Moody Cats Reasons Why Your Cat Is Moody

Have you noticed that at any moment your cat changes his mood during the day and you don’t know what to do? Here’s how to deal with moody cats.

Sometimes cats give the impression of being moody and unpredictable. In a moment you stroke your cat’s belly purrs and endures it. The next moment the kitten will give you a paw flick. But in reality, such mood swings aren’t that unpredictable.

Moody Cats

However, when living with a moody cat, very often during the day we can notice all these personalities in a single cat. But how can we relate to him? Let’s see together how to behave with a moody cat.

Are Cats Really Moody?

When people are moody, temperamental, or “picky,” their mood can suddenly change from one second to the next. For no apparent reason, they feel attacked and, in turn, react aggressively to defend themselves from the alleged attack. A cat can also seem moody in this respect. But the alleged mood swings in fur noses usually have other reasons than human mimosa.

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Capricious people usually have a lack of self-esteem and resentment when they understand harmless remarks or gestures such as offenses and react with anger. A cat, on the other hand, doesn’t care that much about its worth or the alleged injustices that have happened in the past. Cuddly tigers feel comfortable and safe or something is disturbing them in their rest. What strikes you as mood swings is a reaction to such a disorder.

Lunatic Cat: How to Relate to Micio

Sharing your life with a cat can be rewarding and enjoyable unless it is a moody cat. Yes, dealing with a cat that very often changes mood during the day is not easy at all. For this reason, in order to live with a moody cat, not only must you have a lot of patience but you must pay attention to a couple of things.

  • First of all, it is important to say that cats can both change their mood for a reason, for example, a move, the arrival of a new cat, the presence of a disease, and be moody because they are “born” like this.
  • In the first case, the cat’s mood change is momentary, so after having found the solution to the cause that led to the change in the cat’s behavior, the cat returns to being as before.
  • In the second case, however, you just have to adapt to the moody character of the feline. How? First of all, you have to learn to distinguish when the cat is willing to play and when not.
  • If the cat is predisposed to play, you may notice him approaching you. In this case, try to keep your distance from the Cat, as to play it could “stick” to your legs or your arms, but at the same time offer him games that can help him release excess energy.

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  • However, when our cat is not in game mode, you could slowly approach and try to stroke the cat on the head. However, remember that this is a moody cat.
  • So you could be lucky enough that the cat is caressed without problems even more than necessary, perhaps showing affection towards you by purring, or react in an “aggressive” way, in this case, get away from him.
  • Lunatic cats tend to show affection even when it’s feeding time. So Pussycat might come up to you and rub himself close to your legs, but don’t fool yourself too much because after eating all the affection will vanish.
  • In addition, the changes in the cat’s mood can also influence its diet. If your four-legged friend is moody, he will surely want to change his diet every 2-3 months, as he tends to get tired of his usual food.

The moment in which you should never disturb a feline who has “mood disorders” is the time of bedtime. Very often we tend to pet a cat that takes a nap because we see it relaxed and tender. However, when it comes to petting a moody sleeping cat, we have to think more than twice before doing it. This is because if the cat feels relaxed, he will most likely let himself be caressed.

But if it isn’t, our caresses might just annoy him. To understand when it is time to let go of the cat as it is annoying, it is necessary to observe its tail, if it moves quickly left and right, it is time to “escape”.

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