What Are The Smells To Repel Cats? 5 Scents That Cats Hate

What are the smells to repel cats? You want to know what smells cats can’t stand? Well, we already told you that there are a few aromas that cats do not tolerate very well. The cat’s sense of smell is fourteen times more powerful than the human’s and its olfactory system is much larger than that of the human being since it extends through the feline’s head.

What are the smells to repel cats

At OneHowTo.com we tell you what are the smells to repel cats and we assure you that you will get them not to come near your house.

What are the smells to repel cats: Steps to follow

1. To understand what is the best way to repel cats with odors, it is convenient to know a little about its powerful olfactory system. It is used to smell enemies and to detect potential dangers. Cats have an organ called the vomeronasal or Jacobson’s organ that is a very effective receptor for pheromones, especially, it is a gland that is near the cat’s mouth and, in fact, when they are sniffing some aromas, it seems that they make a face or smile. There is another important fact that you must take into account and that is that cats are very olfactory hunters, being ahead of vision as a tool.

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2. Although we should not generalize and each feline is a specific case, there are various odors that cats tend to repel. We start with the citrus (oranges, limes, lemons…) which are aromas that are often used a lot to scare away stray cats because they strongly dislike the smell.

It is enough to take advantage of the peels of some of these fruits and distribute them in pieces through the typical access areas, although you can also take advantage of and rub the peels through pots, corners, windows, walls… Everything so that this smell is well impregnated and is a revulsive for any cat that comes near. This aroma will not last indefinitely, you will have to repeat the process every 3 days about.

What are the smells to repel cats - Step 2

3. There are other scents that are very effective as cat repellents. For example, the smell of geranium, lavender, rue, wormwood, thyme They are plants with aromas that felines do not particularly tolerate, so try planting one of these plants and you will see how the cats will no longer approach your cat.

They are visually very pretty plants, which have a pleasant smell for people but literally drive many felines crazy. There is also a bush called Canine Coleus, or more popularly known as “Cowardly Cat”, which felines avoid at all costs. It is a very beautiful plant with blue flowers at the tips and an odor imperceptible to humans unless you touch it.

What are the smells to repel cats - Step 3

4. Another of the smells to repel cats are the strongest and most unpleasant, such as pepper. Although, yes, you should know that it can seriously harm and annoy the animal so, if you can, opt for other less aggressive methods.

If the situation is drastic, then you can put some pepper powder by strategic areas of the garden or other access points. What you will achieve is to cause a very annoying itching sensation for the cats when they smell it, which will cause the cats to sneeze and, over time, they will associate that place as an uncomfortable place and will stop approaching it.

Another feline repellent alternative is coffee a very strong aroma for their pits, so you can distribute coffee beans through access points and you will see how you will achieve that the cats will not want to approach.

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What are the smells to repel cats - Step 4

5. Others of the scents to repel cats are bananas, mustard, onion and vinegar:

  • You can take advantage of them by taking banana peels and leave some pieces in the access areas or you could even rub them like with citrus fruits. It is a smell that cats especially dislike.
  • Mustard (and spicy aromas in general) are usually horrible for cats, so try putting some mustard on the parts of interest to cats, you’ll see how once they get close, they won’t do it again.
  • With the onion and vinegar, you can make a mixture to spray. Shred onion with water, and a little vinegar, place in a spray can and spread over access points.

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