How To Clean My Cat’s Paws

How to clean my cat’s paws: Cats are pets they tend to groom themselves and clean themselves for which they use their own tongue with which they lick the areas of their body until they are clean. However, on some occasions, the cat may need an additional cleaning either because he has not been able to remove the dirt himself or because you have realized that he has escaped or gone out into the garden and you do not want him to stain your house.

How to clean my cat's paws

These are situations in which surely, regardless of what caused it to get dirty, you will have wondered How to clean my cat’s paws? From aHOWTO we are going to give you the keys so that you know how to do this cleaning and the kitten is totally clean. Because this cleaning is much more important than what is initially thought.


How To Clean My Cat’s Paws

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Reassure the cat to clean it

Before proceeding to clean the cat, it is most likely that you have to reassure it because it is not an animal that is used to being provided with this type of care. In addition, they are usually much more restless than other pets.

In this way, reassuring him and getting him to be a little still is going to be the most difficult. How to achieve it? the key is in have a lot of patience with the cat and try to make him notice that it is something pleasant or a relaxing activity. To do this, you can start by giving it a gentle massage by the legs so that it gets to know the movement that will be made when you clean it.

How to clean my cat's paws - Reassure the cat to clean it

Bathe the cat to clean the paws

One of the most frequent mistakes when trying to clean a cat is thinking that it cannot be bathed. Quite the contrary. this pet can bathe like dogs and other animals. Yes, in a specific way. Depending on whether or not it is very dirty, it may not be necessary to bathe it and only the legs will have to be cleaned.

How to bathe a cat – Step by step

  1. To do this, for example, you need a specific soap for cats, which you will have to apply to the legs to clean them well. When washing, care must also be taken to clean the fingers, nails and pads well so that there is no trace of dirt or soap, as well as in the hair, especially when it is long. But this cleaning must be smooth so as not to cause any injury. Also, this is the time, especially if she has been away from home, to check that she does not have cuts that could become infected. If there are, they must be cured.
  2. It is also important rinse and removes any remaining soap thoroughly with plenty of water so that there is no trace left anywhere on their legs. Otherwise, it could cause a health problem because, when licking again during his own hygiene session, he would catch those remains with his tongue. And this is not a good thing, even if the soap is specific for cats.
  3. For cleaning, it is very helpful use damp cloths or wet towels such as those used for personal cleaning in order to attack more deeply the areas where more dirt has accumulated. However, we must not also forget to rinse it well with plenty of water because it could happen the same as with soap: when licking with the tongue, it will ingest the rest of the product from the wipe or cloth.

And, what to do if the cat does not like bathing or water very much? The solution will come from having to buy a dry shampoo, which must also be specific for cats. To clarify it, you will have to use unscented towels or cloths that do not contain any other type of product.

In this other article, we tell you how to bathe your cat at home.

How to dry the cat after cleaning its paws

Once the cat is clean, it will be necessary to dry it. The best way to do it is to take a towel dry and clean to remove the water. If the weather is nice, you can finish drying in the sun, outdoors or indoors.

However, if the weather is bad or cold, it will be necessary to dry the cat completely. With a hairdryer, like a person’s, you can finish the process, although it is better to use pet-specific dryers. In any case, do not put the air too hot and try to make it a temperature that is comfortable for him to enjoy and you can complete the drying of all the hair and claws.

These are tips that we give you from oneHOWTO with which we hope to have answered your question on how to clean my cat’s paws so that it is clean and, consequently, free of bacteria or any virus or substance that it could ingest when its paws are dirty. and cause any health problems. Furthermore, it is important to note that dirty paws are also a source of infections for the people with whom the cat lives.

How to clean my cat's paws - How to dry the cat after cleaning its paws

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