What To Do If My Cat Climbs A Tree?

What to do if my cat climbs a tree? Cats are very mischievous animals and, in addition, they have a unique skill that makes them unmatched: they can climb any space, no matter how impossible it may seem. For this reason, many times these nice cats decide climb the trees to spend the afternoon but things get complicated when you detect that the animal is taking too long to return home and you begin to wonder if something has happened to it.

What to do if my cat climbs a tree

Some cats climb trees without any problem but, later, it is a little more difficult for them to go down, it may also be that they have been injured when ascending and now they find it difficult to get down from there, so it is important that you are aware of your cat to be able to help him in case you don’t come home as usual. In this OneHowTo article we are going to tell you what to do if a cat climbs a tree so you know how to act in case the animal is a little naughty.

What to do if my cat climbs a tree?

Steps to follow:


The first thing we have to do when we see that the animal is in the tree is keep calm. Remember that, although you see that it is very high, it has not been difficult for him to climb up there, so relax and think that it is his natural instinct, he is just following his deepest impulses. If you get nervous it can be counterproductive to resolve this situation because you can make the animal more nervous and climb even higher. So calm down and keep a cool mind so you can start to resolve this situation.

What to do if my cat climbs a tree - Step 1


To know what to do if a cat climbs a tree it is important that you stay calm and then stand at the base of the tree and start calling the animal by its name or in the way that it can recognize you; Above all, you must inspire tranquility, no nerves or stress, otherwise the cat can climb or escape because it is too anxious. What we want to convey to you is that, down there, everything is going well, everything is calm and you can go down without any problem, so to generate that feeling you will have to speak with love and a lot of patience.


In the event that the cat does not come to the call, you can try another idea that is take a ladder and try to achieve it. In this sense, it is recommended that, beforehand, you verify that the height at which the feline is is easy to reach with a ladder, otherwise, you will only scare it and make it more nervous. But if you see that you can do it, we recommend that you gently place the ladder on the trunk and go up while you talk to him; he will recognize your voice and keep still.

Keep in mind that the animal will be in the highest state of alert, that is, it will be very nervous and irritable, therefore, if you are going to get close to it or manage to catch it, do it with gloves and a thick shirt because it is possible that scratch you or bite you but more because of the accumulated tension than anything else.

What to do if my cat climbs a tree - Step 3


To get the animal down from the tree, in case none of the above has worked, a good idea is to place at the base cans of your favorite food Well, even if he’s not hungry now, he will be in a while and that’s when he’ll decide to go downstairs. Of course: it is possible that other cats come to eat this delicacy, so we recommend that you keep an eye out.

It is also a good option put his toys at the base of the tree so that your cat feels at home, relaxes and can go down without any problem. Creating an atmosphere of tranquility and home is essential for the animal to come down from the branches.

What to do if my cat climbs a tree - Step 4


If you see that you approach the animal, but it climbs higher because it does not want you to reach it, then you must desist and leave him alone because he is feeling cornered and one possibility is that he chooses to jump into the void, something that can lead to serious injury or even death.

Nor should you try to scare him by throwing objects at him because you are giving him the opposite information: he will believe that the ground down there is hostile and, therefore, he will decide to stay longer in the tree.

What to do if my cat climbs a tree - Step 5


Once you have managed to get the animal down from the tree, we are going to give you some tips to NOT do it again. For example, a good idea is cover the trunk with aluminum foil starting with the area where the cat has more accessibility to climb; think that the texture of this paper is unpleasant for the cat and, in addition, the surface becomes slippery and impossible to climb. If you don’t have foil you can also opt for transparent film as it also achieves that sliding effect that will prevent the cat from continuing to climb.

Anyway, in this other OneHowTo article we give you tips that will help you prevent a cat from escaping and, thus, make your coexistence peaceful and prosperous for both of you.

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