How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

Cats are carnivorous animals that prefer to eat several times a day rather than all at once, exactly as they would if they lived in the wild. Furthermore, cats do not tend to overeat, only the amount of food they need. In this article, we will show you How Much Should I Feed My Cat? in a detailed way.

However, in order to know how much a puppy, adult, the senior cat should eat per day, it is necessary to take into account various factors such as the age, size, physical activity and personality of the animal. It is the owner’s responsibility to give the cat the exact dose of kibble or wet food to avoid problems such as for overweight or malnutrition.

How Much Should I Feed My Cat

You can get to know what the daily amount of cat food is and how to feed it correctly to avoid health problems, both as a puppy, as an adult and the elderly. Below you can see and know about how much should i feed my cat in a clear way.


Frequency of Feeding Kittens Canned Foods

If you are really unaware of your kittens and want to know like how much dry food should i feed my cat or how much-wet food should i feed my cat or kitten then the below information will help you a lot in this.

  • Kittens need about double the nutrients of adult cats, both for growth and energy. Obviously, their bellies cannot handle large amounts of food. Therefore, just like human babies, they need frequent feedings, in the beginning, gradually decreasing as they grow.
  • During this time it is important to weigh kittens regularly, to make sure they are gaining regularly, but without becoming excessively fat. Their hunger will usually be a good guide to determine if they are getting enough nutrition.
  • As a rule, kittens under six weeks of age should stay with the cat mom. If this is impossible, a puppy can be bottle-fed between four and six weeks. how much should i feed my cat can be based on weeks too.

how much food should i feed my cat

  • Alternatively, the kitten can, at five weeks of age, be gradually introduced into good canned cat food, mixed with equal parts of a “kitty formula” such as KMR. (Kitten Milk Replacer). I don’t recommend giving whole milk to kittens, as many cats are allergic to it.
  • As the kitten approaches six weeks, the amount of KMR can be gradually reduced, until the kitten eats canned food on its own.
  • At 6 weeks: Four or more small meals spread regularly throughout the day. Make sure you weigh your kitten regularly and record her weight in a dated chart to keep track of her development.
  • 12 weeks: Increase the amount of each meal and gradually distribute them to three meals a day.

About 6 months: You can gradually distribute meals twice a day.

Choose Quality Cat Food

Whatever food you choose for your cat, there are a few key ingredients you should look for to help keep your cat happy, healthy and full of vitality.

Some things to consider when buying cat food.

  • High-quality animal proteins are an important part of a cat’s diet. They help keep his muscles healthy and ready for action.
  • If you buy dry food, look for kibble with a mineral blend that will help clean your cat’s teeth with every bite, helping to reduce plaque buildup.

how much dry food should i feed my cat

  • Essential amino acids such as Taurine nourishes the cat’s heart so you can feel their love every day.
  • Omega 6 & 3 and vitamins to help keep their fur wonderfully soft and shiny.
  • Healthy digestion is important for keeping your cat happy and healthy – plus it makes things easier for you when it comes to cleaning the litter box. IAMS food includes a special blend of fibre, with prebiotics and beet pulp, to promote healthy digestion

Tips For Changing Your Cat’s Diet

Switching to a new food for your cat requires planning. Because cats are creatures of habit, they will prefer their usual food rather than looking for something new. They, like humans, may not want to interrupt their routine when they get used to something. how much should i feed my cat can be done in this way.

Things To Consider When Changing Your Cat’s Diet

how much wet food should i feed my cat

  • Gradually introduce new food: Initially, give your cat 25% of the new food with 75% of the current one. Slowly change the proportions over the next three days gradually increasing the amount of the new food and decreasing the current one. At the end of this process, you will be giving 100% of the new food.
  • Insist: If your cat doesn’t seem to like the new food right away, keep offering the old one until they begin to accept the change.
  • Limit the rewards: When trying to change your cat’s food – especially if you are changing between wet or dry, get rid of the treats entirely. By offering table scraps or other treats you will only show your cat that there is another option to eat and it is not the best food for your feline friend and you will only know how much should i feed my cat.

Constant Dry Food + Wet Food On Request

Considered to be one of the best methods for feeding cats. It consists of keeping a dispenser always available with dry food as in the constant food reserve method but also of administering wet food at the specific request of the cat. All this, in addition to promoting the bond between master and cat, helps to alleviate the tension typical of mealtimes because food is always available. Many behaviorists, as I told you, point to it as the best method for how much should i feed my cat.


Hope with this article you have got to know how much should i feed my cat. Actually the veterinarian is the one who can clearly tell about your cat, but with the information provided by us on how much food should i feed my cat will also help your cat for feeding. For more information on cats simply visit our CatsBuz website.

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