How Often Does A Cat Take A Bath?

How often does a cat take a bath? A relationship is usually established between cats and the difficulty of maintaining good hygiene in them when they are at home, as many people continue to believe that cats are very suspicious of water and bathrooms. This thought, despite being partly right, should not serve as an excuse in any case to neglect them and allow them to be dirty because it will be very detrimental to their health and that of the rest of the family. Bathing a cat is possible by following a few steps, but, above all, doing it with patience and care. The responsibility of having him at home implies that you cover all his vital needs, including hygiene.

How often does a cat take a bath

if you want to discover how often does a cat bathehow to do it so that the process is as pleasant as possible for both parties and more advice on the matter, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.


How Often Do You Bathe A Cat?

It is so true that cats can take a bath as it is not convenient to do it continuously. Except in unforeseen situations, such as if it gets dirty with a chemical product or gets covered in mud, it is enough to bathe it monthly. Namely, once a month (every 4 or 5 weeks)at best, because if your cat stays quite clean after this time, it is better not to bathe him too much and let a few more weeks go by.

You should keep in mind that cats bathe themselves in their own way, that is, they take care of their own hygiene on a daily basis. With the tongue, they lick and groom each other continuously, maintaining a fairly correct cleanliness, since they remove the most superficial dirt and dead hair, since the tongue is like a brush. Therefore, it is normal for them to vomit or expel hairballs from time to time.

Other factors that determine the time between baths and baths of cats are the breed, their physical characteristics (type of fur), a possible deworming with a specific shampoo, some pathology linked to the skin or the need to remove a lot or a little dirt from the body.

Thus, it is not the same to talk about how often a Persian cat bathes than how often a Siamese cat bathes, since the Persian cat needs more care of its long fur, as well as how often to bathe one that leaves the house a lot or another that never or hardly ever comes out.

How often does a cat bathe - How often does a cat bathe

How often does a cat take a bath?

Before detailing How often does a small cat take a bath?, it is important that you know from what age you can bathe it. Although you can do it after 2 or 3 months, the best date is after 6 months of life, since it will be fully vaccinated and dewormed. However, if he does not leave the house and other cats that live with him either, you can start bathing him from 2 or 3 months.

The estimated time on how often you can bathe a baby cat or bathe a 2-month-old cat is one month. You will need to get him used to water and baths from a very young age so that it is not very difficult for you to bathe as an adult. Therefore, even though it is clean, bathe it at least once a month so that it adapts naturally to the contact of soap and water or, at least, if it is not really dirty, bathe it with water so that it gets used to it.

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How often does a cat bathe - How often does a baby cat bathe

How often does a cat with fleas take a bath?

If your cat has fleas, you probably think it is convenient to bathe him more frequently than usual to eliminate the parasites more easily and then prevent them. Still, everything will depend on the product you use to remove fleas.

There are specific products to remove fleas from cats that, if you apply it once on your body, it may be enough to eliminate them. With such a product and a bathroom should be enough, but if you observe the presence of these parasites days after the application, you will have to consult with a veterinarian to find the best solution.

However, despite applying a specific product to eliminate fleas in cats, in cases of large infestations once will not be enough: you will have to use the product again and repeat the bath a few days later. To know exactly the interval of time between application and application, consult the indications of the container or consult it with your trusted veterinarian.

Then, to prevent the appearance of these and other parasites, it is not necessary to be bathing the cat with these products from time to time, but it is necessary to use the antiparasitic products appropriate. Your vet will tell you which one is best for your cat based on their health, age, weight, etc.

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How to bathe a cat?

It is just as necessary to know how often a cat bathes as it is to discover the best way to do it. In aHOWTO we recommend that you follow this step by step to bathe a cat and that you achieve it without the feline or you having an unpleasant time:

  1. You can use a container adjusted to its size or bathe it in a bathtub.
  2. Put a mat in the bathtub so that the cat does not slip on the nails.
  3. Use water between 26 ºC and 30 orC and a specific soap for cats: human soap does not have a PH that respects feline skin, so rule out using it.
  4. Turn on the faucet for a few seconds before bathing so the cat gets used to this sound.
  5. Wet the lower part of the body with a soft sponge or with your hand.
  6. Go wetting more ascending areas little by little so that the cat gains confidence.
  7. You can soap him while you caress him, letting the soap work for a few minutes.
  8. Rinse the body with water, dry it carefully with a towel and let it finish drying by itself.
How often does a cat bathe - How to bathe a cat

Tips for bathing a cat

After discovering how often to shower or bathe your cat and some basic steps to do so, at OneHOWTO we want to give you more advice on this matter in order to help you make the process as pleasant as possible:

  • Avoid contact with your cat’s eyes and ears with soap and water to reduce the risk of infection.
  • If you don’t know what soap is good for cats, consult a veterinarian. You must choose specific shampoos. If you don’t have any in a given situation and you need to bathe him, neutral soaps (bar or liquid) are an interesting alternative if applied in small doses. We recommend you read this other post about the following question: Can I bathe my cat with normal shampoo?
  • Cut the tip of the cat’s nails or file them before bathing to prevent damage to yourself or yourself.
  • Go ahead a reward when i finish the bathroom in the form of cat treat such as fish crackers, a piece of grilled fish or meat, etc. In this way, you will associate the bathrooms with positive experiences, making it easier in the future.

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