How To Drain And Heal An ABSCESS In CATS?

How to Drain and Heal an ABSCESS in CATS? One of the most frequent skin problems that cats suffer from are the so-called abscesses, which appear as a lump under the skin. For example, if your feline has a lump on the cheek, it is probably due to an abscess that originates in the mouth, but even so, any lump you find on your pet should be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian. Abscesses normally have easy treatment if they are not allowed to pass and they do not get complicated.

How to Drain and Heal an ABSCESS in CATS

If you want to know more about this problem, as well as some tips on how to drain and heal an abscess in cats keep reading because in this OneHOWTO article we explain it step by step.


Abscess In Cats: What It Is And Causes

Abscesses in cats are bumps or lumps that appear on the feline’s body due to various possible causes. These lumps are known as collections of pus. This lump can be of different sizes and appears as a result of an infection, when bacteria penetrate a wound that the cat has. There are different types of abscesses in cats the causes of which vary.

  • Dental abscesses: This abscess occurs when bacteria enter the body through the root of a fractured or damaged tooth. If your feline friend suffers from this problem, you will surely realize it soon, since he will stop eating or it will cost him due to the pain that it causes in his mouth and you may see his cheek swollen. If you can see inside his mouth you can see the abscess as a lump and you may even see pus.
  • Perianal abscesses: This type of problem appears around the anus, where the anal glands are located, which can become infected, giving rise to an abscess. Given this, you will be able to observe redness in the area, a wound or an opening through which pus comes out. In some cases the problem worsens and a perianal fistula may appear.
  • Bite abscesses: If your cat goes outside or lives with other cats or other animals, it may have a fight, especially if it is not sterilized. During cat fights it is normal for bites and scratches to occur, if this produces a wound that later becomes infected, an abscess will surely appear in the area of ​​the bite, so an abscess can appear in the cat’s paw, in back, neck, etc.

The most frequent cause for which these abscesses can occur are cat fights where it happened a bite or scratch and the area has become infected. It can also be due to a foreign body that has penetrated your cat’s skin, for example, if it has been pricked by something and a piece has been left under the skin or in the muscle. As abscesses that form internally (with no visible wound from the outside) increase in size, they can break through the skin, and that’s when a pus-filled lesion can be seen.

How to drain and cure an abscess in cats - Abscess in cats: what it is and causes

How to drain and heal an abscess in cats?

Abscesses can drain on their own, but if they don’t and the animal is in a lot of pain, it will be necessary to the vet places a drain to facilitate the emptying and cleaning of this infected area. For drainage of an abscess in a cat the veterinarian will follow this procedure:

  1. The vet will need to anesthetize the cat.
  2. He will make an incision in the lump of the animal so that the purulent liquid comes out and he will empty and clean it as much as possible.
  3. Sometimes you can also choose to place a surgical drain, which is placed so that the lesion drains over time. Whatever the choice, the wound will remain open for the liquid to flow out.
  4. Once the drainage has been carried out, it is vitally important to disinfect the wound frequently to avoid future infections, until it can be completely closed.

How to cure an abscess in cats?

Curing an abscess is quick and easy, and it’s important not to let it go as it could get worse and cause a bigger problem. The steps to follow to cure an abscess in cats are the following:

  1. Go to your veterinarian to identify the cause of the infection. In some cases they simply appear due to a foreign body, which the veterinarian will remove.
  2. Give the cat antibiotic to heal the abscess. The veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate antibiotic so that the infection causing the pus disappears as soon as possible.
  3. If the abscess is very hard, it is recommended to apply heat in order to soften it and thus be able to clean it better.
  4. Your vet will drain out as much of the pus as possible and tell you how to disinfect it at home, usually with chlorhexidine.
  5. In the most severe cases, the vet drains the abscess and may require further intervention if there have been complications.
How to Drain and Cure an Abscess in Cats - How to Cure an Abscess in Cats

How to prevent an abscess in cats?

Abscesses in cats can be prevented, so read these tips and put them into practice if you want to provide your friend with optimal health and avoid risk factors for an abscess:

  • Prevent your cat from going outside unattended and fight with other cats, so you will be avoiding scratches and bites. If for any reason you see a wound on your body, make sure to disinfect it and treat it well to avoid the appearance of an abscess.
  • To avoid dental abscesses, a good cat oral hygiene. This includes brushing his teeth frequently, offering him dental treats, and keeping him from biting on objects or foods that are too hard. Here you can learn more about How to clean a cat’s teeth.
  • To avoid any type of infection or abscess it is necessary make sure wounds heal properly and to disinfect them. In this other post we explain how to heal wounds in cats.

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