What Do Cats Eat and not Eat? Complete Guide

It is common knowledge that pets cannot and should not eat all foods. Here are what do cats eat, being careful not to overdo it. The best way to determine the correct nutrition for a domestic cat is to take a look at what cats eat in nature.

How to properly feed a predator born like a cat? Simple with a diet similar to what it would follow in nature, based on foods of animal origin and able to satisfy its nutritional needs. Here are some tips on how to provide an adult cat with proper nutrition.

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What kind of animals do cats eat in nature and what are these habits that tell us about the diet of domestic cats? When in the wild, they usually follow a particular eating habit in which they feed on small amounts of food throughout the day.


What Do Cats Eat?

Let’s start by understanding what cats eat in nature, only to understand what diet they would follow if they were in the wild.

The cat in nature eats mice, but also birds, other small rodents and some reptiles which constitute their prey as a whole. Of these animals, the cat eats all the parts, including the bones and the skin, and in general, the indigestible parts (think of the feathers), which are not digested and are then found in the feces.

This type of diet can only be replicated in some situations (for example, in the countryside), while for domestic cats you must look for food that is suitable for their physiology.

How Much Should a Cat Eat?

The exact quantity does not exist as it is a very subjective discourse. There are in fact three main factors that determine how much a cat eats. First, weight must be taken into account. This is in fact essential to understand the dose of food that a cat can sustain. Secondly, the physiological and pathological state of the animal is important. If it has movement problems or congenital diseases, there will be food specially dosed for it.

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Finally, the calculation of the calories contained in the food to be given is very variable and sometimes complex. Furthermore, since between similar foods, for example, two crunchies of the same brand, there can be different quantitative variables, the advice is to stick to what is shown on a package or, even better, get advice from your veterinarian.

Cat Food Ranking: Which One to Prefer?

As we have seen, there are many foods for your cat. But mainly there are three macro-categories that we want to summarize below:

The dry food: which mainly concerns the crispy for the cat. This food, although not the best, is however preferable for the feline who has recently had to undergo a surgical operation. Especially for bladder problems, to prevent a blockage from forming again, there are specific treats, prescribed by the veterinarian, which will help your cat regain strength, avoiding complications.

Wet food: commonly called tin. It certainly has a consistency more similar to the normal prey of the cat, but you must always pay attention to which one you buy: in fact, sub-brands could harm your cat, precisely because of all the leftovers they put into it. Better to spend a little more but take care of your pet’s health.

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Home nutrition or specific diets created ad hoc: These types of foods are designed, usually by the veterinarian in care, to adapt exclusively to the cat for which they are prescribed. This is because each cat has specific needs, and not always what is good for one can have the same effect on another.

What NOT to Feed the Cat?

If in principle the foods allowed to the cat are the different types of meat, fish, some vegetables to stimulate intestinal transit, the carbohydrates that are tolerated (even if it would be better not to overdo it), there are a series of toxic foods that do not they should be provided to your cat, even if they appreciate them, as they can cause different types of problems.

Here is a list of the main ones

  • Garlic and onion: these are two vegetables that contain molecules capable of destroying the cat’s red blood cells, causing anaemia. They should be avoided even if they are ingredients of other preparations.
  • Chocolate, tea and coffee: contain methylxanthines, including theobromine and caffeine, which cause problems in the dog’s nervous system.

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  • Grapes and raisins: cause acute renal failure in cats, although the active ingredient is currently unknown.
  • Alcohol: it is toxic to cats, stimulates the nervous system and can lead to very serious consequences such as coma;
  • Leavening dough: it is toxic for two reasons, the first is that the yeast produces toxic substances, the second that the dough can expand in the stomach causing obstruction.

These are just the main among the different toxic foods that the cat should not eat for any reason; other foods could cause nutritional imbalances to the cat, but these (dog food, sweets, fatty foods) can become dangerous only if administered in the long term and not in the short term, so there are no urgent toxicological risks if the cat is time, and by mistake, were to eat them.

How do you feed your cat? With kibble and wet or do you follow a home diet? If you have any questions or want to ask for advice on what to feed a cat, write it down in the comments and we will be happy to answer.

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