How To Know If A Persian Cat Is Pure?

How To Know If A Persian Cat Is Pure? Persian cats are one of the most sought-after breeds to have as a feline companion in a house, due to their beauty and unique appearance and because they are one of the calmest domestic cats. However, there are those who are not very clear if the cat they have welcomed is really of this breed or only resembles it because it has a mixture of it. Although this is something that really does not matter in order to enjoy his company and take care of him, many people want to know about it in order to take their furry friend to beauty contests of this feline breed or because they are legal breeders of the breed, or they may also be out of simple curiosity.

How to know if a Persian cat is pure

Thus, there are several ways, more or less certain, to be able to know the purity of a feline breed, which is defined by the official associations. In aHOWTO we tell you how to know if my Persian cat is pure in various ways, depending on whether it is out of curiosity or if it is necessary to know it accurately for the procedures of the contests and breeding.


Physical Characteristics Of The Persian Cat

if you wonder how to know if my Persian cat is pure or not out of simple curiosity or to be able to know with what other breeds it can be mixed, pay attention to this section. To begin, we will explain the ways to know if a Persian cat is pure when you are only curious about the subject and, therefore, official documents are not necessary. The best in these cases is to look at the physique and character of the cat to see if it more or less matches the official and general description.

In general, the Physical aspects of a purebred Persian cat are the following:

  • Medium to large size.
  • Wide and flat face.
  • The nose is very small and centered near the eyes.
  • Small, furry ears.
  • Large, round eyes.
  • Long or semi-long hair.
  • Silky fur and easily tangled.
  • A multitude of different coat colors and possible combinations.
  • Thick, bushy tail.
  • Thick legs and plenty of furs.

How to know if a Persian cat is pure - here the answer - Physical characteristics of the Persian cat

Different Types Of Persian Cats According To Their Color – With Photos

One of the reasons why it is sometimes difficult to differentiate a Persian cat from other breeds, especially when the animal does not have a very flat snout, is the fact that they have an incredible variety of coat colors. There are varieties with a solid color, variegated, with up to three colors and with spots of all kinds. The official classification is guided by this Persian cat color list:

  • No.1: black color.
  • Nº1a: black color with orange eyes.
  • Nº2: white color with blue eyes.
  • Nº2a: white color with orange eyes.
  • Nº2b: white color with disparate eyes.
  • Nº3: blue color.
  • Nº4: red color.
  • Nº5: cream colour.
  • Nº6: smoked black color.
  • Nº6a: smoked blue color.
  • Nº6d SL: cameo shell color.
  • Nº6 sd: shaped cameo.
  • Nº7: marbled silver color.
  • Nº8: chinchilla color.
  • Nº9: marbled red color.
  • Nº10: mottled brown color.
  • Nº11: tortoiseshell color or black, red, and cream.
  • Nº12: white or white, cream and gray tortoiseshell color.
  • Nº12a: two-tone white tortoiseshell color.
  • Nº12b: white tortoiseshell blue color.
  • Nº13: cream blue color.
  • Nº13a: other colors.
  • Nº13b: long hair point color.
  • Nº13b1: seal color.
  • Nº13b2: bleu point or blue point color.
  • Nº13b3: chocolate color.
  • Nº13b4: lilac color.
  • Nº13b5: redpoint and tortoiseshell.
  • Nº13b6 and Nª13b7: cream Persian.
  • Nº13b8: the color blue.
  • No.13b9: chocolate.
  • Nº13b10: lilac.
  • Nº13c: the sacred color of Burma or gloved.

It should be noted that tricolor cats are female, at least 9 out of 10 are and the one that is male is sterile due to the relationship with the gene that marks this color, this happens in all domestic cats, including Persians. Also, keep in mind that chinchilla-colored Persian cats are the smallest.

How to know if a Persian cat is pure - here the answer - Different types of Persian cats according to their color - with photos

Character And Behavior Of The Persian Cat

Another way to know if a cat is Persian or part of this breed is to observe its behavior. These are some of the easiest features to recognize in the character and behavior of Persian cats:

  • relatives
  • Very quiet.
  • Sleepyheads.
  • very domestic.
  • affectionate
  • They also enjoy playing, albeit in a calm way.
  • They really enjoy the company and the caresses, although without excess.
  • They really like to be paid attention to.
  • They get along very well with children who know how to treat a cat and play properly.
  • They love to eat and are delicate with the taste and texture of food, they are somewhat gourmets.
  • They are quite dependent, they do not take very well to spend a lot of time alone at home.

Pedigree To Know If A Persian Cat Is Pure

If you need to know if your feline is purebred or not because you plan to participate in a contest or you are going to breed legally since we remember that breeding without permits is totally illegal, then you will need to know if your cat has a pedigree or pedigree. It is an official document issued by official associations such as the ASFE (Spanish Feline Association) wave FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline), in which it is reflected that there are a minimum of ancestor generations of the cat in question that are purebred and that, therefore, the feline has a genetic line without crosses with other breeds. According to FIFe, the Persian cat has to have the aforementioned characteristics, among other more specific ones that you can consult at this link to its official website.

If you have a feline of this breed without a pedigree but you want it to have it for these matters, you will have to contact one of these associations so that they can evaluate your furry one and tell you if it falls within the breed standards to give you the official document. or not.

Of course, one of the most accurate but most expensive ways to know what a cat’s family tree is is to perform a DNA test, which will be done by a veterinary laboratory.

How to know if a Persian cat is pure - here the answer - Pedigree to know if a Persian cat is pure

How To Care For A Persian Cat?

Leaving aside the issue of their genealogical purity, the most important thing is to know what the basic care of Persian cats is. In principle, they need the same care as other cats: a good diet, the first vaccinations when they are small, regular veterinary check-ups, nail care, hair brushing, play and lots of love, among other basic aspects. However, it is true that their Persian cat cares a little more specifically.

  • Hair: They are cats known for having a very beautiful coat, but it also tangles easily as it is long and dense, with several layers. It is necessary to brush it almost daily to avoid knots in the cat’s hair and you must use a brush suitable for the type of hair.
  • The eyes: having long hair, dirt around the eyes accumulates easily. It is necessary to remove the cat’s legañas and clean the eyes well, with gauze and physiological serum, at least once or twice a week.
  • Ears: again due to the amount of hair, which also has in the ears and part of the external ear, it is necessary to check the ears and clean the ears well every so often. Make sure your cat does not have otitis or a lot of dirt accumulated in the ears.
  • Bathing a Persian cat: It is necessary that every so often, several weeks or even months, we bathe a Persian cat, since its hair is more delicate and needs more hygiene, brushing, and cutting than the fur of other cats. In any case, remember that cats clean themselves very well and it is recommended to bathe them only if they look dirty.
  • Prevention of health problems: Like any other living being, these felines are more prone to certain health problems than other cats. For example, they easily have respiratory problems due to the flat snout that makes it difficult for them to breathe correctly. Therefore, to take care of the health of our felines, we must follow everything that our trusted veterinarian tells us.

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