How To Extend The Life Of A Cat?

How to extend the life of a cat? The cats They are one of the most common domestic companions, often coming to be considered important members of the family, and why not? Who would not be able to love these little balls of fur that are always looking for affection and pampering. It is important to consider that just like other pets, cats have a certain period of life, which with proper care we may be able to prolong.

How To Extend The Life Of A Cat

In the following article we will show you how to extend the life of a cat and thus be able to enjoy these felines for longer.


How to extend the life of a cat: Get to know the life of cats?

The first thing we must bear in mind are some characteristics of the life of cats: from a biological point of view, the life expectancy of domesticated cats is usually around 15 yearsalthough with all the care they can even overcome this stage and live for about 20 years.

Since our goal will be to keep our kitten for as long as possible, we must pay attention to the changes that the animal will begin to have throughout its life, especially when it has reached old age or begins to show signs of it, due to that unlike other pets, the signs of changes in cats are usually more imperceptible.

How to extend the life of a cat - Know the life of cats

Feeding my cat

As our cat grows we must regulate its diet, just as it happens with us, what cats eat directly benefits their immune systems, in this way what we give them as food strengthens their health and makes them less susceptible to contracting diseases. Consider removing fats, sweets, or any other food that may cause some type of stomach ailment from your cat’s diet.

It is at this moment that you may be wondering, but then what should I feed my cat? Easy, as you know cats are carnivores and also hunters, so it is recommended that their diet includes at least one 70% of foods that are meat and preferably raw. On the other hand, to help with your daily dose of protein and vitamins, also mix in their food special feed for catsin this way your diet will provide all the nutrients you need to be healthy for longer.

In our article what are toxic foods for cats, we reveal those ingredients that should never be present in the animal’s diet.

How to extend the life of a cat - Feeding my cat

Exercise for cats

Exercise in cats is very important, but be careful, when we talk about exercise for cats we are not referring to going for a run every morning with him, but to playing. For cats, play is very important., in this way he exercises his muscles keeping them healthier and also prevents him from getting bored. When cats get bored they are often prone to scratching furniture, knocking things over (and breaking them), or they might even run away from home.

Cats are curious creatures that usually have fun with almost anything, you can use a strip or ball of wool to entertain them, a laser pointer or of course buy some of the hundreds of toys for cats that exist in the market. In our articles how to play with my cat and what are the best toys for cats we give you some tips to have the most fun with your kitty.

How to extend the life of a cat - Exercise for cats

Rest in cats

For cats, it is very important to rest, when sharing your home with a cat you will have noticed that this happens many hours a day sleeping (giving you even a little envy), there are many reasons for this:

  • Cats are hunters by nature, it is an instinct that despite being domestic they do not lose it, so they sleep a long time to save energy and then be more active when hunting.
  • Cats that can’t find anything to do, or aren’t played with long enough, often choose to sleep longer.
  • Depending on the weather, your cat’s sleeping habits may be affected, when the temperature is low, cats sleep more to save energy and stay warmer
  • It is a natural instinct of cats to sleep, especially when they are entering old age, you must respect their sleep time and although we are happy to see them play and run, you should let him rest what he considers necessary to feel good.
How to extend the life of a cat - Rest in cats

Visit the vet without fail

It is important to make health checks with a veterinary doctor periodically, remember that cats should also be vaccinated, by doing this you protect your feline friend from contracting possible diseases. It is very common not to vaccinate them thinking that this is something exclusive to dogs, but they also need this extra protection that will allow them to live healthier and longer.

Some diseases such as feline distemper or leukemia can be easily prevented with proper vaccination. For this reason, in the case of healthy cats, it is recommended visit the vet once a year or whenever the specialist indicates it, on the other hand, if the animal shows signs of being sick, attention should not be spared, so you should immediately take it to a specialist.

How to extend the life of a cat - Visit the vet without fail

Stress in cats

Prevent your cat from suffering from any changes that can cause stress, even if you don’t believe it, if they are subjected to stress loads to some extent they can get sick. A study on this topic shows that cats can experience stress when the family has moved to another home or even because their eating or sleeping space has changed.

Remember that these are animals of customs that are very sensitive to changes, so to extend the life of a cat it is essential to avoid subjecting it to unnecessary stress.

How to extend the life of a cat - Stress in cats

The right environment for cats

Finally, ensure that your cat is in a safe and controlled space, many of the causes of death in cats occur when they go outside to explore and are run over or even unintentionally poisoned by consuming poison for some vermin.

Create a space in your home where your feline can play and have fun without running the risk of it leaving your home, in this way you will also reduce its probability of suffering from stress, managing to extend the life of your cat and enjoy its company, affection and mischief for many years.

How to extend the life of a cat - The right environment for cats

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