25+ Orange Cat Breeds Facts, Personality & Genetics

The orange color is one of the most common in cats and can appear in many different breeds. Among other factors & human selection, People have a certain preference for orange cats. It also appears to be related to the sexual preferences of cats

In this way, orange cats can be very different. Many are tabby cats, that is, they have stripes or spots that help them camouflage themselves. Others have a more uniform color or have patterns that only appear in females, such as tortoiseshell and calico.

Orange Cat Breeds

Do you want to know them all? Then Do not miss this article about the orange cat breeds or, rather, those in which individuals of this color appear.


About Orange Cat Breed

The orange cat along with Silvestre and Tom, be one of the most famous cats on television. Thanks to the cartoons of a pussycat named Garfield, who managed to make children and adults laugh for a long time.

Its popularity has not stopped growing and nowadays there are two things that people love about orange cats. The first is their striking color and the second is their sweet look that conquers you.

To the orange cats also called cats “orange tabby” and its striped fur can vary in shades from orange red to golden yellow. In addition, the tabby pattern of these cats is one of the oldest and they have many traits in common with wildcats. Orange cats are believed to have come from these wild animals.

orange cat breeds short hair

But what breed are these cats? It is important that you are clear that these cats are not of a specific type but that their color is a physical characteristic that occurs in many of the feline breeds that we know both with short and long hair. Of course, an orange cat, of whatever breed it is, will have striped hair and a darker colored “M” mark around its eyes.

This cat does not have a specific behavior but its character will depend on the breed to which it belongs. However, it tends to coincide that they are very active and loving. Do you want your cat to be sociable? The way in which you educate your pet will determine its way of being in the future.

Having an animal is not a game so if you want an orange cat you will have to be aware that pets require love, respect, and patience. You don’t want him just to show off his striking fur. There are many orange cats waiting in shelters or shelters to have a loving family. Adopt responsibly!

Orange Cat Breeds & What are they:

Now we will see what are the 25+ orange Cat Breeds along with their images. Check them all and learn more about each orange tabby cat.

Persian cat

Among the orange cats, the Persian cat stands out. It is one of the oldest breeds of cats in the world. It comes from the Middle East, although it is unknown how long it had been there until its existence was documented. It is characterized by its long, lush and flowing hair. It can be of very varied colors, among which are several shades of orange.

orange cat breeds long hair


The Toyger or “toy tiger” is one of the most unknown orange cat breeds. It is due to its recent selection, which took place at the end of the 20th century in California. His breeder produced a striped pattern very similar to that of the wild tiger. That is, with rounded stripes on an orange background.

orange cat breeds tabby

Bobtail americano

Selection of the American bobtail began in the mid-20th century from a short-tailed cat found in Arizona. Today, there is a long-haired variety and a short-haired one. A large number of colors can appear in both, but orange striped or marbled patterns are very common.

orange cat breeds names


The munchkin is one of the most distinctive orange cat breeds. It is due to its short legs, which arose as a result of a natural mutation. In the 20th century, some American breeders decided to select and breed a series of short-legged cats, giving rise to the current characteristics of this breed. However, they retain enormous color variability, many of them being orange.

orange cat breeds medium hair

Oriental shorthair cat

Despite its name, the oriental shorthair cat was selected in England in the middle of the last century. It was made from the Siamese. So like this one, it is an elegant, elongated and stylized cat. However, it differs very well due to its great variety of colors. Orange tones with various patterns are common, such as brindle, tortoiseshell, and calico. Therefore, we can include them among the main breeds of orange cats.

orange cat breeds list

Maine coon

The Maine coon cat stands out for its enormous size and striking coat. It is one of the largest cats in the world and also one of the most appreciated. It originated on Maine farms as a working cat and is currently the official breed of the United States. The Maine coon has a long and abundant coat, which can have a variety of patterns and colors. The orange tabby is quite common.

orange cat breeds personality

Exotic Cat

Again, the exotic cat’s name doesn’t do this breed much justice, as it is originally from the United States. There, they crossed the Persian cat with other types of cats, obtaining a robust-looking cat. However, their fur is shorter and dense. They can be of different colors. One of the most common is light orange or cream-tabby cats.

large orange cat breeds

European Cat

The European is probably the most ancient breed of cat. It was domesticated in ancient Mesopotamia from the African wild cat (Felis lybica). Later, he arrived in Europe together with some of the merchant peoples of the time.

This orange cat breeds is characterized by its enormous genetic variability. So many different colors and patterns can appear. Among them, the orange color stands out, which appears in solid tones or striped patterns, tortoiseshell, calico, etc.

long haired orange cat breeds


The Manx cat comes from European cats that traveled to the Isle of Man, probably with some British people. There in the 18th century, a dominant mutation emerged that caused them to lose their tails. Due to isolation, this mutation spread throughout all the island’s populations.

Like their European ancestors, manx cats are very versatile. In fact, orange individuals are one of the most common and all the usual patterns may appear.

short haired orange cat breeds

Mongrel cat

The mongrel cat is not a breed, but it is the most common in our homes and streets. These cats reproduce following free will, led by their natural instinct. Therefore, they present a large number of patterns and colors that give them a very unique beauty.

big orange cat breeds

Other Breeds of Orange Cats

In addition to the above, orange-colored individuals can also appear in many other races. Therefore, all of them deserve to be on this list of orange cat breeds. They are as follows:

  • American shorthair
  • American wirehair
  • British shorthair
  • British wirehair
  • Kurilean bobtail
  • LaPerm
  • Cornish Rex
  • Devon rex
  • Selkirk Rex
  • German rex
  • American curl
  • Japanese bobtail
  • Minuet
  • Scottish straight
  • Scottish fold
  • Cymric


The orange color is one of the most frequent in stray cats. Therefore, they should be part of this list of orange cat breeds. So, if you want to adopt an orange cat, we encourage you to approach an animal shelter and fall in love with one of her felines, regardless of whether they are purebred or not. For more information simply visit our Catsbuz website.

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