How to Keep Cats Out of Your Yard

If you are wondering how to keep cats out of your yard? That is colonizing your garden and if you are looking for valuable advice. You are on the right page. The stray cats populate many of our roads.

The cat has a gestation period of relatively short and this causes many times overpopulation and creating cat colonies.

how to keep cats out of your yard

Having a garden and having a cat are in fact often two things that don’t go very well together. Cats are curious, but above all, they have a bad habit not only of fulfilling their needs among plants but above all of eating leaves and petals, ruining, in the long run, even entire parts of the garden.


How to Keep Cats Out of the Garden

See how to keep cats out of your yard. You love your garden, and sadly, neighborhood cats seem to like it too. If you see them using your garden as a toilet or gnawing on some plants, you will probably be eager to devise a way to keep those lively felines away from your flowers and plants.

Creating a Physical Barrier

Create an obstacle course built with plastic forks or wooden sticks. If cats like Maneki Neko do not have enough space to move around, sharpen their claws and dig, they will look for another area to use to fulfil their needs as well. Insert pointed plant stems, forks, sticks or similar objects (about 25 cm long) into the ground every 20 cm to hinder the action of cats.

  • Be sure to introduce sticks or other similar material a few inches deep into the ground so that they can stay upright.
  • The tips of these tools will not be so sharp as to harm them, but they can act as a deterrent to discourage intruders from hanging out in the garden.

Insert a chicken coop wire mesh into the ground

Install the wire mesh (available at hardware stores) before the plants begin to sprout from the ground, this is the best way to know how to keep cats out of your yard. Sprouts normally manage to grow between spaces, but cats will find it annoying to walk over this lattice due to its texture. In fact, it will be soft enough not to hurt them, but also strong enough to discourage them from digging in the garden.

how to get rid of cats in your yard

  • If the plants need additional space to grow, you can use a wire cutter to enlarge the holes directly above the ones that need them.
  • As an alternative to wire mesh, you can place plastic sheets designed specifically for use in the garden.

Place Extendable Trusses on the Ground

Generally, the trellises for climbing plants are made of PVC, so they are quite durable, how to keep cats out of your yard is by this way. Place them on the ground before planting the seeds. The openings in the structure will make the area less inviting for cats roaming the garden.

  • Gently press the trellises to the ground so that they are partially covered by the earth.
  • Place the seedlings and seeds in the ground between the lattice gaps. As they grow, many plants in the garden will develop around the trellis without much difficulty.

Cover the ground with unsightly materials

Cats don’t like to dig or play on rough surfaces. Therefore, in the garden, you can spread a thin layer of safe materials such as

how to get rid of neighbors cats in my yard

  • Mulch with a rough consistency
  • Prickly cones
  • Pebbles and stones

Line the land frequented by cats with “scat mats”.

Scat mats (available at gardening stores) are mats with flexible plastic tips. Know how to keep cats out of your yard, the tips are soft enough not to hurt cats but have an unpleasant texture for these pets who will keep away from them.

  • You can buy these mats in packs of two to five pieces depending on the brand. Generally, they are cut into four parts, to make laying easier depending on the size and needs of the garden.
  • It is not enough for you to place them on the surface of the ground. You will have to press them to the ground until they are covered by the earth, leaving only the tips out, otherwise, some cats that are a little more awake may lift them with their paws.

Install a fence

Cats are stubborn animals that can sneak in everywhere. However, it would be effective to set up a fence approximately 1.80m high, equipped with an internal grid of 5cm x 5cm, to keep cats out of the garden, it is the best way to know how to keep cats out of your yard. If it protrudes another 60 cm, it can offer additional protection.

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