How To Keep Cats Away From My Yard and Off My Property

How to keep cats away: Whether it’s your cats, your neighbor’s or some stray cat, you can find safe ways to keep them away from your property without harming animals or the environment.

As cat lovers, we would never want to violently remove them from places where they could be, for various reasons, a nuisance.

how to keep cats away

There are many things you can do to make your environments less attractive naturally, quickly, and easily. So that these felines stay away from your indoor and outdoor spaces. Read about how to keep cats away and learn more.


Keep Cats Away From Home

Know how to keep cats away from certain areas using some simple things, Follow the same for your cat and keep away your cat from limited things.

Cover the surfaces you want to protect with aluminium foil

If the cat is constantly scratching the sofa or you are tired of finding layers of fur on the back of the chair, then a simple and effective technique can be to cover the surface with aluminium foil. The sound and texture of this material do not appeal to the cat, which usually avoids it. You can always remove the film when you use the chair or friends come to visit you.

Some cat owners have also found that it is effective to put strips of duct tape on sofa armrests or cushions to create a strange surface that cats don’t like. You can apply it either with the sticky side down or up, in both cases it will be a great repellent.

It is also effective to put unpleasant-smelling products on small sheets or pieces of foil to make the area even less attractive.

Use repellents with aromas or smells that cats don’t like

Lemon-scented cleaners are best for keeping cats away from treated surfaces, so they’re great to use on countertops, near appliances, furniture (in moderation), and other places in the house that you don’t want them to go. How to keep cats away is by using some aromas.

how to keep cats away from certain areas

Lemongrass, lavender and coleus are other perfumes that have a natural repellent action. Try putting lavender and citrus peels in small bowls and place them on shelves next to fragile items or in other places you don’t want cats to reach. Add essential oils to intensify the aroma if needed. Spray lavender or citrus fabric deodorants on soft surfaces, such as curtains and bedspreads, to discourage cats.

Cat repellents that you find on the market are often based on fox urine or the feces of other predators. You would probably want to avoid spraying them indoors, but the use of these products will be covered in the next section.

Use Water

If the cat doesn’t want to leave your fern alone or keeps climbing on the sofa scratching it with its fingernails, use a little water to discourage it. You can keep a small glass of water near the place you want to protect from the cat and, when necessary, dip a finger and sprinkle some water to discourage the cat.

Better still, buy a couple of small toy water guns and hide them in strategic points, so that you always have a “weapon” nearby. Your friends may find this somewhat bizarre, but this will keep the cat at bay and know How to keep cats away.

Move calmly, without raising your voice when splashing the water. The cat should associate the discomfort of water with the place to be avoided, not with your presence or your voice.

Don’t make loud sounds like punishment

how to keep stray cats away

Tapping spoons together, snapping fingers or shouting are not effective methods of teaching the animal not to approach certain surfaces or objects. You will get results in the short term, because the cat will run away and go into hiding but, over time, it will react this way to the sound of your voice, to the sound of two objects hitting each other or to the snapping. You will have trained the animal to be shy, but not to avoid certain places/objects, this is how to keep cats away.

Provide him with Alternate spaces

Do you wonder if your cat wants to snuggle up on the extra-fluffy duvet and take a nap? If you want the animal to stay away from the bed, you need to give it a suitable alternative, equally comfortable and inviting to sleep. Not all cats love to sleep in kennels, but a space dedicated to them with a few warm furry blankets is inviting and pleasant. Prepare a box with an old blanket and some catnip inside to make it even more irresistible.

If your cat scratches the furniture, then you need to get a post or scratching post where he can regularly file his nails. For cats, this is a fundamental need, so you have to try to satisfy it and How to keep cats away is by trying different things.

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It is also a great idea to make surfaces difficult to reach. Cats are excellent jumpers and silent climbers, so it’s not easy to put something out of their reach. However, you can give it a try by eliminating any surfaces and objects that can act as a “springboard” or that the animal can climb to reach the most difficult spots.

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