How To Put Eye Drops In A Cat? Find Out Here

How to put eye drops in a cat? As it can happen to us humans, the conjunctivitis or other eye problems they can invade the eyes of our feline. And as it also happens to us humans, it is not pleasant to see how a drop is about to penetrate our eye. Is it necessary to go to a veterinarian for him to complete this hard work successfully? Not at all! With a few simple tricks you will learn how to put drops in a cat’s eyes.

How to put eye drops in a cat

If you want to know more, be sure to read the following tips that we have prepared for you at With a little patience and these simple techniques, you will manage to administer to your feline the necessary drops to put an end to his eye problems. Take note!

How to put eye drops in a cat: Steps to follow

1. One of the most important steps in administering eye medication to your cat is learn to hold it correctly. It is important to convey peace of mind so as not to alter it more than necessary. Therefore, it is best to hold it on your lap, as if it were resting. For him it will be a more than comfortable position: place him on one of your forearms while you support his body against your abdomen.

There is another position that can work really well to put eye drops on your cat. The idea is place it on a table or other raised surface at about waist height. If the surface is slippery, the ideal is to place a towel under the feline’s legs so that it holds on better.

The third and last position to put the drops on your cat will be hold her little head. In order for you to really want to, you must place your thumb on one side of your chin and the other fingers on the other side, always with your hand under your chin. The intention is that the head is held under your hand. If you see the cat stir, you will need to use a dominant posture to convey the command for him to be still.

How to put drops in the eyes of a cat - Step 1

2. Once you have decided on the position in which your cat is calmest and most comfortable for administering the drops, it is time to prepare him for treatment. First of all you must wipe his eyes to make the drops more effective. To do this, you must use a cotton pad soaked with a special eye cleaning sterilant for cats. Go around your eyes very carefully.

At OneHowTo we tell you how to clean a cat’s eyes.

3. When the cat’s eyes are already very clean, you should open his eyelids to make it easier for you to administer the drops. To do this, use the thumb of the hand you’re not using to hold the cat firmly. Open the lower eyelid downwards until you see a small pocket form, which is where you should insert the drops so that they are quickly dispersed throughout the eye.

4. Once you have the eyelid open, holding the feline’s head firmly, place the tip of the drop applicator over your cat’s eye, about 2 cm away approximately, always being careful not to touch the eye.

In this position, squeeze the drop dispenser and drop the number prescribed by your veterinarian quickly, as the cat can get a little nervous during treatment. If you must perform the process for both eyes, I try to do it fast and always ensuring that the cat is calm. If you see that things get complicated and you can’t hold it, try again later.

5. After applying the drops try to keep your cat still when finished, to avoid rubbing your eyes. Containment will be important to ensure that the drops have spread correctly into the eyes. Also, it is important that you do not massage your eyelids either, since it is not necessary.

6. If the process of putting drops in your cat’s eyes has been successful, give the cat a treat not only to reward him for his good behavior, but as a distraction method to prevent him from rubbing his eyes for a while. Of course, if you have to carry out the treatment several times during the same day, do not go overboard with the sweets. It is best to ensure that the drops coincide with the time of eating. So you can finish the treatment with your favorite food.

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