Can Cat’s See Colors? What Colors Can Cats See?

Not all humans see all shades of color. One might wonder what colors can cats see? or are they a bit color blind like us?

The eyes of cats can be of the most different colors, but do cats see colors? For a long time, it was believed that cats were not gifted with the ability to distinguish colors and that they saw in black and white.

what colors can cats see

Do cats see in color or black and white? And how do they see in the dark? Let’s try and answer these questions on what colors can cats see and find out more about cat vision, with simulation images on how cats see reality.


Characteristics of the Cat’s Eye

The cat’s agility and grace are primarily due to its anatomy. In support of this, however, we also find an ability to see different from ours. But before talking about how they see it is good to clarify how the cat’s eye is structured.

Do Cat Eyes Vary According to Breed?

In a general way, it can be said that the eyes of the cat do not vary according to the breed, even if there are some small differences, as for example in the Burmese cat in which the eyes are slightly more protruding.

Cat’s Eye Structure

what colors can cats see best

What colors can cats see depends on the cat’s eye which consists of three concentric membranes. Inside we find the nerve membrane, outside the fibrous one (composed of the cornea and the sclera) and between these two there is a thick vascular membrane (consisting of the choroid, ciliary body and iris).

The outermost part of the eye is made up of skin covering. These are three eyelids, one of which is transparent, is located below the other two and completely covers the eye when the other two close. Below the eyelids, we find the lacrimal glands which have the task of moistening the eye.

How Do You See a Cat? The Sight of the Cat

what colors can cats see, entering the eye in the centre of the iris we find the pupil, whose function is to regulate the light received. Instead, the retina takes care of transmitting the images to the brain.

what colors can cats see well

This, with its millions of receptors, captures the light and through the optic nerve encodes it to make it reach the brain which, in the end, converts it into an image. So cats see colors.

Night Vision, the Field of Vision and peripheral Vision in Cats

Cats have a wider field of view than humans 200 degrees compared to 180 degrees. This is because, we must not forget that no matter how small, the cat is a hunter and must be able to find its prey at its best.

Interestingly, his peripheral vision is also wider than humans (30 ° versus 20 °), but their distance vision is more difficult than humans. Cats, in fact, cannot focus they must precisely be no more than 6 meters away in order not to see blurry.

What colors can cats see, Finally, cats see 6 to 8 times better than humans at night. Thanks to the number of photoreceptors that make up the retina and the shape of the pupils (resembling an ellipse) that can dilate in the dark, thus creating a camera effect.

What Colors Do Cats See?

First, we need to dispel a myth about our little friends: cats see colors and are not color blind. So what color do cats see? According to some studies, cats see the colours blue, yellow, violet and green. While they would not be able to distinguish brown, red and orange.

All this because, unlike humans, cats do not have the fovea, the region of the retina that concentrates specific photoreceptors for some light pigments in the central area. So cats see colors, yes, but only a few.

Cats are Nearsighted

Humans can also see in much higher resolution than cats, with a wider range of bright colors and what colors can cats see depends on the cats, thanks to the numerous cones in their eyes.

what colors can cats see at night

Humans can clearly see objects from 30 to 60 meters away, but cats don’t have to be more than about 6m away to see the same things clearly. Furthermore, cats cannot see nearby things as clearly as we humans do.

Some objects that move slowly to cats appear to be stationary, they are much better at catching quick and sudden movements and it depends on what colors can cats see.

Cleaning the cat’s eyes

To take better care of cats it is good to carry out a thorough cleaning of the eyes from time to time, even when the feline does not show particular discomfort.

Remember that the cat is a predator whose tendency is to live in nature and house dust can be annoying for its eyes.

With the help of a sterile gauze soaked in chamomile (a natural anti-inflammatory) infused in water, gently dab the cat’s eyes.

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