Reasons Not To have a cat

Are you considering adopting a cat? Well, before making that important decision, we need you to do a reflection exercise. Having an animal at home, apart from being an extraordinary privilege, is a great responsibility. It is a life that will depend on you forever, it will need care, affection, veterinary attention, time, games… It is not a toy to spend some time with and then you can put aside. A cat is a wonderful pet that will make your life happy, but we believe it is convenient to tell you about both the advantages and disadvantages of living with them.

Reasons not to have a cat

In this article we show you what are the reasons not to have a cat. Keep everything in mind and then make a responsible decision.


Having a cat implies responsibilities

live with cats It is fascinating and its care is relatively simple, but its possession is a fact that implies a series of responsibilities. For this reason, we want to tell you everything it means to have a feline at home, so you can make a well-founded decision. A living being cannot be returned and should never be abandoned, so he bears the consequences of your actions.

The first step is to know everything that a cat presence in your home will mean. We do not want to be pessimistic or negative, we just want you to know and get to know cats before adopting one and to make it part of your family.

Reasons not to have a cat - Having a cat implies responsibilities

Your cat may scratch and even bite

For a start, a cat can bite and scratch. This happens especially when they are small. Over time, it is a behavior that is attenuated, although it will depend on the education, character and breed of the feline. Related to its ability to scratch like good cats, we must not forget that it can scratch sofas or all kinds of furniture. This is something that many owners complain about, but with a good education and the occasional scratcher you could solve it.

Another drawback of having a feline is its hair. It’s a beauty, but it will eventually plague your house. There are many people who are overwhelmed by this fact, although this will depend on the breed of your pet, its diet, its health, the time of year and, also, the brushing routine. But don’t forget that shedding your cat’s hair is part of its nature.

Reasons not to have a cat - Your cat may scratch and even bite

Having a cat implies certain expenses

A cat you need the best food that you can provide, and this involves an expense that you should be able to accept. You must choose a nutritionally balanced feed, whether homemade or commercial, and this will have a higher cost. If you decide to feed him with homemade food, you must be very clear about his nutritional needs to make optimal recipes for him. All this implies learning, you can not forget the necessary oral hygiene, especially if you always eat soft food.

Another of the tasks involved in living with cats is to renew their litter tray and clean your house more often. Although cats are very clean and do their business inside a box, you will have to make sure to buy kilos of litter, clean the tray every 2 or 3 days and remove feces daily with a shovel. It is more comfortable than having to take it out for a walk, as in the case of dogs.

Reasons not to have a cat - Having a cat implies certain expenses

You will need to take certain precautions

Although cats take very good care of themselves, you have to be very careful with certain dangers. You have to take some precautions such as preventing it from swallowing objects, jumping to certain heights with the risk of falling, open windows or balconies, letting them leave the house… Everything will depend on the character, age and breed of your feline, but you cannot deny that a cat is very curious and that may create somewhat dangerous situations for its integrity. Your obligation is to protect it, pay attention and install protections in uncovered places.

You will also have to provide you with medical care such as a minimum annual check-up, vaccinations, deworming, sterilization and any incident that causes any damage or illness. Health is an expense that we must consider very seriously, and that is without counting the suffering, time and sadness of seeing your cat suffer. In the following article, we show you when to take your cat to the vet.

Reasons not to have a cat - You must take certain precautions

Having a cat can cause certain allergies

One of the most common problems of living with cats is dermatitis and allergy. It is possible that a member of the family may have an allergy to the protein in your feline’s saliva, which reaches us through its fur. So before adopting a cat, get tested to make sure. It is not very responsible to abandon an animal after realizing that you suffer from allergies. And in case you didn’t know, there are vaccines to immunize you against certain breeds of cats.

Another important aspect of having a cat is Your training. Believe it or not, with patience and lots of love, a cat can be trained. And keep in mind that many of your pet’s behavior problems are a consequence of the owner’s attitude.

Reasons not to have a cat - Having a cat can cause certain allergies

Each cat has a special behavior

Cats have unique personalities, each one is a special case, you can’t expect the same behavior in all of them. Before adopting a feline, it is advisable to spend some time with it, see if it adapts to your way of being, to your life, check if you can hold it in your arms, or simply caress it… You must know what type of cat you are going to live with to avoid surprises and disappointments, although even this is not a guarantee that he will always behave the same, but something is something.

There will be circumstances and illnesses that affect his behavior and you must take this into account to help him. Felines also require different care, in general the most basic is: stones, carrier, scratching posts, games, affection, brushing, sun, occasional showers… And most importantly, being loved and feeling accepted. If you spend little time at home, you may lose that particular attachment that cats have towards their masters.

Reasons not to have a cat - Every cat has a special behavior

Your cat needs you by his side

Don’t forget that your cat needs you. If you want to go on vacation or have to be absent, you will have to leave it in the care of a responsible and trustworthy person. Although a feline can spend a few days without problems alone, it is not convenient to believe that solitude is optimal. Cats also suffer from separation anxiety and after a long time with their owner, they have a really bad time, they may start to relieve themselves outside their tray or scratch objects.

And finally, you will have to deal with his death. The most normal thing is that you survive your little one, although they usually have a relatively long life. The moment of saying goodbye to your feline will be hard and traumatic and you should know that this will happen sooner or later. Although without a doubt, it will have been worth spending his whole life with him. After all these reasons not to have a cat, think, meditate, do pros and cons and decide if it is a good idea to share a house with a feline. If you do it from the heart and having reasoned it, you will never regret it.

Reasons not to have a cat - Your cat needs you by his side

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