What is Catnip? What Does Catnip Do To Cats?

Catnip is very pleasing from every cat. What does catnip do to cats is a plant that should never be missing in every home, if you have one. Together with cat games, the grass games are one of the most pleasing things for cats.

Many cat lovers want to know What does catnip do to cats, does it affect them in any way.

What Does Catnip Do To Cats

Also, you could equip yourself with an effective spray grass and you will be able to see the effects that catnip has on cats. If you have a query, What does catnip do to cats? Did you know that catnip has positive effects on your cat? Plant it in the terrace pots and find out why it’s good for you and what it’s for.


What is Catnip

Catnip is a substance that tends to be harmless to both cats and humans. Adored by practically all cats and usually sold in bags, it is able to give a feeling of momentary euphoria to the cat.

You will certainly see your pet’s usual behavior change, but of course, there is nothing to worry about. The effect is momentary and you can take it off after about ten minutes. After a rather short period of time, in fact, you will see that the cat will get tired of playing with it and will have a calming effect on him that leads to sleep.

Why Cats Love Catnip

fresh catnip plant for cats

Cats especially love catnip because it is a diversion from everyday life. In fact, thanks to this particularly appreciated entertainment, your pets will go crazy with joy and you will see them play full of vitality that perhaps they sporadically show with other games. It is advisable to leave all their favorite toys scattered around the house because they will certainly want to use them immediately.

What Are the Uses of Catnip

Basically, catnip serves two main uses, this is What does catnip do to cats. The first is to stimulate your cat’s desire to play, which, especially when it comes to animals that spend many hours at home, is certainly a very positive thing. The other use for which catnip is particularly popular is certainly one that will allow your cat to relax and sleep peacefully. In fact, after a first strong stimulation, this type of herb is able to bring the cat back to a state of calm and make him sleep like he hasn’t done for a long time.

Feline training

Felines need movement and a healthy diet. Certainly there will be opportunities to run after a ball or a stuffed mouse. But if they live at home, every now and then, you need a little more movement, in order not to risk that they become obese and that they can therefore having serious health problems. Catnip is certainly a very good stimulant from this point of view.

Interactive game

In addition to playing with any catnip bag, your pet will also have the opportunity to interact with the other toys in the house. Consequently, that particular game that perhaps until then had been ignored, could be taken into serious consideration thanks to the power that catnip is able to give.

Food additive

best catnip plant for cats

In case it is deemed necessary or you want to try, there is also the possibility of adding a little catnip to your feline’s food. It may have stimulating effects on a particular food that you don’t really like. In small quantities, it is absolutely not dangerous for your pet’s health. There is a chance, however, that he doesn’t really like the weed to eat. In this case, it is advisable to avoid it coming into contact with us for some time.

Increase the Need for Water

Unfortunately, felines have a bad habit of not taking in enough fluids and this, in the long run, can create serious difficulties for their organs. While they adore wet food, they all too often avoid drinking from the water bowl. To stimulate their thirst, you could definitely try using catnip as a stimulant and provide your kitten with a fountain that always offers fresh water at all hours of the day. So if you have What does catnip do to cats, then we can say they provided water for cats.

Insect Repellent

Fortunately for them, felines are not attacked by insects that can sting them. However, you could take advantage of another interesting function of catnip, What does catnip do to cats is that the fact that it is a powerful and natural repellent for insects. From this point of view, you will have at your fingertips a solution that respects the environment at a very low cost.

Precautions When Giving Catnip to Your Cat

What does catnip do to cats? While not toxic to cats at all, some caution is still recommended when it comes to administering catnip to your feline. Being so attracted to it may not have a sense of proportion and a high ingestion of catnip could lead to discomfort such as vomiting or diarrhea. Also, if you are only able to provide your cat with catnip from time to time, they will appreciate it much more than always having it on hand. On the other hand, we know that the toy that is not always available is certainly the most appreciated one.

Health Benefits of Catnip

Being a herb to all intents and purposes, the benefits that your cat’s health can obtain are many. As mentioned previously, it is recommended that you never overdo the dosage, but you won’t have to worry at all about possible consequences if you show that you have a little forethought. So What does catnip do to cats is they provide health benefits.

health benefits of catnip for cats

Don’t worry at all about what it might seem like at first, like a hallucinogenic type effect. This is just an impression that your feline will give you, but it is not about giving your pet drugs, even if his reaction may seem simply disproportionate as soon as he comes in contact with it.


Thanks to its relaxation effect, you will see it more rested and in a good mood and it will follow that even the hair will be more shiny and health in general will certainly improve. After all, cats tend to sleep for many hours during the day and if they can’t do it in the best way, it’s not really surprising that they will end up showing a rather aggressive character with tendencies to attack you whenever you feel like petting them. In short, for cats it is like a valerian, this is What does catnip do to cats.

Avoid stomach upsets that can encourage flatulence

Another very useful thing What does catnip do to cats is that catnip can provide is the reduction of flatulence on the part of your pet. God forbid it does not happen from time to time, but if the matter repeats itself with some regularity, your feline could have stomach problems. A natural remedy to prevent it from constantly expelling the gas, without necessarily resorting to medicines that often carry contraindications that it would always be better to avoid.

As if it were a pleasant Bathroom

If you don’t have any major problems with the “dirt” in the house, you might as well pour some catnip on the floor and observe how pleased your kitty actually rolls around in the middle of it. Not only will it make you unequivocally understand that he is really liking it, but he may take on a bit of a crazy attitude, which you may never have noticed in him before this moment. Don’t worry, it’s temporary and you will see that once the grass is put away, everything will return to normal. In fact, your cat will simply be a little happier than before.

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