What To Do If I Find A Cat?

What to do if I find a cat? Walking down the street have you met a cat? Before wanting to save it from there, it is important that we detect if it is a wild cat or, on the contrary, it is a domestic cat, since the first will surely have a family and will be part of a cat colony while the other will surely ask you for help and will need that you take care of it In this case, you must follow some guidelines to make sure that this animal does not belong to anyone and, if so, start with a procedure to be able to find a good home where it can grow up happy and healthy.

What to do if I find a cat

In this OneHowTo article we are going to tell you what to do if you find a cat so that you know the steps you must follow in the event that a feline has come into your life.

What to do if I find a cat: Steps to follow


The first step we have to do if we find a cat is assess what kind of animal it is since if it is stray, we should not take it home because you will be ripping it out of its modus vivendi. Observe where the animal is, if there are other cats around it, etc. One of the most obvious ways to know if the animal requires your help is if it approaches you, meows and demands your attention; these signs will tell us that he is asking us for help and that he is not afraid to approach.

Think that stray cats are more surly animals and that they do not usually interact with people, so their instinct will be to get away from you, get scared and run away. So if the cat moves away from you, don’t get overwhelmed, he is surely a stray and doesn’t need your help.

But if instead the animal follows you, approaches you, rubs against your leg, etc., is asking you to rescue him. It is important that pick it up as soon as possible because he is not used to the dangers that exist in the streets (lack of food, cars, among others) and he can end up injured or worse.

What to do if I find a cat - Step 1

2. So, if the cat is domestic or is asking for your help, you will have to pick it up and take it to the vet immediately. What can happen? That the animal gets nervous when you pick it up and that it accidentally scratches you or that it is agitated because it does not know where you are going to take it. To avoid this stressful situation for the animal, it is best to find a box where you can put it and, thus, serve as a carrier to take him to the vet.

It is imperative that you take him to the doctor so that check if the animal has a microchip implemented in the body, if so, surely its owner is crazy looking for it and you will do him a great favor by rescuing his cat.

In the event that it does not have a chip, ask the specialist for advice on how to proceed in its care (what food to give it, how to install it at home, etc.) since, keep in mind, that you will most likely have to stay with him for a few hours or days until you find his owner or a new home.

What to do if I find a cat - Step 2

3. If the cat does not have a chip, the next step you must do is adapt a space in your house for him; We recommend that you keep him away from children and other animals (if you have any) to reduce his stress level as much as possible and allow him to relax in this unknown environment for him. Welcoming him at home is vital to safeguard him from external dangers that he may encounter in the city.

To find its owner, you can prepare some posters with the photo of the animal and your contact and hang them in the area where you have found the feline as well as in the surrounding streets to cover a larger space. While the owner appears, you will have to feed the animal, giving it water and affection so that it is calm and stops being scared.

What to do if I find a cat - Step 3

4. If after a few days no one contacts you, the animal may not belong to anyone or, worse still, it may have been abandoned. So the next step you need to do is Contact animal protectors or NGOs who can help you find a new home for him. While they find the ideal place for the animal, you can keep it and take care of its care to avoid further stress on the cat; however, if you are unable to stay with him, then you can talk to these centers to find a foster home for him.

5. But it may be the case that the protectors cannot keep the animal because they are oversaturated, so what do we do? Find your new home yourself. Currently, thanks to the proliferation of new technologies, it may be easier to find people willing to care for these animals, so post ads on Facebook and other social networks, post ads on the Internet, contact animal adoption websites, etc. It will take you to greater dedication but, in the end, you will be able to give the animal to a new family where it will have love, attention and the care it needs.

What to do if I find a cat - Step 5

6. There is also the option that you decide to stay with him and adopt him. In this case, it is best to take it to the vet for a check-up, give it the necessary vaccines and give you the basic care guidelines so that the animal grows strong and healthy. At OneHowTo we discover the compulsory vaccinations for a cat that you should not fail to give as marked on your calendar in order to have the animal protected against diseases or infections.

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