How To Protect A Cat From The Cold – 6 Steps

How to protect a cat from the cold: If you live with a cat as a pet, you will know that they are very sensitive to changes in temperature, especially cold. When low temperatures approach, you will begin to notice variations in their behavior, and it is that your feline will be preparing to better withstand this time. Do you want to help him feel better? Keep reading, in the article we tell you how to protect a cat from the cold

How to protect a cat from the cold

How to protect a cat from the cold: Steps to follow

One of the first things to consider is the specific conditions of your pet. If your cat is usually at home, it will need less attention to protect it from low temperatures. If it is one of the felines that have free access to the outside or if you adopted it when it lived on the street, you will have to take certain precautions.

If your cat is premature or a puppy, their immune system is not developed and they will be more vulnerable to developing diseases related to temperature changes. In the case of premature cats, they will need an extra supply of calories in the diet to help them stay warm, you will have to use external heat sources and even a blanket to protect their body.

How to protect a cat from the cold - Step 1

When your feline is over 7 years old, his immune system begins to weaken. They become beings much more likely to get sick and their ability to withstand the cold decreases.

If your pet has short hair, like the Siamese or even has no hair like the sphinx, you will have to take special care to protect it from the cold. You will need to provide a high calorie diet and always have at hand heat sources to keep them warm during the coldest times of the year. If your cat has short fur, do not let it go outside when it is cold and, thus, you will prevent it from developing any respiratory ailment.

Another case in which special care is required due to the cold is if your cat is sick, because its defenses are weakened and it will be more susceptible to changes in temperature. You should pay special attention to osteoarthritis problems because the cold will make joint pain worse. And you will also have to be prudent and take more careful care of your cat if it has kidney pathologies such as renal, respiratory or cardiac failure, as it could get worse.

Your cat’s fur is its main defense against the cold. So one of the basic care will be keep your hair healthy for the colder seasons. Normally, your cat in preparation for this time of year will go through a seasonal process of fur renewal and a much thicker and thicker coat will appear that will fall when the warm seasons begin. Get your cat used to daily brushing as a beauty and health routine from a young age and this will not be a problem for you. You should pay special attention if your cat has thick and long hair to avoid tangles, falling into the eyes or even getting dermatitis. You should also take care of their skin because if it is not healthy it will not have the right conditions for shedding.

How to protect a cat from the cold - Step 3

Another fundamental care for your cat to better withstand the cold is watch your diet. This will depend on certain conditions of your furry companion. If your feline does not leave the house, has a good coat and is healthy, it will not be necessary to change its diet during the coldest season of the year. Otherwise, you will have to supplement your diet with food that provides more fat and calories, so you will be protecting your cat from the cold. But remember that cats reduce their physical activity to keep the caloric load high, so don’t overfeed your pet because it could end up putting on too much weight. There are veterinarians who even recommend that cats take vitamins to strengthen their defenses, but never do it on your own. You should consult your trusted specialist for advice on this.

How to protect a cat from the cold - Step 4Lastly and very importantly, use external heat sources. They are essential to help your pet better withstand the cold. This will be especially helpful especially at night. If your cat usually sleeps close to the ground, he tries to raise his resting area so that it is away from moisture and cold. Or if he likes to be low to the ground, insulate his bed by putting cardboard or paper under it. Try to have thermal blankets and even a hot water bottle at various points in the house where your pet spends more time resting. From time to time, monitor the temperature because you should not go too far with the heat, which can be as harmful as the cold.
How to protect a cat from the cold - Step 5

If your feline is very cold and does not leave the house, you could put some elastic, soft and comfortable clothing so that you are well protected at all times. In the event that he leaves the house, do not put clothes on him that could catch on trees or fences because he could be a risk and get trapped. One aspect that you should always keep in mind is not to leave doors or windows open, so that there is no dangerous draft. These are recommendations that will be positive for your pet, but don’t worry because cats are very smart and know perfectly well how to insulate themselves from the cold.

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