How To Remove Tartar In Cats – An Illustrated Guide

How to remove tartar in cats at home:  Cats’ teeth, like people’s, also tend to accumulate tartar. It is convenient to eliminate it to prevent diseases related to the gums, which can even lead to the loss of teeth, among other consequences.

How to remove tartar in cats

But what can be done and how to remove tartar in cats? In aHOWTO we are going to give you a series of tips foryour cat’s oral hygiene in addition to another series of guidelines and remedies to prevent the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth that, over time, end up turning into tartar.


How to remove tartar in cats at home

The best way to remove tartar in cats is prevention. But, how to prevent tartar in cats? This happens because you provide your pet with a series of essential and basic care, which should include good cleaning and cat mouth hygiene which you must do, at least, 2 times a week.

You have to do this brushing with a soft bristle brush so as not to damage your teeth and gums. You will also need toothpaste that is specific for cats. It is better if the toothpaste has a pleasant taste for the kitten because this way it will be easier for you to clean its teeth and it will not reject or make it difficult for you to brush its mouth. And it is that, many cats, this cleaning does not usually like. Also, don’t forget to make movements that are slow and smooth.

In those cases in which the cat does not allow itself to be brushed, it is possible that you use other products, which are also specific for them. For example, there are the liquid antiseptics. Its use is simple: impregnate a gauze in it, so that it is a little wet, and with it you will be able to clean your teeth more easily, with soft and circular gestures in favor of the gums. Some of these liquids are suitable for applying directly to the feline’s drinking water.

Another alternative is to use spray mouth cleaners, although this system is not exactly the one that many cats like the most because they tend to be scared by the sound. But it is another option that you can consider.

These simple gestures serve to prevent the appearance of tartar, since remove excess bacterial plaque of the teeth before tartar plaques can form. However, if they are already formed, it is a very good option to do for several days in a row and so on. soften tartar and, in this way, later remove it more easily at home with constant brushing and patience.

How to remove tartar in cats - the best tips - How to remove tartar in cats at home

Professional cleaning to remove tartar in cats

Even if you clean your cat’s teeth at home, from time to time, it’s a good idea to take him to a veterinarian for a professional and deeper cleaning, that is, professional oral hygiene for cats. This appointment is absolutely essential when the tartar is already on your teeth and especially if there is a lot of it because, once it has made its appearance, you will not be able to completely remove it with the usual cleaning.

Normally, this professional cleaning does not hurt or bother them because it is done under anesthesia so that, in this way, the veterinarian does not have problems accessing and cleaning any tooth and all the corners of the mouth of our pet.

The advantage, furthermore, is that on the same day the cat is as if nothing had happened and ready to continue playing and enjoying the home and food unless the vet tells you otherwise or some guideline.

Foods that help clean cat’s teeth

Apart from oral hygiene care for the cat, you can put into practice another series of tips to avoid tartar in cats. In this sense, foods are good allies to prevent their appearance although, obviously, not all of them are worth it. Next, we tell you what kind of food to clean cat teeth are the most suitable:

  • One of the best options is to give the cat some hard food on a regular basis, such as cat food because with it they naturally scrape their teeth when trying to chop and chew food. In addition, it is good for a cat to eat food that has a hard texture because it will stick less to its teeth, and this will, in turn, prevent the accumulation of tartar on its teeth. You can achieve these goals with different types of products because there is a wide variety.
  • Give specific food for cats’ teeth It is another of the best options because, in addition to what has already been mentioned, due to its formula, it also helps keep teeth and gums in good condition.
  • You can also find these foods in the form of treats to reward your cat.
  • Regardless of the method chosen, it is very important that the cat chews the food well because, otherwise, you will not achieve good results. If you notice that he does not chew enough, you will have to buy the feed or the treats with a larger size to force him to use his teeth to eat, instead of gobbling up the pieces.
  • Avoid giving him very soft food if it is not necessary for his health.

In addition, they should play with rope and fabric toys which help to clean dental plaque and tartar, with an action similar to brushing and flossing that we use.

These are some tips and guidelines that we have given you in OneHOWTO on how to remove tartar from my cat so that your pet is always well cared for and does not have health problems derived from its teeth and gums.

Anyway, never forget to consult with the vet to tell you the most suitable product and the best way to brush your mouth according to your needs and to set a professional cleaning appointment.

How to remove tartar in cats - the best tips - Foods that help clean the cat's teeth

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  • It is always a good idea to take your cat at least once a year for a checkup of its teeth and mouth in general.

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