How To Pet A Cat? The Best Way To Stroking Your Feline

They are neither dogs nor do they look like them. There are people who even generate rejection. They are felines and, therefore, they can be unpredictable, since they are not governed by a character as submissive as that of dogs. Often, their attitude is impassive, so it is difficult for humans to connect with them. However, for many of us they are the best companion animal.

How to pet a cat

The company of a feline is always a joy. Still, if we don’t know how to pet a cat, no one is safe from getting an unpleasant surprise, such as a sample of teeth or even a scratch. Therefore, it is common to ask what is the best way to act in these cases. If you want to enjoy the benefits of petting a cat but don’t know how to do it, keep reading this OneHOWTO article.


How To Pet A Cat?

If you want to know how to pet a cat, you must take into account a series of tricks that will help you gain the feline’s trust.

  • The first is give him his space. As it happens to us, cats need to make their own decisions and we must respect them. Approaching a cat that doesn’t want to socialize or is busy doing something else is never a good idea.
  • Whether kitty is playing, chasing a bug, eating, or washing herself, a simple glance is likely to bother her. To approach a cat you don’t know well, must be calm. You both must be. He’s going to notice it, both when you’re relaxed and when you’re not.
  • Also, to check that they really want to socialize, we must talk to them first. Cats don’t understand us, but the tone of our voice can relax them. Note that cats often meow to control each other between litters, both in the streets and indoors. They make sounds, not only to notify others of their presence but also to control who is in their environment, so they expect the same from us.
  • If you talk to cats gently and calmly, they will connect with you sooner, they will know that you have no bad intentions and, of course, your caresses will not catch them by surprise. If you see that the cat lies down, changes its position with the intention of taking your hand to certain places, kneads the surface with its paws or even licks you, it is clear that the cat is very comfortable.

Where to pet a cat?

The preferred area for petting varies from cat to cat depending on your tastes individual. This is not difficult when you already know your cat, since felines are very expressive animals when it comes to demanding attention or demanding care. In fact, they will adopt the most complicated position in order to get you to caress them where they want.

Therefore, you can start with that area that you like so much and continue attending to what you most want. Then, little by little, you can try more places. For example, from the mid back until almost reaching the queue is a place that they love. As soon as you start scratching him there, you will see how, immediately, he begins to lift his back. Another place to pet a cat to relax is the back of ears. When we caress them there they usually remain motionless so that we continue doing it.

Despite these indications, your cat may be more independent or may not enjoy being petted too much. In this case, we recommend this other article on How to make my cat more affectionate.

What not to do when petting a cat?

Finally, to know how to pet a cat surly, we must take into account everything that we do not have to do in any case, but being more important in the case of a cat like this. In addition, you have to take into account that perhaps, simply, you should not touch or force a surly cat or that it clearly shows that it does not want to be touched. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t pet him roughly. She starts by talking to him and hopes that he will approach you first. Thus, he himself will show you where he wants you to caress him.
  • Don’t continue petting him if he tells you not to. Monitor his reaction at all times and, if you notice any sudden movement or sign of discomfort, do not force him to continue with the caresses. For example, if he hisses at you, passes his tail in front of you, or pushes you with his feet, give him more room.
  • Never start with delicate places, such as the legs, tail or feet. You also shouldn’t rub a cat’s belly, as you could trigger self-defense reflexes in the cat. Perhaps over time you can let yourself caress these areas, but we must do it little by little, calmly and always paying attention to their reaction.

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