How To Get A Cat Into A House With Dogs?

How to get a cat into a house with dogs? Perhaps you have heard many stories about the relationship between cats and dogs. There is a preconceived idea in the society of the conflict between these two animals: from there arise popular expressions such as “getting along like a dog and a cat”. But have you verified that it is true? The reality is different, so it is possible to live with both species in the same family nucleus.

How to get a cat into a house with dogs


Although it may seem that it is not easy since it requires certain measures for the relationship to be good, cats and dogs can really live together in the same house. The key is in the way to introduce the new family member. So the important thing is to learn how to make a dog and a cat get to know each other and get along or, at least, respect each other and can live together peacefully. If you want to know how to put a cat in a house with dogs So that coexistence is as simple as before your arrival, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.


How To Get A Cat Into A House With Dogs?

Here we have discussed a few tips on how to get a cat into a house with dogs. So, make sure to go through the entire article.

Prepare own separate spaces

Enable separate resting places It is important for dogs and cats to live together in the same home. In this sense, you will have to visualize the best locations so that the feline and the dogs are comfortable to prepare them for them.

Cats love to control everything that happens at home to feel safe, so it is interesting to prepare rest areas in high areas so they can watch. In this way, you can also sleep peacefully without your dogs bothering you. A good option to have a high area are the scratching posts that include some high flat surface or bed areas.

On the other hand, the canines will thank you to rest on the sofa and bed or, in beds for dogs and on rugs located near you. This way, he can stretch out and have more contact with you. Even so, try to prepare two or three rest areas for each dog and cat you have at home, thus being able to choose where to relax at any time.

How to put a cat in a house with dogs - Prepare separate spaces of their own

Getting respect from the dogs for the cat’s rest area

The next tip if you want put together a dog and a cat oa several dogs and a cat in the same house is that preparing separate resting areas for the cat, as we have explained before, will not be enough if you do not you work with the dogs so that they learn to respect those areas. You will have to do it in advance, not the same day that the feline arrives home.

The most important thing is to get your little furry ones to understand the correct prohibition, that is, to get them used to it a few days before the cat’s arrival so that they can relate that they are not allowed to access the area and, thus, they will not think that what they have restricted it is the contact with the cat, which they could interpret if they start doing this exercise the same day the feline arrives home.

Put food in different places

to get that kittens and dogs get along well from the beginning it is important to start offering them the food in separate spaceseven if they can see each other, since the important thing is that they can eat calmly, each one on their plate.

Having several dogs at home, surely, you have long ago realized their eagerness for food or, at least, in general, dogs are curious to try the food they see, because they are curious and usually like to try new food or any food that looks tasty to them when they sniff it. Due to this desire to eat, they can also opt for the cat’s food at any time, especially if you have collected all the bowls. Ideally, you should place them in different places in the house: this way you will have more guarantees that the dogs eat their food and not the cat’s. In addition, the reverse could also happen, as there are cats that love a variety of foods and have no qualms about trying what is in a dog’s bowl.

So for avoid conflicts Between the two parties, you will have to start by putting the separate plates and checking over the days if one tries to eat the other’s food and the latter’s reaction. With this observation you will be able to see if in the case of your cat and your dogs you can gather them to eat or if it is better eat in separate rooms. The same happens with the water fountains, try to place several in different places in the house so that everyone has easy access and does not fight over it.

Know the behavior of your dogs with cats

Before bring a cat home if you already have dogstry to observe how your dogs behave when they see cats on the street or in other houses. If they react with aggressiveness or other negative behaviors, you should reflect on the advisability of adopting a feline and, in addition, make sure that you teach your dogs in a positive way so that they learn to be with cats outside your house before trying it inside.

If your dogs show some curiosity or simply do not react in a special way to the presence of cats in their environment, then you can consider fostering them.

How to put a cat in a house with dogs - Know the behavior of your dogs with cats

Know the behavior of the cat you want to adopt

How to make a cat adapt to a new home? How to make a cat accept a dog? These are frequent doubts when wanting to welcome a feline in a house and it must be taken into account that one of the most conditioning factors is the character and behavior of the catbeing each feline a different case from others, because each one has its own personality.

Thus, it is just as important to analyze the behavior of dogs when they have contact with a cat as in the opposite direction. Despite the fact that the social projection of puppies is much greater than adults, there are felines of all ages that relate positively to dogs. To find out what the cat you want to foster at home is really like, follow the recommendations of the professionals who work at the animal shelter or the home where the cat has been seeing up to now. Also, look at your first contacts with him at how he reacts to all the stimuli already interact with youbecause he thinks that he will not only smell you, but that he will be able to detect the smell of your dogs on your hands or on your clothes.

How to put a cat in a house with dogs - Know the behavior of the cat you want to adopt

Use pheromones

Spray the cat’s resting area with pheromones synthetic is a good way to speed up the adaptation process of the feline at home. In this way, you will be able to reduce the levels of stress, anxiety or fear that you may accumulate by arriving at a new home. The natural pheromones of cats help them to be comfortable and calm down, feeling safe, and these that you can spray in some corners of the house or use in a diffuser achieve the same effect.

This is good advice to help the feline adapt, but here you can learn more about How to prepare the house for your new cat.

Treat them equally to avoid jealousy

The arrival of the cat at home can create jealousy in dogs. Being a new member of the family, it is normal to have more attention for their well-being during the first weeks, but the canines will need the same care and affection that you have provided them up to that moment.

Therefore, do not neglect the dogs and keep the same attention for themsurely you find time for all your furry ones.

How to put a cat in a house with dogs - Treat them equally to avoid jealousy

Avoid punishment

Dogs will want to interact with the cat right away to get to know him, but this desire to interact with him can overwhelm the feline and overwhelm him in a way that causes nerves or anxiety. Try to avoid these situations by a slow approach, with some distance at first and gradually reducing it. For example, let them smell each other under a closed door or see each other through a window or glass door.

Remember do not punish to the canines or the feline, because the punishment does not bring a complete or good learning. It is best to choose positive reinforcement in the education of both parties. If it is the case that you have to move the dogs away from the area where the cat is because they harass it too much, do it by calling them to another place and offering them an activity that distracts them, giving them toys or playing with them, thus achieving that get distracted and don’t focus all your attention on the cat. In this way, the cat will recover its space and can calm down. We also recommend you to know with this other post everything about How to relax a cat.

Have understanding and patience

understand both sidesthat is, both your dogs and your cat: if humans need a period of adaptation in major life changes, so do they. Be patient and don’t lose your temper, as your mood will affect theirs. Also remember to always treat them with positive reinforcements.

Pay special attention to the first weeks of coexistence

Another piece of advice that we give you in aHOWTO so that you can put a cat in a house with dogs, and that coexistence is good, is to analyze during the first weeks of coexistence the behavior of dogs, that of the cat and the relationship between them. If major problems arise, it is essential that you act as soon as possible to change this dynamic. If you find yourself unable to achieve a good coexistence, ask an ethologist for help (professional with animal behavior studies) to take action.

To finish, we recommend you take a look at this other post about How to make my dog ​​and my cat get along well and that you watch this video with more tips on how to introduce a dog and a cat correctly so that they can get along well from the start. first meet.

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