240 mm Working Ranges & Forces Maximum Digging Depth 23.9 ft 7240 mm Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8 ft) Level Bottom 23.3 ft 7090 mm Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 19.8 ft 6010 mm Bucket Digging Force – ISO 40200 lbf 179 kN Stick Digging Force – ISO 28300 lbf 126 kN 7 more rows

How big is a Cat 312 excavator?

The 312E is an efficient, productive machine that’s designed to conserve our natural resources for generations ahead. *4.65 m (15’3″) boom, 2.5 m (8’10”) stick, 2.2 mt (2.4 t) counterweight, 0.65 m3 (0.84 yd3) bucket, and 500 mm (20″) shoes. Maximum 5.5 km/h 3.4 mph of manufacture.

How much does a CAT 315 excavator way?

Operating Weight 15 400 kg 34,000 lb • Long undercarriage, Reach boom, R3. 0 (9’10”) stick, GD 0.68 m3 (0.89 yd3) bucket, 700 mm (28″) triple grouser shoes and 3.83 mt (8,440 lb) counterweight.

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