What To Do If My Cat Is In Heat?

What to do if my cat is in heat? When a cat enters the fertile period, she is said to be in heat. It is a time when she is much more receptive to males and looks for them to mate, out of natural instinct so that the species continues. Sometimes we can’t or don’t want to let her out, either because we live in a flat in the city or because we don’t want her to come back pregnant, because we don’t want to or can’t take care of a litter.

What to do if my cat is in heat?

Then stress, nerves, noises and meows, and urine marking accumulate something that ends up bothering us and worrying us. if you wonder what to do if my cat is in heat Continue reading this OneHOWTO article where you will discover what you can do to calm a cat in heat.


When To Do If My Cat Is In Heat?– Symptoms

To know to be sure that your cat is in heat, and rule out that it is a health problem, you just have to look at the physical and behavioral signs that indicate it. If you notice more symptoms than those mentioned, take her to the vet as it may be a disease. These are the main symptoms of a cat heat:

  • A female cat in heat purrs and meows more exaggeratedly so males can hear and be attracted to her. Normally, due to the loud voice and the amount of time that can be spent like this, those who live with the feline tend to get annoyed.
  • You will see that she is much more affectionate, emotional and in need of caresses and attention from you.
  • It rubs more than normal against objects such as cushions, the sofa, clothing and dolls, that is, cloth and furry objects, and against other household animals, especially other cats.
  • She scratches more often and is nervous.
  • He licks his genital area very often. Watch for other symptoms, as licking this part of the body can indicate a urine infection or other problems in the genital area.
  • It urinates everywhere to mark with its scent and thus attracts males. You will notice that your house is dirtier and smells bad and strong.
  • You will notice that she is more restless and looks for a way to go outside. Cats without easy access to the outdoors will spend most of their time scratching and banging on windows and doors that they could get out of but are closed. The ones that can get out easily or finally get out leave and may take hours or days to return, as they will be looking for males and will probably come back pregnant.
What to do if my cat is in heat - solutions! - How to know if my cat is in heat - symptoms

What to do if my cat is in heat? – techniques and remedies

If you don’t want to have a pregnant cat because you don’t intend to breed cats, but you want a solution because you can no longer see her so nervous, put up with her incessant meowing and traces of urine, then it is best that you consider neutering or sterilize your cat.

The benefits of neutering a cat are numerous, both for her health and to reduce the impact of abandoned cats. There is also the option to use pills for the zeal of the cats, but they can only be used under the prescription of the veterinarian. However, if this is not an option for you for whatever reason, you will still need prevent your cat from having contact with malesso you won’t get pregnant. This is important especially in very young cats, who have their first or second heat, since they do not have enough physical maturity to have kittens in a healthy way for them and the little ones.

To achieve this, you first need to make sure that I can’t leave the house anywhere and then put into practice these tips that respond to how to relax a cat in heat:

  • Use sprays and pheromone diffusers for your cat to relax following the instructions on the package or from your veterinarian.
  • Try to keep his litter box always clean so that it is easier for him to use it, because if it is his usual place to relieve himself, he will first go to this place to mark with urine before doing it in other areas of the house. This can reduce your stress a bit.
  • lend him much more attention than usual and play with her, caress her and massage her to relax her. If you ignore her she will increase her stress and make her situation worse as well as meowing and wanting to get out of her.
  • If your cat has a strong reaction, that is, if she is very nervous and does not stop meowing for hours, gently pat her on the upper part of her hind legs, her thighs, and on the lower part of her back touching her tail. This type of massage usually calms them for quite a while.
  • Make sure his water bowl is always filled with fresh, clean water and that his food bowl is also full so he eats and drinks as much as he needs.
  • If you have a male cat without spaying or neutering, you should keep them separated by closing the doors of the house that are necessary.

On the other hand, you probably want to know that you are also solutions for a cat in heat there are also some tricks that solve the doubt about how to remove the smell of cat pee in heat because of his urine:

  • As soon as you detect that it has marked a site, clean it quickly with an enzymatic cleaner.
  • On walls and furniture use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap.
  • On fabrics such as the sofa or curtains, it is best to use white vinegar.

Frequently asked questions about the heat of cats

There are some frequently asked questions about heat in cats that many people still do not have clear. For this reason, since you ask yourself “what to do if my cat is in heat” surely you are concerned to know about this period of fertility:

When do cats have their first heat?

The first heat of cats usually occurs between 4 and 12 months of age. The range may seem quite wide, but in reality it is so because the moment of sexual maturity, or the moment in which the cat reaches puberty, depends on various factors such as the time of year in which she was born and her breed.

How often are cats in heat?

Felines are in their fertile period during sexual activity station how hard 6 or 7 months in the geographical region of Spain (it depends on the light and the weather, among other environmental factors) and usually occurs from the end of winter to the beginning of summer. It begins when the days are longer, since about 12 hours of light a day are necessary for them to come into heat.

Cats are seasonally polyestrous, meaning they can have several heats throughout the breeding season. The female has consecutive heats (more than 15 throughout these months) and each one lasts a few days, if she does not get pregnant she passes and after 10 or 15 days they have it again. Twice a month they spend a few days looking to mate by instinct.

There are several factors that can influence the duration and intensity of heat, such as light, environment, breed, and the presence of other felines.

How many days does a cat’s heat last?

Another of the most frequent doubts among those who live with these animals is How long does heat last for cats? The answer is that it can last from a few days to about three weeks, but the average is in the seven days.

What to do if my cat is in heat - solutions! - Frequently asked questions about the heat of cats

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