How To Remove A Tick From A Cat – An Ultimate Guide

How to remove a tick from a cat: Ticks are insects that feed on the blood of other animals. They can be found both in the natural environment and at home, so if you have a pet it may have had or have ticks. It is important to remove them because they can transmit diseases to your pet.

How to remove a tick from a cat

In this oneHOWTO article, we will explain how to remove a tick from a cat step by step, so you can do the treatment yourself. You will see that it is very simple and you will only need some tweezers and a lot of patience. In these cases it is when you notice the good feeling that you have with your cat! But don’t worry, if you can’t seem to do it yourself, your vet will be able to remove the ticks from your cat in no time.


How To Remove A Tick From A Cat

Here we have provided you with the steps on How to remove a tick from a cat. So, simply follow these steps to do so:

Detect ticks

Ticks They live all year round, although the months of maximum proliferation are from March to October. For this reason, one of the things you must do without fail, both to prevent them and to treat them, is to brush your cat every day.

A good brushing will rid your cat of excess dead fur, and if there are external parasites in his fur, it will allow you to see or feel them when you brush him. This is one of the best ways to know if your cat has ticks.

Another thing you should know is that by massaging your cat in the area behind the ears, head and neck you can also easily detect them, since they usually get in these places. When they are small they are barely noticeable, but after a few days they get fat and take on the shape of a small brown pea.

How to remove a tick from a cat - Detect ticks

Eliminate ticks step by step

Removing these parasites from your furry is very simple, you need some skill and above all, determination. But you will see that following these steps will be even easy for you remove a tick from a cat:

Apply vinegar on each insect

Mix apple cider vinegar and water and wet a gauze. Apply the vinegar on the tick that you have seen in the hair or skin of your cat so that it detaches. Repeat the operation with each tick you find. You can help yourself with the brush to see better between the fur.

Pull out ticks with tweezers

This step is very important to do well. Ticks stick to the skin and suck blood, so the part closest to the cat’s body will be the head. When you detect a tick and you have applied vinegar to it, pull it out by pressing with the tweezers on its head, as close as possible to the mouth of the insect and close to the feline’s skin, and pulling hard towards you without moving the tweezers so that it does not break.

It is important that every time you remove one of these parasites, you check that there are no remains. If you leave pieces or rip off the body without removing the head (it can happen if you don’t pick up the tick from the area that touches the skin, but from the middle out) it is easy for it to become infected and that could cause serious problems for your cat.

Go throwing them in a glass jar with a lid so that when you finish you can eliminate them correctly.

disinfect wounds

When you pull out a tick, there is a wound, a bite mark. You should treat them all with iodine or alcohol so they don’t get infected. Check again that there are no pieces of the insect on the skin and moisten a gauze pad with iodine or alcohol. It may be a little itchy, so you can massage the area to relieve it and, thus, it will be a good time to pamper your cat.

Eliminate ticks

When you finish removing them all, you must exterminate the ticks so that they do not appear in your house again. One of the effective and safe methods is to use a pesticide or insecticide specifically indicated for ticks. You can also safely burn or crush them outside your home. In addition, you’ll need to go through your home and wash any bedding and other surfaces your dog was on when he had the parasites.

How to remove a tick from a cat - Remove ticks step by step

Natural Remedies Against Ticks

In addition to the traditional method that we have just taught you, there are other ways to remove ticks from a cat. natural alternatives that will make them flee without having to make so much effort:


Prepare an infusion of chamomile and apply it on the affected areas of your cat with a gauze or piece of cotton. The smell will bother them to the point of making them migrate elsewhere.


We have already mentioned it before, but sometimes applying vinegar (diluted in water so that it does not bother our feline companion so much) is enough for the ticks to flee on their own.

Tea tree oil

The properties of tea tree essential oil are many, among them is its insecticidal power. Mix it with a little dishwashing detergent if you want a greater effect that kills ticks and bugs that inhabit your cat’s fur. Although, if it is not an extreme case, tea tree oil will be enough to repel insects.

Garlic and yeast

Feed your cat, mixed with its usual feed, minced garlic and yeast. The dose of garlic should be minimal since if we exceed it, it can be bad for our furry. His skin will give off a scent that will repel insects, though not humans. Do not worry, for us it is imperceptible.

How To Prevent The Appearance Of Ticks In A Cat?

There are many products on the market that will help you prevent the appearance of ticks in a cat. It is best to go to the vet and ask about the options that best suit your specific case. Also, of course, brushing it every day will make it more difficult for any insects to establish themselves on your cat’s body.

To get a general idea, there are from antiparasitic shampoos and single-use pipettes, to collars that last several months with an insecticidal effect, specifically for use on cats. Making a small investment in protecting your pet from parasite infestation will save you a lot of trouble.

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How to remove a tick from a cat - How to prevent the appearance of ticks in a cat

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  • Never remove ticks with your hands, always use tweezers.
  • When you remove a tick, check that there are no remains on the cat’s skin as they can become infected.
  • If when removing the ticks you see that they are very fat, take your kitten to the vet to check that there is no infection.

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