how to beat crazed cat


What is good against crazed cat?

Cheaper stackable attackers like Paris Cat will help greatly against him. Make sure to bring at least three meatshields, such as Macho Cat, Wall Cat and Boogie Cat. Using Sniper the Cat is also recommended to keep him at bay if you are struggling. Otherwise, you can also use Sniper the Recruit instead if you have it.

What is the easiest crazed cat to beat?

Easiest was Crazed Fish Cat. Harder was Crazed Tank or Crazed Titan.

How much HP does the crazed cat have?

Stats Crazed Cat Health Attack Power Knockback 360 HP 28 damage (22.7 DPS) 3 times Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Special Ability 5,220 HP 405 damage (328.38 DPS) – 10 more rows

What is the strongest crazed cat?

Crazed Axe Cat: A stronger Axe Cat, they are quite powerful when stacked against Red enemies like the Bore or enemies with slow attack rate like THE SLOTH.

Is crazed Wall cat better than Eraser cat?

-Crazed wall has twice the speed as eraser cat. However, level 50 eraser has more hp than crazed wall. They are both very good and you should use them both. -Crazed brave cat has higher dps than even level 50 dark cat, so he is generally better.

How many KB does crazed cat have?

Crazed Cats are all Super Rare Cat based on the nine Normal Cats that you earn at the start of the game. … Crazed Cat Stats. Cat Unit Crazed Axe Cat Move Speed 12 KB 3 Attack Animation 0.27 s Recharge Time 10.33s – 2.33s 8 more columns

Is crazed gross easy?

This is a fairly simple yet challenging level; the best way to win is by not using meatshields at all but instead fight with only ranged attackers so a Crazed Gross doesn’t hit a meatshield and trigger a Wave Attack.

Is crazed tank cat better than tank cat?

Crazed Tank Cat is another Tank Cat but with more versatility thanks to its notably increased movement speed. Just like Tank Cat, it can be spammed to halt the progression of the enemy frontline towards the cat base, making him an essential choice for nearly any level that requires meatshield spam.

What crazed should I get first?

Consider watching the tutorial on it . If you have any wave immune units, abaha, octo, or a high level Paris/camera do clegs first. Otherwise, do ccat.

Is crazed cat easy?

crazed cat is easy and crazed lizard is hard but is easy if you have a long range area atack good dps cat. Second crazed unit I got was crazed titan, which is pretty abnormal, then I forgot what order I got other cats in.

Is crazed AXE cat good?

An underwhelming unit from an overwhelming stage, Crazed Axe Cat has a rather inconvenient combination of stats. His health makes him ineffective at defending against Red enemies, while his range, single target, health, and costly spammability prevent him from making use of his impressive DPS in most cases.

Is crazed cow hard?

Crazed Cow is by far one of the easiest Crazed Cats to beat. All you truly need is The Flying Cat, Bahamut, and meatshields.

Is Kasa Jizo the best cat?

No cat in the game can be considered the best cat,as some cats are always better than others depending on the situation (Jizo actually helps less than Bombercat against Razorback),there can or can’t be cats better than him.

Is crazed bird cat floating?

Crazed Bird Cat is a Floating enemy that first appears in Flappy Cat, where it can be unlocked as a Cat Unit.

Is crazed titan good?

Crazed Titan Cat has ridiculous amounts of health and attack power, and a dangerously high chance to create a wave. The wave length is level 7, so not even Hacker Cat can outrange it, making him rather useless. High health fighters such as Crazed Fish Cat are recommended due to their outstanding cost efficiency.

Is AXE cat better than Ninja cat?

Ninja Cat is extremely potent early on, having straight-up better stats than Axe Cat.

Is Lil tank cat good?

Due to being the Li’l version of a Normal Cat, Li’l Tank Cat suffers from a severe lack of good basic stats, which makes it underperform greatly in his field. For this reason, usage of Li’l Tank Cat prior to unlocking its True Form is not recommended, with only a couple of exceptions.

Is crazed titan better than Titan cat?

It has much higher initial stats than Titan Cat, which make a max. lv. 50 Manic Jamiera Cat almost equal, in both health and attack power, to a level 20+80 Jamiera Cat.

Is Cool Japan worth it?

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Is Titan cat good?

His area attacks and good stats allow him to be a formidable force against long ranged enemies and, in general, in stages that do not rely on high DPS on the frontline. His range is quite short, so try clearing fodder enemies when summoning him to give him more time to hit the bosses without getting killed too early.

Is crazed bird good?

Crazed Bird Cat can be good when stacked with proper meatshielding. They can be used to attack enemies like Shadow Boxer K, Crazed Cow and Manic Lion, and other rather strong but short-ranged peons. Their disposability lets them be stacked easily and deliver high amounts of DPS in a small area.

Is crazed fish worth it?

Crazed Fish Cat can be considered one of the most cost-effective units in the game, and one of the strongest Crazed Cats due to its fortified health and attack power. With its low cost, it can be considered a very good anti-Red unit and general unit alike, further augmented in its true form.

Is crazed lizard good?

This cat is very helpful against enemies that are close ranged, as well. It can take some hits from waves, and its range is perfect against slow enemies like The Face.

What cats can Outrange crazed tank?

Crazed Tank’s range is no laughing matter: you will need units that outrange it. Lizard/Dragon Cat and Bahamut Cat will most likely be your main fighting force, both having enough range to safely hit Crazed Tank and Owlbrow.

Is crazed Yuki good battle cats?

The stat improvements are very good, the health going up by 47% and the damage going up 25%, enough to make a difference in both of them. The doubled movement speed makes her get to the frontline faster and is just generally good, the Slow Immunity making it so she won’t get slowed when getting to the frontline.

What rank do you need to get level 30 Crazed Cats?

At rank 1600, Special Cats can be upgraded to level 30.

How much HP does crazed cow have?

Stats Crazed Cow Cat 26,100 HP 682 damage (2,046 DPS) 140 MAX Attack Type Lv.50 Area Attack Manic Lion Cat 10 more rows

Is Dark Cat good?

Depending on his level, Dark Cat can be effective against Bore. However, other cats like Maximum the Fighter or Elemental Duelist Cat typically perform much better. Another purpose of his true form is a Cat Combo with Dark Lazer, namely Power of Darkness, which greatly increases weaken duration.

Is bird Cat good battle cats?

This cat can be useful in the early-game when most enemies have low range, allowing it to deal damage without getting killed. This is important, as his cost, health, and range quickly become his downfall once Empire of Cats is over.

Is Macho leg cat good?

Macho Leg Cat changes its focus to being an all-rounder unit. Its health, attack, range, cooldown, attack speed movement and cost are quite good; it has no real weak point.

What is the most op cat in Battle Cats?

Stats Bahamut Cat Health Attack Power Recharge Time 1,500 HP 5,000 damage (250 DPS) 160 ~ 151.2 seconds Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Special Ability 25,500 HP 85,000 damage (4,250 DPS) – 10 more rows

Is Ururun Wolf better than crazed Bahamut?

Ururun has less damage, but faster attack. Ururun’s stamina is not as good as Bahamut’s. Unlike Ururun, Bahamut does not have 20% knockback chance, but Ururun’s range is slightly shorter. Ururun is 110% the cost of Bahamut.

Is Dark GAO good?

With outstanding DPS and wave immunity, he is effective against most enemies as his DPS is higher than many others and his range is above-average, not to mention his massive health. To add on all this, he deals massive damage against traitless enemies.

How many Knockbacks does rain D have?

While 20 knockbacks allow him to deal damage even more effectively by resetting his backswing, it also means that attacks from longer-ranged units can easily knock him back or even chain him in some circumstances, an example of one such cats would be Salon Cat and most other cats with 300+ range.

Is Kung Fu cat worth it?

This Cat is a powerful all-around unit, useful for delivering good damage from some range. Basically, the only negatives about Kung Fu Cat are that he is expensive and has a slow recharge time, at least while you are in Empire of Cats.

Is Valkyrie cat worth upgrading?

Unfortunately, Valkyrie Cat’s True Form doesn’t improve her stats enough to be relevant again outside of 4-Crown stages, which she is outclassed by due to Bahamut Cat and Ururun Cat existing, both of whom are much easier to stack and have higher range than her, not even mentioning their True Forms.

Is Psycho Cat good?

Psychocat is a very useful support cat for nearly all of Into the Future and some parts of Cats of the Cosmos. Alongside Surfer Cat, Psychocat is exceptional at controlling short-ranged Alien enemies and keeping their threat level to a minimum.

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