Valerian For Cats: Effects, How To Give It And Dosage

Valerian for cats: effects and dosage. Did you know that you can offer valerian to your cat? There are several types of plants that are toxic to cats, but this is not one of them and, in fact, your cat will surely love it. Of course, you should never abuse this plant as it could cause problems in the body of your feline friend. If you are in favor of natural remedies to combat any disease or to improve any behavior problem in your pet, consult a veterinarian first, since it is common to think that natural plants have the same effects in humans as in cats, which is not it is so

Valerian For Cats

If you want to know more about the valerian for cats, its effects and dosagekeep reading this OneHOWTO article as we inform you of everything you need to know if you want to offer this plant to your cat and, above all, how to do it.


Valerian For Cats – It’s Effects

Valerian is used by humans, mainly, to calm nerves and stress and, in addition, in the case of valerian for dogs, the same effects are given, it relaxes them. Some veterinary sources consider that the same use can be applied to cats, but the truth is that the effects it produces in cats are quite different most of the time, so there is controversy when affirming this. What is true is that valerian potentiates sedative drugsthat is why it is important to inform the veterinarian before offering it and even more so if your cat is taking some type of treatment.

Valerian has in its content some volatile essential oils that produce the stimulation of the feline nervous system. The behavior they acquire happens because this stimulation is similar to that produced by the hormones released by cats in heat, which gives them a feeling of pleasure, well-being and euphoria. In conclusion, when observed it seems to drive them crazy, although some more than others.

Thus, the properties of valerian for cats are considered to be stimulants if used alone, but if combined with sedative medications it enhances its effect, which can be dangerous.

Therefore, it is true that due to the effects described above, it could be effective in treating stress in cats. Some veterinarians use this plant to treat some type of behavior problem or disease, if so, the professional will explain how you should give valerian to your feline. So if you were wondering “can I give valerian to my cat?”, the answer is yes, but always consult with your trusted veterinarian in what format and dose it is better to give it.

Valerian For Cats: Effects And Dosage - Effects Of Valerian In Cats

How to give valerian to my cat?

As we have already indicated but we insist, before offering valerian without further ado to a cat, it is recommended that consult a veterinarian, since these can give you products that have a much safer and more adequate pharmaceutical form to offer to your feline. If your cat is nervous, the best option will be to purchase a product that contains valerian, but also some type of plant with a sedative action. In addition, we recommend you read this other article on How to relax a cat. If, on the other hand, you are looking to stimulate your cat, you can only give it valerian. follow these tips for giving valerian to cats:

  • It is advisable to acquire a veterinary product, because it is convenient that this is exclusively for cats and indicates the correct dose that you can administer to it, always without exceeding it. exist sprays or powdered valerian rootwhich are usually the most popular, and you can use them by sprinkling them on their scratching post, their bed or wherever you want them to play.
  • The reality is that what produces the effects of valerian in cats is the smell, not the intake of it, although it does not usually have any type of toxicity. If for some reason your feline wants to lick your cup of valerian, nothing will happen, as long as it does not ingest this infusion in excess. Even so, the most used method to stimulate a cat through valerian are the valerian sachets for catssince you place them around the house and your feline surely cannot stop running and playing.
  • There are people who use valerian in substitution of catnip or catnip, a plant that also stimulates your cat through smell with the same mechanism as valerian. This happens because not all cats produce the same behavior when they smell catnip, some have opposite effects to what the owner intends, so you can try valerian too, it will surely work. In this other article you can learn about catnip or catnip: what it is and what it is for.
Valerian for cats: effects and dosage - How to give valerian to my cat

Valerian Dosage for Cats

First of all, you should know that under no circumstances should you give your cat valerian for a very long period of time, even if it is a treatment, since it can be addictive and/or harmful to your feline friend’s body.

Valerian doses for cats vary greatly depending on the product commercial that you have acquired, since there are valerian bags for cats, valerian drops, snacks, spray… In each of these commercial forms there are indications of use and recommended daily doseTherefore, always read the label and the packaging. Remember that just by smelling this plant your cat can become euphoric and may even be tempted to drink valerian, do not worry and leave it as long as the amount is adequate for him.

It must be clear that valerian is not usually toxic or aggressive for cats, but even so, and to prevent it, it is better to give it a small amount from time to time. Always check with your vet Before using this product, she or he will tell you the proper dosage and the correct period of time to give it.

Valerian For Cats: Effects And Dosage - Valerian Dosage For Cats

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