Is It Bad To Sleep With The Cat?

Is it bad to sleep with the cat? Those who have a cat as a pet love to spend part of the time at home with their feline, that is why many owners decide to give the cat the opportunity to sleep next to them and in the same bed, a habit accepted by some without problems and rejected by others. forcefully. Of course the fact sleep with the cat or is it not a completely personal decision, but beyond that is there any reason why we shouldn’t do it? If you wonder if is it bad to sleep with the cat Keep reading, because in this article we explain in detail whether or not this habit can affect your health and rest.

Is it bad to sleep with the cat

In this article we do not want to create any type of controversy regarding the fact of sleeping with cats. It is clear that each family or person educates their pet as they see fit, and that it is the owners who must make the decision when the pet comes home whether or not they will allow you to sleep in the same bed as them.

Is it bad to sleep with the cat?

However, despite the fact that cats love to sleep on us, that this practice strengthens the ties between the two and that it provides security and comfort to the pet, the negative aspects of this habit should not be left aside, which We will explain in detail below.

Is it bad to sleep with the cat? - The decision is up to each owner

If you wonder if it is bad to sleep with the cat, the answer will depend on several factors. To begin with, if you are a person who suffers from frequent allergies, asthma, or breathing problems You should know that it is contraindicated to sleep with the cat, since the hairs that the animal leaves in your bed can be very harmful to you, increasing symptoms and discomfort. In this specific case, it could be said that it is bad to sleep with the cat.

If you do not have any of these health problems, then the decision will depend solely on how picky you are with aspects such as hygiene or adequate rest. Some disadvantages of sleeping with cats are:

  • Hygiene is compromised

Although we know that cats clean themselves and are tremendously neat, we must not forget that they use their litter box every day, in which it is full of remains of urine and stools, in the event that you do not remove them frequently, remains that remain on their legs and part of their fur. When going up to the bed, part of this sand can come with them, which is why it is best not to let the cat sleep near our face in order to guarantee the hygiene of the place and protect us from diseases.

  • Your rest can be affected

Cats have an ancient custom of waking up at dawn to hunt, which means that even if your pet has food safely on his plate, his instincts will still tell him that this is a good time to get up. So if you like to sleep late without being disturbed, doing it in the company of your cat may not be the best idea, because the animal will wake up soon and probably wake you up too.

  • You won’t be able to move too much

If you move around a lot in your sleep, sleepwalk or have night terrors, you may want to consider sleeping with your cat. In the face of sudden movements, the animal will always be alert and perhaps, in order to defend itself against a threat, it will be able to scratch you, dig in its nails or give you a small bite if you frighten or surprise it in the middle of the night, so pay attention.

Is it bad to sleep with the cat? - So how bad can it be to sleep with the cat?

If you finally make or have made the decision to sleep with your catthen it is important to take into account some fundamental recommendations:

  • You must keep your feline always healthy, the cat should not sleep with you unless be dewormed and internally and externally and that he has all his vaccinations up to date. Remember that if your animal is sick or has parasites, your health may also be at risk.
  • You will always have to sleep with the door open so that the animal can come and go as it pleases. Felines do not always have our same sleeping schedules, so the cat must be free to move around the room and to other parts of the house comfortably.
  • Cats are routine animals who like customs, so once you’ve allowed your cat to sleep with you for a while you won’t be able to go back. It is very difficult to break this habit from the animal, so it is important to know from the outset whether you will allow the pet to sleep with you or not.

If you finally decide that everyone has their space to rest, in our article how to teach my cat to sleep in his bed we give you the keys to achieve it successfully.

Is it bad to sleep with the cat? - Before sleeping with the cat, keep in mind that...

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