How To Put Drops In A Cat’s Ears?

How to put drops in a cat’s ears? Having a cat at home implies not only being aware of its basic food and care, but also its health. Beyond the fact that, in principle, they do not require as much attention as other pets, cats are also prone to diseases, so it is necessary to be alert to certain signs that may indicate the presence of something out of the ordinary.

How to put drops in a cat's ears

Mites or wax buildup in cats’ ears can lead to infections that will most likely be treated with drops if recommended by your vet. In this case, the independent character of the animal, together with the fact that it is not something known to them, can be a factor against when it comes to giving it the medicine. At we explain how to put drops in a cat’s ears to make this moment as traumatic as possible for your pet and for you, so that it can recover quickly.

How to put drops in a cat’s ears: Steps to follow

1. Before knowing how to put drops in a cat’s ears, you must make sure that he actually needs the medication. For that, you should consult with the veterinarian if the cat shows any of these symptoms:

  • Unpleasant odor coming from your ears.
  • Black patches of dirt on his ears. This is a sign that the cat is producing more wax than usual, most likely as its body’s natural defense against the presence of mites.
  • Balance problems, as these may be a symptom of some kind of problem with your eardrum.
  • If the cat scratches its ears a lot or if it tilts its head to one side frequently. In this case, among other possible problems, it is likely that your cat has otitis. Special care must be taken when deciding to bathe the cat at home and dry his ears very well to avoid otitis.
How to put drops in a cat's ears - Step 1

2. If indeed the cat requires some medicine prescribed by the veterinarian specialist and this is in the form of ear drops, you must first make sure that you have everything you need on hand, preferably already laid out on a table.

As you well know, putting drops in a cat’s ears is not something that is usually achieved easily at first, so you must have everything organized for when the time comes. Mainly, the material you will need is the following:

  • A dry blanket or towel spread out
  • The drops of ear medication that the veterinarian has recommended
  • Some cotton pads or sterile gauze pads

3. If you want to have more probability of success when put drops in your cat’s earsWait until he is sleepy or until he wants to have contact with you, since in both cases he will be calmer and more docile.

Do not take him by surprise because he will get aggressive and it will be difficult to hold him. If you can count on someone else’s helpeither to hold it or to apply the medicine, it will be much better since you will have more control over the situation.

You can too wrap him in a blanket to help you in case you are alone. Ideally, take the cat to a quiet place with good lighting so you can better perform the task.

4. After getting your cat as still as possible with the help of someone or wrapping it in a towel or blanket, you should follow these instructions on how to put drops in a cat’s ears:

  1. Clean your ears first to prevent excess wax or accumulation of blood or pus (if applicable) from hindering the passage of the medicine, as it would reduce its effect.
  2. To do this, you can buy a special product to clean cat ears in pet stores or ask your veterinarian and apply it carefully with sterile gauze or cotton, avoiding going too deep to avoid damaging the animal’s ear.
  3. With the cat’s ears now clean, tilt your furry companion’s head to one side, apply the drops as directed by the vet, and immediately treat him. an ear massage to help the medication penetrate deeper.
  4. Normally, as the treatment is completed, the cat shows signs of improvement. Otherwise, you should go back to the specialist.
How to put drops in a cat's ears - Step 4

5. As you can see, learn how to put drops in a cat’s ears It is not so complicated if you have everything at hand and take advantage of your pet’s moments of docility. Now all that remains is to wait for him to recover satisfactorily and to consult with your trusted veterinarian everything that is necessary.

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