What Are The Symptoms Of A Depressed Cat?

What are the symptoms of a depressed cat?  You don’t know if your cat is sad? Do you want to detect if your cat is depressed or apathetic? It is not easy to detect a cat’s mood, so it is important that you pay attention to its behavior since one of the most visible symptoms is loss of appetite and little desire to play or interact with you. But there are more signs that can reflect a cat’s sadness, the important thing is to pay attention and determine the causes to help our pet recover its emotional health. At OneHowTo.com we tell you what are the symptoms of a depressed cat.

What are the symptoms of a depressed cat

What are the symptoms of a depressed cat?

1. Cats are very social animals., far from the opinion of many people who believe that they are beings who do not yearn for contact but can also suffer from emotional problems. The important thing is to know the character of our pet in order to detect possible symptoms of feline depression. To catch any sign of sadness, you must look at your cat and recognize any change in its mental state. Sometimes, even knowing your feline, it may be difficult to detect changes in mood.

2. It must be recognized that, due to the calm nature of cats, it can be something difficult to know if your feline is sad or depressed; It can also happen that you do not know your pet very well because she has just arrived at your house and you have not yet known her routine. However, this is no excuse to watch your cat for any symptoms of depression. Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure the well-being of your feline, since detecting this in time can be crucial so that it does not develop any disease.

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3. Some of the most common symptoms of depression in cats They are:

  • lack of physical activity
  • Little desire to play or move in general
  • Apathy or reluctance for everything
  • Little affectivity
  • prolonged sleep
  • skittish behavior
  • sudden changes in character
  • Lack of appetite

If you have detected some of these signs, it is possible that your cat is suffering from sadness or depression. The presence of these symptoms can also be a warning sign of some disease, so it is highly recommended that if you notice something out of the ordinary, go to the vet immediately. A specialist will be the only professional who can find out if he has depression or another health problem.

4. Depression in cats They can be caused by various causes and, in addition, it is very important to detect the reason for this emotional problem. So mentally review if there have been any significant changes recently that could have triggered it.

The most common causes of depression in cats

The most common causes are a consequence of changes of residence, or when they move away from their loved ones; Another reason for a feline to suffer from depression is loneliness. If a cat spends a lot of time alone, bored and without physical contact, he may become ill with sadness.

Another cause that can make your cat depressed, is a bad relationship with another member of the family unit. A feline that has enmity with another pet or human being can end up feeling lonely, distrustful, and very sad. If, for example, a baby has arrived at home, and he begins to feel displaced, he may develop depression. One of the most common reasons is the entry of another pet into the house. There is nothing more stressful for a feline than having to compete for food, affection, and their place in the home.

A disease It may be the cause of a change in your cat’s character and your feline may feel apathetic, sad, not wanting to play, or hungry, among other symptoms.

Anxiety and stress can also make the animal sadder, so it is essential to give it the best care so that it feels happy and satisfied by your side. It is your duty to provide him with the best care.

Also, one of the most common reasons for a cat to become depressed is some traumatic shock. An unpleasant experience can cause sadness and depression in a feline. In these cases, go to the doctor urgently so that he can provide you with the guidelines to treat it.

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