How To Combat Bad Breath In Cats? Causes And Remedies

How to combat bad breath in cats? Seven out of ten cats suffer from halitosis, that is, from bad breath. This may be due to some disease, so if you suspect this may be the case, take your little feline to the vet for advice. If you are sure that what your cat is suffering from is simple halitosis, read on. In this OneHowTo article, we explain how to combat bad breath in cats with different tricks.

How to combat bad breath in cats

It is something very annoying for humans who live with these animals and surely the cats themselves do not find it pleasant either. So let’s help them!


Detect it: what can be the causes?

There are many causes that can cause halitosis in these animals, and it is very important to know them in order to later understand how to combat bad breath in cats. The main causes They are:

  • Poor feline oral hygiene, which causes dental problems such as tartar, cavities or teeth in poor condition.
  • Diabetes.
  • Diseases related to the stomach or kidney.
  • Certain types of cancer.
  • gastric problems
  • A very high protein diet.
  • Airway problems.

Most of these causes must be diagnosed by a specialist, since he is the one who will best know what is happening to our pet. If he tells us that he does not have any disease and that it is tartar or other minor oral problems, we can apply treatments at home.

Fight bad breath with food

Pay close attention to your cat’s diet, because the cause of most cases of halitosis in cats is due to bad eating habits of the feline It is very important that you do not always give him wet food to eat, such as cans.

Why give them dry food then? Because we force the cat to chew harder, and that makes the same hard food favor the elimination of possible bacteria that it has on its teeth. So if you want you can give him canned food, but mix it with hard food, either in the same meal or alternately. Think that the more friction there is between the food and the cat’s teeth, the better it will be at keeping the mouth free of tartar and cavities.

How to combat bad breath in cats - Fight bad breath with food

Water, also an ally

Sometimes cats find it difficult to drink all the water they would need (on average by weight, they need about half a liter of water a day). However, as in humans, a fluid intake deficiency It can also lead to bad breath in the cats we have at home.

The explanation? When they drink water, the amount of saliva they swallow increases and, with this saliva, they eliminate bacteria and tartar, as well as helping to prevent their appearance.

How to combat bad breath in cats - Water, also an ally

Brush his teeth

It is very important that you take special care with the cat teeth brushing The ideal would be to do it every day but if you can’t, the minimum to keep your mouth healthy is twice a week. Never use human toothpaste as it is toxic to cats. Go to the vet, there they will give you a special paste, either in the form of a gel or a spray. Also, the best brush you can use to brush your cat’s teeth is one that wraps around your finger. In the following article you can see more details on How to clean your cat’s teeth.

At the same time, we recommend that you take your cat to the vet once a year for a deep oral cleaning, which also serves to rule out possible diseases.

How to combat bad breath in cats - Brush their teeth

Consult a specialist

Before applying any product or doing any treatment to your cat, it is vital that consult a veterinarian; he will give you solutions on how to combat bad breath in cats, the possible causes, the consequences and the treatments that will best suit your pet.

How to combat bad breath in cats - Consult a specialist

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